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  1. And that's as small as it's ever gonna get
  2. That and the red helmet are all they need
  3. Weren't the Timberwolves supposed to unveil their uniforms before the draft?
  4. Are you sure those aren't just placeholders. It looks really similar to what Adidas did with Miami where they slapped the custom # font on a blank template and later gave them a more unique look.
  5. It's hilarious regardless
  6. Ugh. And Temple has such a nice regular look.
  7. Throwbacks>>>>>>>>>All other alernates
  8. I like the National championships on the sidelines. Not many teams use that area.
  9. It's very unnecessary as the green helmet is one of the Big Ten's best helmets, but as long as this replaces the bronze helmet then I'm all for it.
  10. The main logo looks really nice, but I'm not digging the font at all. Looks far too 80's and doesn't fit the vibe of the logo
  11. Well, the era of no ads has officially ended, as well as the era of sleeves.
  12. Texas Tech with a new font for this season.
  13. Some recent album covers that I wasn't a huge fan of, but albums I was a fan of. Sampha-Process YG-Still Brazy Kendrick Lamar-DAMN. Xiu Xiu-Forget
  14. Well, enjoy today's game as it is the last NBA game without ads on the uniforms ever.
  15. Lol what the :censored: is that supposed to be
  16. At least the helmets look nice
  17. Is the part of the team's logo or is it just for the website?
  18. Scooter Gennett with a performance for the ages! Unfortunately he was wearing the Reds' camouflaged costumes tonight.
  19. ESPN Score bug is navy, even though the Cavs' uniforms don't have a lick of navy on them.
  20. I'd definitely remove the skyline. It makes it too cluttered.
  21. I used to do that when I was 12. One day years later I scrolled through my Madden 13 custom combos and just shook in horror.
  22. Wow. Somehow I never noticed this before.
  23. Just make the scales way more visible and ou have a good uniform set instead of a meh one. Not many teams are fortunate enough to have something as badass as a dragon for a mascot so you have to play it up. Also those gold numbers are probably gonna be a bitch to read on the away uniforms.
  24. Tulane going Angry wave at midfield this season. Awesome, but really wished it contrasted from the grass more.
  25. The Titans one did get me thinking "why are there flames in the logo anyway?" Plus the redesign looked pretty good.