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  1. Seems to be an awful lot of NFL talk for a college football uniform thread.
  2. Wonder what "unforseen circumstances" would necessitate a uniform unveiling being pushed back a full week instead of a day or two.
  3. I think one of the biggest issues with college and pro football right now is people trying for knockout or overly hard hits to get noticed when making clean, basic tackles is all that's really necessary to get the job done.
  4. Biggest issues are the pants and the inconsistent striping pattern when comparing the ones on the helmet, jersey, and pants.
  5. Big missed opportunity by Utah to not use a well-done fauxback to create a better set of new uniforms.
  6. The pants look like something you'd see in a bike race.
  7. Great article. Do have to wonder if there'll come a time when creating new custom fonts for each school or pro team will become near impossible for fans to tell a noticeable difference.
  8. More like they copied things from other teams' fans and claim them as their own by dressing them up in Timbers' colors.
  9. As the story said, Vicis had their engineers redesign certain elements of the helmet to fix many of the issues those 2 schools pointed out. It'll be interesting to see if those teams wear the helmets next season.
  10. Thank god. The sleeved jerseys were one of the worst ideas Adidas came up with for the NBA.
  11. So because you and a few others don't get a city or region-specific nickname, it's not fit to be on a jersey? That's just plain stupid. When the Blazers and their fans wear it, it's an acknowledgement of the history and connection between the team and the city.
  12. How is "Rip City" manufactured when it was started by the team's long-time play-by-play announcer and the team, fans and city embraced it? It may seem odd to those outside of Portland and the NW, but it makes plenty of sense for those who have lived with its history and the team.
  13. It's supposed to represent the 5 members of each team in motion on a court. I never got that until I finally read an interview with the people who helped design the initial logo.
  14. This was a nice update to a logo that needed a bit of simplification. I'm indifferent towards the wordmark since it works fine on the uniforms but without overshadowing Portland's main logo. The 70's font should only be used on rare occasions since it looks dated compared to most other fonts in the league and when used with Portland's modern stuff.
  15. Not if you can barely tell who they are or the previous "costumes" were clearly better.