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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think Canada is running a ad campaign to get American immigrants if Trump wins. On their Twitter, they are saying that they make 1/3 of the worlds french fries.
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    538 odds have moved back to 52% chances for Clinton. Still nervous. Any one-way trips to Mars?
  3. Time to stop booing Gary Bettman

    What about the World Cup Of Hockey? This is just an excuse for when they pull out of the Olympics.
  4. Most Cursed City in Sports

    San Diego has lost 2 NBA teams since they started their drought, and it is one year longer of a drought than Cleveland's was.
  5. Southern World Cup of Hockey

    Not in the tournament. Its under 30 degrees south.
  6. Try using a word unscrambler.
  7. . My nails have been destroyed. I shall smile eternally.
  8. Anyone notice how the three top teams all have Aalontni Bmylsso in their logos. Crnyscoipa Enmrdcifo!
  9. fgisygrdvdgdsej pdf. George Strombolopolous has eaten my mind and is now generating ways to pass the time. guydfsghjdfhjgdfshjkdfs hjkfg dhugr hjd
  10. 10 more minutes. I think...... I may have lost a sense of time.
  11. The thread to cry in if the Oilers win again. Or your favourite team loses. Or because your best friend just died of boredom to announce the freaking winners already. The Leafs have the best odds. Which means they won't win. I've gotten used to this.
  12. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Airplane flights that are clearly delayed but don't have the common sense to tell you. At Portland international jet port with less then 10 minutes until my flight leaves and haven't started boarding yet.
  13. Austin Peay university are the first team to qualify for March Madness 2016 as winners of the Ohio Valley Confrence