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  1. I'm a Lakers fan first and foremost...but the ONLY name that should be considered is SUPERSONICS.
  2. I'd be down for that...except I want to see the Los Angeles script more often.
  3. I still have a Russell Athletic road replica of those, including the Anaheim sleeve patch. I also have the periwinkle sleeved alternate. Two of my better thrift store finds back in the day.
  4. LA Clippers. None of the jerseys have grown on me. Their previous set was so much better.
  5. I wish the Dodgers would have a set schedule of when they'll wear their road primaries and their alternates. When I head to Dodger Stadium South this year I want to be wearing the same road uniform that's being worn on the field. Sure, the Padres have a lot of uniforms, but at least the fans know when they'll be worn. Oh, and I prefer the Los Angeles script.
  6. I like Cleveland's block C, and I loved their alternate uniforms (including the cream home alt). I prefer simple letters on the cap for major league teams. Elaborate cap logos belong in AAA or below.
  7. Actually, he got injured and missed a year (his REAL rookie season) while wearing this, which are the Elton Brand-era jerseys. When he returned, the team had changed the the ones below (and the not-pictured sleeved one) ARE his "correct" jerseys.
  8. I love all of the special MLB jerseys and caps (and one set of the socks) for this year. I WILL be purchasing all of the caps as well. Personally, I think the Memorial Day look (including the cameo socks) will look pretty good. I'll happily plunk down some of my money for those lids. Dodgers, of course.
  9. Don't they still show this commercial?
  10. How he felt when the Sox won that championship
  11. So does a Westbrook Sonics jersey exist? I guess that would be one of my whales...
  12. Tell me about it. Jackie Robinson never wore a jersey like this (home with Brooklyn instead of Dodgers on it). Neither did the rest of the team. Yet it's sold as a Cooperstown Collection piece.
  13. *shudder*
  14. I still have that purple-brimmed teal cap somewhere Oh, and Paul Westphal and Kevin Johnson in D-back unis could go in another thread. Isn't that Danny Manning on the end?
  15. I want the Vegas Golden Knights to succeed. I'm not from Las Vegas but I spend a lot of time there. Folks I've talked to are tired of being crapped on with the assertion they can't support a major league team.