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  1. The Original Owner, Henry Lewis (Namesake of the Lewis Cup) made his money to buy the Toronto Capitals, a pre-PHL team and then renamed them the Racers to help promote his tracks.
  2. Actually what about the Pluto Shepherds, a bit of a dual meaning with it being a dog type and secondly it's a reference to Charon, the one who guides the souls down the River Styx in a bid to draw in fans from Charon?
  3. Another idea for Neptune would be Quakes or Aftershocks given Poseidon was also Lord of Earthquakes.
  4. I mean Brass Knuckles, Pluto almost screams for a Brawlers Nickname, you could also go Reapers for Pluto Io Dredgers or Sappers for the whole mining identity of the moon perhaaps What about Uranus Gems or Jewels to reflect the diamond rain on the moon or you could do a play on words and do the Ursula Majors Neptune Dreadnoughts? Or what about an underrated part of Poseidons' Lore and go with like Mustangs or Broncos since he made the first horse out of water?
  5. Darknes

    Crossover Series - NBA Hockey

    The Raptors logo is great
  6. Darknes

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    That's a REALLY Sharp Baltimore kit in the Black
  7. Cleveland already has the space themed name in the Cosmos and with the purple already
  8. Boston Frigates Arizona Gila Monsters
  9. So we can expect a name like the Drillers or Roughnecks for Houston. I think Roughnecks would fit into a sorta "Edgy" 2000s Name
  10. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    Empire looks really nice in that Orange set The Bayside kit, I'm conflicted on. One hand, it's great it's clean and the other hand, I feel it should belong to someone like Norfolk or San Diego. Forest Park is a beaut, love the home Kit.
  11. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    Let's go Boys! It's a long climb up! That Crest seems to give me a Florentina vibe, so I'm ready for the Purple kits!
  12. Ooo A Star Goalie to hopefully carry on the tradition of good Boston Goaltenders
  13. As I know you want to focus on Minnesota, are we going to see leagues in other states that compete with the Minnesota teams?
  14. Part of my issue with Milan is that the colors read more Arizona than Italy, when I picture Milan I picture bright colors. The current colors seem..too muted for the Italians.
  15. I dig the Pins' but I do think the Red needs to be brightened up some, the mix of the dark green and that shade of red, makes it come off very muddy.
  16. That letter logo is awesome
  17. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    Well my Top 3 Kits so far have been Michigan Bayside Young Boys
  18. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    The obvious way to change the team name is the "Worker Bees" But I'm probably gonna throw my hat in with the Young Boys!
  19. I kinda forgot about the Chargers ^^;
  20. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    The Wrench Jockeys could be like a nickaname or like a Supporters Group, they could be the Motor Club or the Gearheads as I suggested.
  21. Darknes

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    I might be biased, but I absolutely adore how Boston came out. What about something like Wrench Jockeys or Gearheads for Detroit?
  22. This is a great set, it fits awesomely and the Fugitive name has a good local tie I REALLY dig that last white one you did.
  23. Actually those were all guesses XD