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  1. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Bakersfield, Charlotte Dallas, Tacoma Willis, Sacramento Miami, Providence
  2. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Love Scranton. I laughed out loud.
  3. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    I love this series. At the end, I hope we could get like a zoomed out version of all the uniforms put together.
  4. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    These are really great. Anybody know where to find this template?
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G:11 S:8 B:1
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G: 18 S: 8 B: 6
  7. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 8 S: 2 B: 14
  8. OOTP Logos

    A bunch of my friends and I are in an online OOTP league. Thought I'd share a few of the logos my roommate and I have collaborated on for some of the teams in the league. Enjoy
  9. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Anybody have a sweatshirt template? I'll love you forever
  10. Alabama Huntsville Hockey Redesign

    My roommates and I love college hockey. Would be awesome to see what you could do with Western Michigan!
  11. Western Michigan Baseball Concept

    Hey guys, Back with another baseball concept. Currently my school, Western Michigan, wears some Adidas template baseball uniforms that are ok but not great. So I searched around and decided to make a concept based on their uniforms from the mid to late 80s under MAC coaching legend, Fred Decker. Let me know what you think! Jerseys are modeled by current big leaguer, Adam Rosales.
  12. Major League Baseball

    I already know this series is going to be awesome. Love the Red's pinstriped throwbacks
  13. Here is a small introduction, you can skip and go right to the uniforms if you'd like, but it all started when I was pretty young. I bet right around 10 years ago I created a fictional university based out of Grand Rapids, MI that I would create paper ice rinks and paper players and play games with it. As the years passed, the idea grew more and more becoming an entirely fictional-based college sports world called the NACA (National Association of Collegiate Athletics). I will not bore you with the specifics of that, but it's basically a 200 team world. When NCAA Football 2011 came out with TeamBuilder, everything changed. My fictional university which was just based on notebooks, now became something I could design and play games with. Southern Michigan University (known as the Knights) and the Great Lakes Conference became a reality. My 13 year-old self went online to find a logo (which I cannot identify and am no longer able to find it online, good thing I have it saved) and came up with this primary mark. This whole thing has evolved into probably over 100 files of different information from year by year results, to all-time draft picks. As I've gotten older I created a few secondary logos which I use throughout most teams. Here is a few quick notes before I show off the uniforms; Nike took over as the official athletic apparel provider for SMU in 2014, Nike began incorporating Battle Scars design into most of the teams uniforms this past season (you'll see it throughout all the major teams). Without further ado, here is what my life rotates around! Basketball Football Due to space concerns, I'll just show you the uniform schedule for this season. You can find 2015 here ( Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.11.12 PM_zpszqkymrp2.png.html?sort=3&o=2) 2014 ( Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.11.29 PM_zpsy4qjgtdo.png.html?sort=3&o=1) It's fun to see how your skills progress from year to year. My personal favorite is the 1985 throwback we wore twice last season. Baseball Hockey
  14. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    Some of the powerhouse schools in the universe: Lonestar State U (Dallas), Hollywood U, Pacific U (San Fran), Florida, Chicago State, New York U, Midway (STL), Ohio among others SMU is in a bit of a change right now - they are moving conferences in 2018. Right now, I'd say Chicago State is their biggest rival since both have been really good the past 5 years or so. Historically, they are rivals with Detroit but a recent downswing in DU's programs have put out the fire a bit. SMU and Michigan (located in Lansing in this world) will probably become big time rivals in the new conference.
  15. USA Baseball

    Hey all! Back with another baseball concept. Just trying my hand at USA Baseball. Tell me what you think.... Primary Script Home Uniform Road Uniform
  16. USA Baseball

    I had seen those uniforms awhile back (Chris Archer was wearing it for some charity event) and decided I hated it. I don't like the cap logo because it seems entirely too 1990s to me, so I set about making my own concept on them.
  17. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    I guess I forgot that I had posted some of my teams on here and got away from it. If anybody is interested, here are the Houston Orbits. Primary SECONDARY HOME ROAD ALTERNATE FRIDAY ORANGE
  18. USA Baseball

    The pinstripes are definitely my favorite uniform. I also wanted to somehow incorporate "United States" instead of just "USA". Since the primary uniforms are pretty classic, I thought about making an alternate jersey that would be wild. My first thought was somehow base it off the US Soccer "Where's Waldo" uniforms but I'm not sure it would work in baseball. What are your guys thoughts on an alternate? I'll get to work on editing the logo.
  19. Is there a how to?

