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  1. Coconut regular tea, or was it green or white tea?
  2. Rays using a throwback logo? Not sure if I believe it....
  3. I saw this too, the showcase in Vegas showed black on the numbers I think.
  4. The league didn't let Browns-Ravens wear purple vs. brown there's no way this will happen.
  5. Publix now has limited edition half gallons of strawberry iced good.
  6. The reason we are seeing the GMR close and be rethemed is that the deal with Turner Classic Movies ends in 2018 and Disney is in an age of not wanting to depend on the intellectual property of outside parties. With the general concept of the Hollywood park in Florida adapting to less movie making and more movie/entertainment experiences, this makes sense. As for a new park name, I suppose that name will come into effect when Galaxys Edge opens in Florida and I have a feeling the name spchange will be minor. Something like Disneys Hollywood Adventure.
  7. 1-3 probably have a good chance of happening prior to the WDW 50th in 2021, but for as much as they announced yesterday they can probably save some more for the next D23 in 2019. 4 is a possibility, but likely won't open until we see a Zootopia 2 hit theaters (and from what I've read this movie is in the works). 5 is the least likely, but you never know.
  8. True, it I don't recall if I heard they were in the footage....just figurines at D23 I think.
  9. Yeah from summaries I've read, no new characters we haven't seen were introduced. But dear god, why must we wait until next May.
  10. Honda is probably the front runner, but my gut says VW could be a sleeper.
  11. It will be after the fact, but Inside the Magic on YouTube has some videos from yesterday posted already.
  12. Not that I'm aware of. D23 doesn't usually stream live.
  13. Another thing to consider is that Black Panther in early 2018 shouldn't be an origin story as we were introduced to Tchalla in Civil War. I could maybe see some flashbacks, but nothing major.
  14. Those CCM/Koho replicas were amazing. The only Reebok replica I bought at Marshall's for $15. I stocked up on ebay last spring and found the ONE authentic Lightning jersey I wanted. Its the blue alt from around 2011 with the current Bolt logo on the shoulder. So rare because it was only worn one season, found a goalie cut 58 on ebay and had to snag it.
  15. Starbucks iced mango green tea lemonade is AMAZING.... As for tea, I usually get mine out of a jug from Publix. Even better when is BOGO FREE.