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  1. Not sure the use of neon accents really contradicts what was said in that article because Oregon has used them in multiple games and the equipment manager never completely clarified which colors could actually be considered part of their "traditional color palette." It could also be that the neon accents are just for the Spring Game and they revert back to the traditional yellow once the actual season hits. I like that they're keeping us guessing.
  2. These look like generic uniforms that you'd find in any movie or TV series. Absolutely no distinguishing character or design cues that can actually tell you who it is without seeing the logo. Big step back for them.
  3. OK? This got weird and creepy all of a sudden.
  4. I take what he said as them still going with a modern set but without the extraneous colors and numerous one-offs that plagued Oregon the last couple seasons. I expect the main colors used to be green, yellow, white, black, and silver/gray.
  5. Not a bad set at all. Only things holding it back are the wordmarks on the sleeves and the lack of striping on the socks to break up the unitard look of certain combinations.
  6. I think if Arizona really wanted to do their sunrise gradient, they should have limited it to the side-panels, not the entire body of the shorts and jerseys.
  7. Arizona's entire set of gradient uniforms are just awful. They should never have attempted to do a Tequila Sunrise-esque complete set.
  8. Probably because the 80th is not one of the major milestone anniversaries people celebrate.
  9. So for the court colors: Thursday: Milwaukee - Green Buffalo - Red Orlando - Purple Salt Lake City - Orange Friday: Indianapolis - Red Sacramento - Orange (confirmed on Oregon Basketball's Twitter account) Greenville - Purple (confirmed on Seton Hall Basketball's Twitter account) Tulsa - Green (confirmed on SMU Basketball's Twitter account)
  10. Still not a fan of centered chest logos, which is why I this uniform and their white/silver alt are my least favorites of the year.
  11. Talk about hyperbole. There are many other teams with much worse uniforms. Save for these new neon green alternates, Oregon has a nice set of basketball uniforms.
  12. So if a team changes uniform suppliers but no one really cares about said team, does the change really mean all that much?
  13. Gridiron Labs, which seems to be more of a design studio than an actual helmet company at this point. They say it's a concept of what they think helmets will look like in the next 15-20 years.
  14. I'm still hoping that VICIS can get the problems worked out of their helmets since they provide a much better mounting surface for stickers, decals, and stripes.
  15. I know Oregon went with Jordan warm-ups for their travel gear in both 2014 and 2015 but went back to Nike-branded stuff this year while maintaining just custom Jordan shoes.