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  1. That may not be the case now that the uniform policies have been relaxed and changed.
  2. As someone who's talked with athletic trainers, equipment managers, and professors who specialized in biomechanics and neuroscience, the argument the NFL gave for using only one helmet was pure BS. Using multiple helmets doesn't increase the chances for concussions since the helmets can be made up to mirror one another and there's less wear and tear on the shells and padding. They also say that no helmet will be concussions/brain trauma-proof because most of those injuries are caused by the rapid deceleration of the brain within the skull, something a helmet can only help slow. The NFL mainly used the one helmet rule to cut down on their insurance liability from having to certify so many potential helmets.
  3. Man those Schutts are ugly. What is with all the huge ventilation holes and extraneous ridges? Couldn't they place them in areas that don't interfere with logos and striping or just make them smaller?
  4. Even though the naming and company speak are somewhat eyerolling, all this really means is the NBA is relaxing its uniform policy. I can get behind this.
  5. Most of the changes for Navy are okay but the addition of the navy stripe to the pants is just unnecessary.
  6. And nobody likes a gloater.
  7. Just saw a photo from grad transfer Scott Pagano's Instagram account where he uses the same green jersey as the freshmen's jerseys so I think that they're just burning through the old stockpiles of jerseys for the players to wear until they get the new ones.
  8. Not sure if this means anything but several of Oregon's incoming freshman are wearing what looks to be an updated version of last year's jersey they wore against Colorado. They have the players' names on them and a jeweled Nike swoosh on the chest, instead of the original's yellow swoosh.
  9. I do think a gold outline on the aways would have been better.
  10. More shots of the uniforms
  11. Considering they got rid of the silver from the logo, I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone from the uniforms as well.
  12. Photo links are broken so I'm getting nothing but red Xs
  13. Can't believe i missed those but it seems those are the only jerseys without navy shoulder loops in the past 40 years for them. Too bad they only lasted like 4-5 seasons before they reverted back to navy.
  14. When is the last time UCLA didn't have navy on their away jerseys? I've gone all the way back to 1970 and there's still navy shoulder loops.
  15. Great kit that I hope sticks around for a bit. It's better than anything they've worn the past couple of years.