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  1. So as I posted before, I will post again after seeing much more of the CBB uniforms this season. Arizona has the best overall look in my opinion, very clean and consistent. with no obvious issues. I also think that the "Arizona" script is one of the best looking non cursive scripts I have seen on a baseball uniform.
  2. That's honestly just such a cool logo.
  3. The striping style, from what Ive been told, is what they liked most and would like to see again. I really hope they release them soon, I'm anxious to see them!
  4. Pretty solid start, no complaints on Seattle. But looking at the rest of the logos, they all look like minimalist versions, none are bad, but for NBA logos, could use some detailing!
  5. Went on and fixed the spacing between all of the letters. Kept the Adventure Co. font the same size due to spacing issues, and because EST. 2017 didn't look right under the bison.
  6. Thats what we ended up on deciding, so that roundel would be going on a hat, and this design would be on a shirt. We actually chose a different, thinner font.
  7. Yeah, technically called the "Speed Stripe". Hopefully its back to the split stripes, I really liked those.
  8. I agree. I really liked those uniforms to begin with. The current ones now aren't terrible, just lack a lack of execution bring them down.
  9. So my source and friend, has confirmed that Arizona has gotten new uniforms. They have not been released to the public yet but should soon. From what he was telling me, Rich Rod really liked the Nick Foles Era striping style and told nike that, that's what he would want to see a more modern uniform style of. Hopefully they get released soon!
  10. No rush on this one, but when you get the chance could you possibly do either Larry Fitz, or David Johnson??
  11. I like both versions personally. But I get what you're saying, I think the other font gives a little more personality.
  12. All good, just wondering haha. Im sure if you ask, the mods can delete the one you don't need!
  13. You started two threads for the same thing?
  14. I would go bigger font but, the"adventure co." is so long that the bigger it gets the less space there is for the 20 17. Id go for this, but the mismatched sizes throw me off. Different font also.