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  1. Do you have a design degree? And if so how much was that influential for you to be hired for this job? Asking because I am planning on majoring in graphic design next year in college.
  2. Update 3/19 - Hopefully improved the facial detailing!
  3. Okay, glad i'm not the only who thought that haha, it totally does.
  4. I actually really like that. It's so simple, but totally works. You might catch some "Cubs" flak for that just cause it is really similar.
  5. Well done sir!
  6. Color Way Options, just to work on color schemes, which do you think works the best?? 1: 2. 3. 4.
  7. I like these, being an Arizona fan, I like the current gradient style we've adopted. I think the word "Bear" looks out of place, I totally see the symbolism that it sets up, but it's awkward not seeing the whole "Beardown" mark. I also think the numbers and wordmark could use a white outline. But I wouldn't mind these as a one off.
  8. I personally thought that the bright gold and red worked the best, that said, this looks like it is the real deal, perfect execution.
  9. Idk why they don't use that logo more, so much better than the side view of the head.
  10. Changed the eyes, and forehead fur detail. Also Messed around with the colors a little bit!
  11. Youre right, I kinda threw them on during class today to get an Idea of what I may be looking to do in that area of the design.
  12. Chin and Eye update: (I see the line in the chin, will fix later)
  13. DAM! Great Logo.
  14. So the eyes and nose weren't working, so I reworked the facial detail, now have to complete the eyes and nose, but I think the newer mouth is much better.
  15. Hows this? Simple Update, with slight teeth Adjustments