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  1. Ben in LA

    Favorite jersey number?

    Hey now!
  2. Ben in LA

    Favorite jersey number?

    When I get customized jerseys, I usually choose 46 or 37. I just like the way they look. In the case of 46, it hasn't been retired by ANY of the four major sports. Yet. Other than that I love 6, 21, 24, 32, 33, 34, 55, and 60.
  3. Ben in LA

    Starter Confirmed as AAF Uniform Supplier

    Exactly. Those were the teams of choice when it came to gang attire.
  4. It IS their home building. It’s the only stadium in the city of Los Angeles the Rams have ever played in. They also wore white for many years there. I wish people will understand the Raiders are OAKLAND’S team, not Los Angeles’ (at least for now). 50+ years in LA trumps 10+ years, no matter how much success the Raiders had.
  5. Ben in LA

    MLB Unveils Uniforms for 2018 Players Weekend

    I think that’s kinda the point...much like some kids’ league jerseys are plucked from the Eastbay catalog (is that still around?)
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks. Los Angeles Rams (kinda, with the navy jerseys at least). Also, I’ve seen the replicas in the stores and no they’re NOT the same shade of gold as the originals. They’re still slightly banana yellow. Dammit, Nike.
  7. Rams need to break out the white pants for that matchup. I’d even like to see the blue pants (although they have a white stripe).
  8. Nike pucked up with the purple jersey...but being a completist, I’ll most likely purchase it anyway. But damn...almost perfection.
  9. By the time I wake up this afternoon, I expect this thread to have at least five more pages lol.
  10. Ben in LA

    LA Rams 2018 Uniform Discussion

    THIS is how they should wear the Color Rush jersey: with the white pants (and navy socks). Oh, and St. Louis was supposed to keep the dome within the “top tier” of stadiums...which they didn’t.
  11. Ben in LA

    One Year Uniforms

    Just put Bengals on that helmet
  12. EDIT: Didn’t know Conrad had already posted this! I like the colors in this photo better. Apparently this photo was posted by a sporting goods store in New York (Modells?) but was deleted. Fast. Are these the (what I’ll always consider) home jerseys?
  13. Ben in LA

    Starter Confirmed as AAF Uniform Supplier

    Seeing that name gives me early 1990s vibes. Those black Starter jackets were so popular my school actually banned them, especially Raiders and Kings jackets.
  14. Ben in LA

    One Year Uniforms

    Unpopular opinion: these would look good in off-white.
  15. Ben in LA

    MLB changes 2018?