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  1. Dwinters24

    Buffalo Bills Update

    I don't think you're gonna win the battle with one-color. Has to be blue with the red streak. Good job cleaning up the edges but there are some points in this logo that bother me. Minor, but the curve on the end of the streak needs to be more subtle. For some reason, the one front and one back leg is really bugging me. The back leg just seems to dangle there and feels too far away from the whole body, try bending that back leg some. It needs to show more of a "push" if that makes sense.
  2. Dwinters24

    Florida Panthers 2016 Rebrand (Final touches)

    Great work here, love the unique panther head. Well developed from the sources. The one suggestion I have for the jersey design, can we see the logo have a gold outline on all the jerseys (outline the same weight as what is around the numbers.) With the solid blue all the way around, it looks unfinished. Small but I feel that will help tremendously.
  3. Dwinters24

    NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    I understand the overall consensus is to get rid of the tilt which is an easy fix there. I felt as it could possibly work with this logo/school because of the nature of the helmet and also the front of the logo lines right up with the facemask angle as well. I know something like this wouldn't work for "every" school. Looking back, I do like how the straight-on looks on the basketball shorts, etc. I feel like I can still get that effect with the Spartan helmet ramming if it's not tilted. Thanks for the critique WSU151.
  4. Dwinters24

    USA ball hockey jersey concept

    It looks like a mix between the 2014 olympic jerseys and the New York Rangers jerseys. I think a diagonal USA would go better with this design instead of the Olympic team's shield. I really like your idea with switching out the ISBHF logo. But I'm not sold on having a big USA on the shoulder, looks very crowded over there even if there wasn't the C. Just think this needs a little more consistency.
  5. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    Thanks TheLogoManiac13! Always try to make a well balanced connection between the concept and the design. Also, big thanks for the vote. Voting is until Sunday I believe, they haven't really announced when voting ends. But if you get a chance to vote again
  6. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    Thanks Zac! Yeah they do, and they do have a website ashihockey.org
  7. Dwinters24

    NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    Thanks for the compliment JAHA32. Appreciate the great feedback!
  8. Dwinters24

    NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    Thanks for the critique! The tilt was designed to fit the helmet angle, but that is an easy change. My thought was imagine a running back putting his head down, the feathers would look like they'd be ramming into an opposing player.
  9. Dwinters24

    NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    Not sure where you're getting that observation. The helmet is a different style in itself which was designed to have a more defined look. The cuts at the top and bottom are part of this style helmet as well. The tilt is a minor change that could be made and seems to be the overall consensus. The point there was to match the logo angle to the helmet. ?
  10. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    I see what you mean in the mockups. The vector mockups would be more true as to where the white is on the jersey. With that, I was separating the color by where the stitching of the jersey is. Thanks for the fair critique mamiller99. There won't be a series though, this whole design was created solely for this competition. Click here and give a vote if you'd like! Thanks!
  11. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    Thanks Bpoe, I wanted to keep this design simple. Too many ball hockey jerseys I see are just way too cluttered. Letting the logos do the work. Hey, go Pittsburgh btw. I grew up in Brighton Heights area
  12. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    Thanks a bunch! Let me know if you ever have anything in mind, I'd be happy to work with you! Feel free to take a look at my work
  13. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    Appreciate the compliments!
  14. Dwinters24

    NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    I'll take that, that's a fair critique!
  15. Dwinters24

    USA Ball Hockey Jersey Contest

    I'd love to get some thoughts on this jersey design I created for the USA Ball Hockey jersey contest. I created two custom logos along with a custom keyboardable font. The theme I'm rolling with is the "Red, White, & Blue for Gold" hence the gold leaf accents. Feel "free" to cast your vote Here! I'd appreciate any votes as I believe the contest is winding down this week. Thanks everyone. I want to see these hanging up in a locker room!