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  1. TheOatsMustFlow

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    90's basketball was almost perfection. What a great era of uniforms.
  2. TheOatsMustFlow

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I agree, love the look! I think they just need to thicken the color outlines on the jersey and the hat logo and they’ll be set.
  3. TheOatsMustFlow

    2019 MLB Changes

    I've gotta say, that Marlin's hat is beautiful. The Marlins new identity has really grown on me. I got a chance to see the primary cap in person, but I didn't love it as much. I think if they pushed the red a few more shades toward pink would help a ton, possibly even the blue a few more shades towards teal but that may not be necessary. And they definitely need to fill in the M with some black thread, the logo seems lacking with using the cap material itself as a part of the logo.
  4. TheOatsMustFlow

    2019 MLB Changes

    Appears that the Diamondbacks will keep the same hat design from last year. Looks like this year's Spring Training logo on the side of the hat.
  5. TheOatsMustFlow

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    Hopefully, they will push the Diamondbacks to go back to purple and teal. Wishful thinking. What concerns me is the retail side. Personally, I really enjoy following and purchasing apparel when its quality and looks great. With New Era pushing their manufacturing to China, dropping quality, and raising prices, and now fanatics taking over for all of Nike retail manufacturing and selling; I imagine across the board quality taking a nose dive, which is a shame. I've noticed that start over the last couple of years, especially with some of the NFL apparel Nike sells. I've noticed that they have reduced their quality since they started the NFL contract and their prices are ridiculous. Not only that, but some of their items (hoodies, shorts, shirts, hats, jerseys, etc.) that you may see on TV or available for purchase for other teams are not available for all teams. Not really a huge deal, but its kind of a bummer I think.
  6. TheOatsMustFlow

    NFL changes 2019

    Yes! I think they could either keep the black around the arrowhead or around the “KC” but have at least one outlined in yellow. I think that would make it look a lot better. I’ve also wondered if they should get helmet stripping to match the jerseys and pants, but maybe that might make the helmet too crowded.
  7. TheOatsMustFlow

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    That is Arizona's best helmet, I wished they would've kept the rwb stripe option as well. The monochrome A logo isn't as good as their standard option either.
  8. TheOatsMustFlow

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Would the Denver Broncos uniform fall into that category?
  9. TheOatsMustFlow

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    Went to Hatclub to check out the new Marlins cap. Really like the design and look of the logo and wouldn't mind picking one up. But, I've been spoiled by all of the MUSA polyester which is by far superior in every way. That being said, that made in China Marlins hat was bad. Sizing seemed consistent but the overall fit and construction seemed to be poor quality and extremely stiff. I can't believe that is what New Era is putting on the retail market and still charging the same price.
  10. TheOatsMustFlow

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think the shiny metallic outline will look really good, time will tell though. Don't mind the skinny numbers either, looking forward to this matchup.
  11. For me, I'm an Arizona sports fan. Overall I believe that the looks for all the teams were near perfect in the late 90's early 2000's. I still support and watch them all but these days it is a little bit harder considering they are all terrible teams for the most part. The issues that I have with the Identities don't really bother me a whole ton, I tend to buy old stuff as opposed to much of the new stuff. If there was a major departure from the identities of the current teams my support would wain and I'd probably watch less but luckily the teams that have departed from their original identities have been consistent with throwbacks. For the Diamondbacks, I'm not a fan of their current look. If anything I will only buy merch that uses teal. Also, I really only wear the throwback colors with hats or jerseys. Really believe the purple, teal, and copper was a superior color scheme. For the Suns, their current Identity is okay. They tried to emphasize more orange and black a few years ago but recently back on the purple and orange scheme again. If anything I've only bought throwback gear or current stuff that's only purple and orange. The Cardinals, their current identity is fine with me. Maybe too much piping going on with the uniforms but they don't bother me too much. I've boughten jerseys and other merch throughout the years. The Coyotes, I only buy stuff with the throwback logo. Which for a while, that meant using the secondary markets to find gear that I liked. Really glad they brought back the Kachina jersey as a third. ASU Sun Devils, I really prefer Sparky to the Fork logo. Its a lot harder to find gear with the Sparky logo these days so when available I get that over the fork.
  12. TheOatsMustFlow

    2019 MLB Changes

    Idk if this has been posted yet, but this is the Marlins new Spring Training hat. Pretty sharp imo.
  13. TheOatsMustFlow

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Really nice to see ASU look like they should.
  14. TheOatsMustFlow

    2019 MLB Changes

    You can grow solid grass here just fine, the team just doesn’t want to pay for it. The team can do what they want, just looks cheap
  15. TheOatsMustFlow

    2019 MLB Changes

    If anyone can afford to grow grass in the desert it would be a professional sports team.