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  1. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    2 posts on the forums, and maybe some blind luck? Go away, and maybe gloat when we have some visual proof.
  2. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Rays 14/30)

  3. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Rays 14/30)

    So you go with the Flag of St Pete for inspiration but, specify the City of Tampa on the jersey, in which the team doesnt play in Tampa (yet)? Interesting theory, but the execution is good. I think the hat could be a solid color rather than crazy panels.
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Nothing new, happens yearly during spring training.
  5. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Its not just that, his grandfather is also Richard Childress so theres another historical connection to Dale Sr.
  6. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Any driver would've done what Dillon did with a half a lap to go.
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Strangely, I'm a little optimistic as there's a ton of unknown with the Rays roster (which likely isn't settled). The Dickerson move confused me, but the Rays do have 10 days to work out a trade, and camp just started Sunday so this was their way of saying "we plan to trade you, so no need to report to Port Charlotte for camp"
  8. Interesting Field Designs

    The only time I recall just striped end zones was the early years of Paul Brown Stadium
  9. Interesting Field Designs

    I believe it’s actually an artificial surface as of an upgrade a few years ago.
  10. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Anyone else notice Fox NASCAR using the old themesong and not the NFL theme song?
  11. True but most little league teams nowadays arent creating their own names, around here its either the Major league club names or wacky minor league names.
  12. In a perfect world, a identifiable letter should be the cap logo, or at least be an alternate, but you have to keep in mind that minor league primary caps with generic logos are becoming the norm. This is because little league teams can adopt these monikers and buy the licensed merchandise which makes money for the individual teams. I know a bunch of local leagues in Florida do this and personally I think its a great idea. If you're team is the Cardinals, Yankees, or Braves and your little league is in Nebraska for example, having to wear a cap with an STL, NY, or A doesnt really represent your team name. But if you have a league made of AquaSox, Storm, Grasshoppers, or Seawolves you can wear a cap representing your team name as it has a representing logo.
  13. NFL 2018 changes

    No, likely just new white pants as an option.
  14. I thought the same thing. I get that it's a T for Tampa, but its more abstract than the T-tail logo on the white panel cap.
  15. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Rays 14/30)

    If any city nickname goes on the Detroit jersey, its Motown. Other than that you got a good thing going here.