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  1. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    Both of those teams f-cking blew. That should've been a tie.
  2. Jimmy Lethal

    Another spring attempt: Freedom Football League

    I'm pleasantly surprised; the name was leading me to think this would be the exact kind of cop-worshiping charade I fear the XFL is going to be. If this actually makes it to reality, go Oakland.
  3. As a Jets fan, I just moan about how the Namath unis really aren't all that great and that they should look to the '80s for inspiration, but... they're actually rebranding, so my wish might come true. Also, as strange as it sounds, I actually liked the BFBS Mets; my mental image of Mike Piazza is wearing the black alternate jersey.
  4. ... yay syracuse \o/
  5. Jimmy Lethal

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    This league is already dead.
  6. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    y'know now I want the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl even more a lot of people seem to be giving them hell for doing the right thing
  7. Jimmy Lethal

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Tarpons/Twins Variants Added

    This might just be the most gorgeous baseball concept you've ever done. I'm in love with that color scheme.
  8. I wonder what it must feel like to be a Wazzu fan. How many times is this that they've been screwed over by the Huskies, now?
  9. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    I don't know, man, you're the one that sounds pretty mad about him getting cut for beating up women. How dare he face consequences for his actions, right?
  10. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    So, uh... are the Chiefs still the favorites in the AFC after this? It's kind of funny how the script has flipped between the two conferences, actually; the AFC is a toss-up between like five different teams this year, while the NFC champ seems destined to be either the Saints or Rams. Nice thinly-veiled advocating for violence against women.
  11. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm really interested in the types of pictures Jerry must have of Goodell
  12. wow, Detroit really went Full Reid, huh
  13. Jimmy Lethal

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Tarpons/Twins Variants Added

    Neon Petersburg Raysvangelion on a serious note the pirates look freakin' sweet
  14. Jimmy Lethal

    2018 NFL Season

    the AFC needs to be cleansed
  15. are the Sharks ever not going to suck
  16. Definitely see the influence of the Thrashers' motocross alts on that Copperheads jersey.
  17. Jimmy Lethal

    NHL Super-League

    Fantastic stuff, as expected. Especially loving Albany and Baltimore.
  18. Somehow, I'm going to be rooting for Davis Ex Machina even though he kicked me in the nuts. Milwaukee just annoys me.
  19. "hahahaha screw you atlanta" - me, basically every year at this point
  20. To answer your question, I vote for the one on the left, but you should be using XLV, not VL.
  21. finals or bust boys, let's freakin' go