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  1. My least favorite NBA jersey of all time.
  2. Adidas has done well with classic looks before, let's not act like they're completely incapable. It just depends if Ohio wants to go crazy or not.
  3. Not really feeling that shade of green.
  4. Preferably with an actual logo rather than a helmet.
  5. This one has a Times New Roman number font and is somehow still around. You have light blue and yellow to work with and your main alternate uniform is dark blue for a team named after the sun. And I appreciate the ambition, but no. No to everything about this.
  6. Make Colored homes the norm in basketball instead of white.
  7. Andrew Bogut, a Cavalier for 58 seconds.
  8. Am I the only one who sees them going back to Blue and White full time?
  9. White horned helmets for the Rams. Looks like it's going to be Blue and white for 2019. Makes sense with the Chargers being in LA (even though that still seems weird) being Blue and Yellow as well, even though I'd prefer the Rams to go back to the Throwbacks and the Chargers use Navy.
  10. Yeah, even in this vid there are maybe 5 new ideas and the rest just jumping over people or doing already done dunks with different bounces.
  11. At least the last two dunks were pretty good. Even though the winning slam was literally John Wall's dunk from 3 years ago with more people. I swear there were more dunks jumping over people than there were dunks that weren't.
  12. Should hopefully be an entertaining final of the dunk contest, Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones have easily been the most entertaining so far.
  13. Nate Robinson made his Delaware Sevens debut last night.
  14. The jazz are probably going to have the best sponsor patch in the NBA. I'd still prefer it not to be there, but if something does have to be there, a small team colored patch raising awareness for cancer is about as tasteful as it gets.
  15. Holy :censored:. Clippers are wearing red today.