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  1. I'm not sure if this is the official poster or not but it was released by the Athletics department's Twitter. It has every player in the traditional maroon and gold uniform with a Sparky Sun Devil helmet. I'm hoping it means that this uniform combo with the sparky helmet is used a lot more this year. I know the administration was not happy about the lack of maroon and gold that they saw every week last year on the football field so they made that known and even implemented a process of uniform approval.
  2. I really doubt that's legit. Based on what I've noticed on new merchandise released, specifically on hats, it looks like Phoenix is dropping yellow from their logos and changing it to orange and it looks like they've lightened their shade of purple and orange.
  3. Diamondbacks purple stance socks tonight.
  4. Diamondbacks were way ahead on this trend! Tbt
  5. In case anyone was wondering, the Diamondbacks still look awful. Especially the hats.
  6. I kinda posted something about this in the 16/17 sub but i'll say it here too. I have no idea if the Suns are going to rebrand but I did notice some new hats at a couple of websites that had a color update to their secondary logo. If I were to guess the Suns are bringing back a lighter shade of orange and purple and dropping yellow from their logos. Here's what I discovered: old hat from this last year some new hats I've found, notice the missing yellow.
  7. Thats my favorite of all time too. But, they made it fit with the total identity and it fit perfectly imo. Plus all of the colors with that sunburst are varying shades of orange as opposed to just a plain yellow. My biggest gripe was the prevalence of yellow on the logo and the lack of purple anywhere, but they've slowly fixed that. I just hope that the potential yellow change is reflected in the current primary logo.
  8. I apologize for the photo dump, but I think I might have found an exiting piece of logo news. At least for fans of the Suns. Anyways, since the latest Suns rebrand I thought that they have too much yellow in their logo packages, too much black too but I think that point has been made. As you see in their primary: I love the shooting sun burst logo and am glad it's back at mid court, but with all that yellow it doesn't match the color scheme and it gets lost on the floor: I think that would be a perfect time to use different kinds of orange in place of the yellow or gradient logo like the old version: Anyways, I think the Suns are going back to a lighter shade of purple and orange and possibly dumping yellow from their logos, at least I found evidence for the secondary logo. Here is the Suns current secondary logo and a new era hat that was released earlier this year. Notice the yellow flames on the ball. And this is what I was able to find last night on fanatics and the dicks sporting goods websites, notice the that the part that should be yellow is now orange and everything appears brighter. I think this this is a great step forward for the Suns identity. Really hoping this is true, would like to see yellow and black out of the picture for this team, at least for the logos.
  9. This is my whale. I've found it on eBay a couple of times but have missed out on some good deals unfortunately.
  10. Per the Diamondbacks twitter account, the all red won't be worn this year. Though their wording seems to leave the door open that they can return in the future. Lids has the 2017 solid caps for sale on their website with the new era logo on the side, so they didn't scrap them from production.
  11. Well yeah we all know they aren't going back to purple anytime soon. I just keep an irrational hope that they will. The whole aspect of their change of trying to be hip, cool, and trendy and to be the Oregon of the MLB is just so cringeworthy.
  12. Diamondbacks announced that the primary hat for 2017 is the black with red gradient A. They also announced that the regular/single color black and red caps have been scrapped and won't be worn this year. Interesting, because they acknowledged their mistake with removing the gradient on the pants. But, now doubling down with it on the hats. These are all the hats that they have at their disposal for this year too. I'm ready for this joke of a trend to end, makes it difficult to be a fan along with how they play. Hopefully purple will be back full time soon.
  13. If that current adidas jersey had stitched numbers and letters that weren't reflective and had everything outlined in white as opposed to black (like the throwback jersey) that would make that uniform leaps and bounds more aesthetically pleasing. Im loving Sparky back on the helmet. I wish that was a permanent fixture.
  14. I love this logo and think it is with out a doubt awesome! I think part of it is understanding the inspiration behind it with the Hopi Kachina dolls, so it makes sense and fits the vibe of the Southwest. I know it doesn't jive with the rest of the looks in the NHL but I think that's okay.
  15. Everything is authentic except for the ASU Harden jersey and the USA soccer jersey.