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  1. Wiffle Ball League America

    That rough logo doesn't seem so rough. NE- Rochester, Hartford, Providence SE- Norfolk, Gainesville, Jackson NW- Minneapolis, Des Moines, Billings SW- Wichita, Albuquerque, Los Angeles
  2. Some subtle but nice improvements. Keep up the good work.
  3. Denver Haymakers (Hay is Colorado's leading cash crop) Nashville Goo Goo Clusters (Sponsered by Standard Candy Company) Orlando SwampMice
  4. The copper looks nice, as does the purple stainburst
  5. I like the Hogs (pink and brown for life) and the redone Tooths are great.
  6. The Tooths are great imo. The LA on the primary was a bit hard to see and maybe shouldn't be touted as a selling point. The monogram and wordmark are great. I love the jerseys.
  7. I personally enjoyed No. 6, but 2 is also a great option. I love the use of the symbolic 52 points. (Also, I enjoy vexillogy)
  8. Kinda confused about the seahorse at first, but the explanation helped.
  9. For Detroit, Motor City (name). For Minnesota, North Star (name) or Gopher State (name) would work.
  10. Saw this, loved it. Saw Chicago, got hyped. Saw the Sea Lions, wondered how I could get involved. Love this concept and what you're doing with it.
  11. Armodillos! ARMODILLOS!
  12. Interesting concept! Will the league be expanding soon?
  13. Hmmm... The Angels are starting to look like the Minnesota Vikings, drafting players with off-field troubles (D'Angelico and Dalvin Cook). Maybe it's just a Minnesota football thing.