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  1. I like the R more with the Copper Note if the Helmet is Black
  2. Wideright imagines the AAF

    I'd say either New Orleans or Seattle
  3. Wideright imagines the AAF

    Oh there are sexy...
  4. Rhein Rhythm Dublin Trinity Utah Crusaders
  5. Wideright imagines the AAF

    San Antonio Garrison
  6. Head says Redbacks in a short one Gut says Sea Lions in a seven game Classic
  7. I also like the 3b logo, I also really like the 5 (Red, Yellow, White) scheme you had
  8. Let's see...Texas Seattle final, with the Redbacks winning it all.
  9. I just want Boston back, it's getting almost to Red Sox levels of misery here.
  10. C'mon...just..why..why can't we have nice things?
  11. The White Montreal Look is absolutely clean as a whistle, I like the Black Milwaukee Jersey better than the gold
  12. Seems like you were right, just with the wrong team
  13. Let's hope for a good postseason run by the Dogs!
  14. Again, I'll be impressed if Boston goes somewhere. It's nice to see that had all tiebreakers at least.
  15. That Number Font is awesome..gives off that great Gothic vibe
  16. Bishops Blue&White with a hint of Cardinal Red to break it up Dragons (Maybe go with the German Colors) Black Dragon Yellow Wings, Red Fire. Maybe the tie is that the Owner is a brewing magnate and his brand is like Fafnir or Nidhogg Brewing (tying in some of the Norse/Germanic heritage of the region)
  17. Montreal Harfangs (Snowy Owl) Musketeers Archons (Another name for Angels) Milwaukee Meisters (German word for Master at their Craft) Dragons (Popular Creature of German Folklore) Pipers (Based of the Legend of Hamelin)
  18. Aengus Lynch, 39 year old Magnate of Lynch Construction, a vast supporter of Markball that's been played around Boston in the various colleges and Universities in the city. He relished the chance to help build the grounds in Boston so he bid for the job and won it handily; his company finished Boston Shore Stadium. Now he's one of the leaders of the "Hounds of Glory" Supporter Group, he's seen among the crowd of the Boston faithful in the house he built. 1. Hamilton 2. Quebec City 3. Milwaukee
  19. Paris Crusaders, Gargoyles, Musketeers, Rebels Los Angeles Stars, Aftershock, Sabercats, Diablos
  20. I'm hoping for the Wolfhounds to improve, awesome to see the city support them during tough times.
  21. Those alts for the Nuggets and the Choppers are gorgeous
  22. I will believe Boston will change when I see them in another Victory Bowl