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  1. Wow. Somehow I never noticed this before.
  2. Just make the scales way more visible and ou have a good uniform set instead of a meh one. Not many teams are fortunate enough to have something as badass as a dragon for a mascot so you have to play it up. Also those gold numbers are probably gonna be a bitch to read on the away uniforms.
  3. Tulane going Angry wave at midfield this season. Awesome, but really wished it contrasted from the grass more.
  4. The Titans one did get me thinking "why are there flames in the logo anyway?" Plus the redesign looked pretty good.
  5. I'd say it's a pretty lateral move on the jerseys. I kinda miss the mountains, but the stripe looks kinda sharp. If the pants stripes didn't wrap around they'd be an upgrade, but with the wraparound it just doesn't look very good, Just a case of UA coloring something completely unnecessary.
  6. If anything from Kendrick gets consistent airplay over the summer I'll be ecstatic. Even though if I had to pick a hot summer jam it'd be "Slide" its in the top 40 right now, and it's pretty much the perfect song for driving with the windows down on a sunny day. Complex had an story about this on Snapchat and it mentioned basically all the main rap top 40 songs with a few wild cards that I think have a shot at taking off in the summer. Like "Magnolia" by Playboi Carti, it's nothing special, but admittedly catchy in an annoying type of way, and I've seen it used in a couple of dance videos that found their way on to my Instagram explore page. Another song that was mentioned, "Unforgettable" by French Montana and Swae Lee has some momentum, even though it's not very Summer-y sounding.
  7. Major downgrade imo. I really dislike courts without college lines, I understand they're pointless, but they look better, especially when colored in like the Sixers had them. This court has a lack of red, aside from the 7 and the out of bounds line. So downgrade on all counts for me.
  8. I'd say just make the blue jerseys the primary, remove the pants logo and call it a day.
  9. Would it kill teams to have more than one school color on a jersey.
  10. Any idea if this is how the collars will look on all the new template jerseys?
  11. While I like the side striping on the regular homes better, these ones have readable front numbers, so I'd give them the edge.
  12. Not a single jersey with both Gray and Crimson on it. If they don't wear gray pants and helmets all the time (which believe me were lucky if we get that more than once a year) there's legitimately nothing that makes them distinctive at all. Especially since i really liked their last set, I'm giving this a D+.
  13. Looks like new uniforms are in the works for Washington State
  14. Celtics with black armbands today, probably for Isaiah's Thomas' sister.
  15. Am I the only one who's Team Cursive I? If the team has to be called the Indians, this is the best way to show that team name off, not with any offensive Native imagery, but with a Cursive I, because not many team names start with I, and heck, we have the O's and A's so, why not the I's! Plus, I think this logo shows the I off nicely with the cursive giving it a nice old-school baseball feel. And yes, I know it looks like a J, but I obviously don't care.