    I use Paint and don't mind it. As anything, it's all about practice. The other day I was looking at some first concepts from a couple years ago and compared to now it's a huge difference. Just create, create, create! My advice would be go check out Paint Users Paradise. They have a bunch of great templates.
  20. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Anybody got the Nike Vapor football template for paint?
  21. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    Here we go... Federal League East Brooklyn Robins Baltimore Jays Detroit Drive Montreal Voyageurs Wisconsin Brews Chicago Zephyrs Toronto Reds Twin Cities Loggers FL West California Cubs Los Angeles Halos Texas Lonestars Vancouver Spirits Colorado Royals Kansas City Stars San Antonio Rangers Seattle Rainiers National League East Atlanta Heat Washington Federals Philadelphia Freedom New York Empires Miami Pirates Boston Patriots Carolina Cougars Pittsburgh Barons NL West Anaheim Magic Cincinnati Steamers Indianapolis Sharks (my "team", created when I was very young when I was bored at church, too stubborn to change the name) Phoenix Saguaros (my roommates "team") San Diego Captains St. Louis Flyers Las Vegas Aces (I know, of course right?) Houston Orbits I'll show you guys the Orbits or Heat next.
  22. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    If we're being honest, I haven't put a lot of thought into it. I put so much work in to the college world and baseball one that I originally thought about just using real life football teams to cut the work down. However, at the end of the summer I did create all four major sports leagues. I used a lot of Veras' team names because I simply did not want to put a whole lot of work into it. It hasn't been something I focused on, but that could change in the future when I get some extra time. Just Boston, unfortunately. What cities were you thinking of?
  23. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    I love OOTP. I've gone almost exclusive to that and barely play any other video games. I've wanted to try their hockey simulation also. So here is some background.. The league began in 1927 and the most historically powerful teams are the Baltimore Jays, Chicago Zephyrs, Brooklyn Robins, LA Halos, New York Empires and the Philadelphia Freedom. The most recent champion was the Phoenix Saguaros (my roommates team), their first championship. The league is split into two leagues (four divisions of eight). I have created all 32 team uniform sets, which showed how bored I was when I was away for summer ball. Here's another team for you... The Anaheim Magic were an expansion team created in 1965. They have been owned by The Walt Disney Company and play at the Magic Ballpark at DisneyLand, right on the same campus that DisneyLand sits on. The Magic won the World Series in 2015, however regressed in 2016 to a .500 team. Their organizational philosophy is based around pitching, which shows in their league-leading ERA mark last season. They made a few free agent signings to bolster the offense this offseason, and hope their pitching is up to the task again. The Magic use the Walt Disney font across all uniforms and wordmarks!
  24. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    I think it might be your screen. It should be the red of the flag, I remember using the dropper to pick up the color. I'll double check on that
  25. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    Hey all! I wanted to show you all another part of my fictional sports world, the National Baseball League. The 32 team league is the MLB of my world and I wanted to give you a small peak into one of them. I use OOTP for the simulations and have the entire 90 year running history of the league. After WWII ended in 1946, the U.S. government wanted to thank the Canadians for their involvement in war efforts. The NBL was going through another round of expansion as soldiers were coming home and through collaboration with the government, they chose to pick up the Canadian Baseball League's best team, the Toronto Reds (named after the color of the flag). The Reds play at Royal Bank of Canada Ballpark, known affectionately as "The Bank". After winning a World Series in 2012, they have fallen on very tough times of late. However, a young GM and sabermetric-savvy Manager are looking to turn this young team around. Now the uniforms... 1946 Throwback worn on D-Day invasion anniversary every year Last but not least, my project for over thanksgiving break.... TEAM GEAR! lol Hope you enjoy it...