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  1. For the grizzlies, I love the color scheme, but what about doing solid jersey colors instead of the split, with the second color accenting the details?
  2. Dang these are outstanding! I really like the New York Knicks Unis, the silver works well with the blue and orange.
  3. The Double blue, with gold works fantastic here. I really like this series!
  4. Sounds about what I've been told as well
  5. Thunder, honestly look fantastic. The colors compliment each other well and the word mark is superb.
  6. Saw hand drawn in the title, and when I first saw the concept I didn't believe it was. Awesome job!
  7. You're not wrong, it was how it should be.
  8. Interesting bit here for Arizona that I just noticed. On the new poster for 2017 season I noticed two possible indicators. A.) No featuring of any type of gradient design element, which had been used on the last 3 posters. The past few posters of either used the striping directly, or shown them on the uniforms. B.) Red,White, and Blue stripe design behind the word mark, like the old striping. Call me crazy but these could be indications that they have in fact moved away from the gradient.
  9. I wouldn't go as far to say it's not a concept. Yeah it is a re color but it's not something that is currently done so in that sense it totally is a concept. - But I agree with the things @Atomic said, just stuff to take into account.
  10. Homer pick for sure, but also popular.
  11. Well if this says anything it's that the return to the old stripes could be possible which I am really hoping for. From what I've been told the new unis are more so moving back to what Nick Foles had worn.
  12. Playoff wise for sure, haven't gotten out of the second round with Ovechkin
  13. Every D-Backs concept I have seen recently has been outstanding and this is no exception. The colors and design are really well balanced it's awesome!
  14. So as I posted before, I will post again after seeing much more of the CBB uniforms this season. Arizona has the best overall look in my opinion, very clean and consistent. with no obvious issues. I also think that the "Arizona" script is one of the best looking non cursive scripts I have seen on a baseball uniform.