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  1. Good luck finding Reebok...I just got a nice relaxed adjustable Lightning Reebok hat fro if that's an option for you.
  2. On the topic of Vegas, if the relocation of Colorado Springs to San Antonio happens, could Colorado Springs be a viable market again? I do know the venue situation for the Sky Sox but anything is better than the Vegas craphole stadium.
  3. Its the NASCAR HOF, not the Monster Energy Top Tier HOF.....Hornaday deserves it.
  4. Outlines on the name and numbers on back and sleeves?
  5. Ideally, the places to look at IF Vegas were to relocate would be somewhere there's a successful lower level team. I'm curious if one of the three teams in the California league in the LA outskirts would have AAA success, like in Lake Elsinore, Rancho Cucamonga, or Inland Empire. Im wondering if the Padres, Angels, or maybe Dodgers would consider a partnership to buy the 51s.
  6. Only issue is the stadium in Vegas...which is why they're usually the last one standing.
  7. I know a city outside of Vegas (Summerlin?) was working to potentially build a new ballpark for the 51s.
  8. I have also wondered about this too...
  9. Sideline banners lined up with the goal lines I think...
  10. It was way too detailed to be used in any common instance.
  11. This was used on the Dbacks original uniforms, but I think it usually slips past memory.
  12. Just another thing to consider in the whole Mike and Mike situation... Report: Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic barely speak to each other, show atmosphere is ‘poisonous’ & The icy breakup of Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg
  13. Yeah....but hopefully sooner
  14. Tampa has been awarded Super Bowl LV in lieu of LA Stadium not being ready in time.
  15. Definitely close enough for confusion...