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  1. While I like the side striping on the regular homes better, these ones have readable front numbers, so I'd give them the edge.
  2. Not a single jersey with both Gray and Crimson on it. If they don't wear gray pants and helmets all the time (which believe me were lucky if we get that more than once a year) there's legitimately nothing that makes them distinctive at all. Especially since i really liked their last set, I'm giving this a D+.
  3. Looks like new uniforms are in the works for Washington State
  4. Celtics with black armbands today, probably for Isaiah's Thomas' sister.
  5. Am I the only one who's Team Cursive I? If the team has to be called the Indians, this is the best way to show that team name off, not with any offensive Native imagery, but with a Cursive I, because not many team names start with I, and heck, we have the O's and A's so, why not the I's! Plus, I think this logo shows the I off nicely with the cursive giving it a nice old-school baseball feel. And yes, I know it looks like a J, but I obviously don't care.
  6. IIRC The Browns thread had over 100 pages before the uniforms were even unveiled.
  7. This would look so much better without light blue.
  8. Are we still doing the double blue thing In 2017? Hopefully the uniforms will only have one shade of blue.
  9. Rumored new Rice Owls secondary logos.
  10. Likely nothing will come of this, but it's fun to think about what they'd change it to.
  11. What do you guys think of the socks that Rougned Odor and a couple other Rangers are wearing today? I kinda like em.
  12. Gonzaga makes its first championship in school history and chooses to wear black uniforms (black is not a school color) with no red on them. (Red is a school color). This trend of teams wearing :censored:ty Alts in a big championship game can die any day now.
  13. Dell Curry, 'Nique, and Penny for the 2015 shooting stars contest.
  14. Wizards announce that they will be wearing the "Stars and Stripes" jerseys for every playoff home game.
  15. I'm cool with it being a "C" like the Indians and Cavs logos, but if it's a B that brings up (even though it is very unlikely) hope that the Bengals will go back to this.
  16. Make this the primary, but change the stripes to match the old white pants stripes, or change the old pants stripes. Or just wear orange pants all the time. Bring back the old jerseys and keep the brown facemask and you have a great look.
  17. My least favorite NBA jersey of all time.
  18. Adidas has done well with classic looks before, let's not act like they're completely incapable. It just depends if Ohio wants to go crazy or not.
  19. Not really feeling that shade of green.
  20. Preferably with an actual logo rather than a helmet.
  21. This one has a Times New Roman number font and is somehow still around. You have light blue and yellow to work with and your main alternate uniform is dark blue for a team named after the sun. And I appreciate the ambition, but no. No to everything about this.
  22. Make Colored homes the norm in basketball instead of white.
  23. Andrew Bogut, a Cavalier for 58 seconds.
  24. Am I the only one who sees them going back to Blue and White full time?
  25. White horned helmets for the Rams. Looks like it's going to be Blue and white for 2019. Makes sense with the Chargers being in LA (even though that still seems weird) being Blue and Yellow as well, even though I'd prefer the Rams to go back to the Throwbacks and the Chargers use Navy.