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  1. As seen on the mothership. Personally I don't think they'd change anything since their brand is so popular and locked in, but what if a change IS proposed?
  2. Is it possible to merge this thread with the other more recent one? They have the same title.
  3. Unpopular opinion...but even the sleeved jersey was nice. Take those sleeves off and it would've been PERFECT. I STILL sport the replica that I purchased at Marshalls for $15.00.
  4. I actually spit out my drink lol
  5. Bad movie though...but I'll religiously watch it when it comes on lol
  6. I used to have a Finkle jersey. It was even 1984 vintage. The guy had to remove vinyl numbers off of a Marino jersey. Unfortunately it was lost while moving. Dammit. A former neighbor had a Mean Machine #22 jersey from the ORIGINAL movie...I wonder if he still has it?
  7. In relation to the Cubs, I like it when World Series winners wear gold-trimmed uniforms when they raise their pennants. Having a jersey that's worn less than three times a season (and often once) is cool with me. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing something similar in the other leagues. Even as a Dodgers fan I have to admit those Giants jerseys were nice, especially this one.
  8. Love the color; hate the wordmark.
  9. Sucks for you...
  10. Those Lions uniforms are nice as well. I wonder how they'd look in white...?
  11. A post in the Las Vegas NHL expansion thread inspired me to start this one. The two teams that immediately come to mind are the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Nordiques were mentioned as well if they were to return. In a way, the Rams come to mind as well with the blue and white. What other teams might (or should) return to a past look?
  12. I hope the Dolphins bring back the 1997-2012 logo in the 1966-1973 colors.
  13. I wasn't being flippant...but I also didn't feel like typing the same thing over again. We know what MOST of the fans want (I personally know quite a few folks who DO want the Fearsome Foursome look). We know what the team can actually do within the rules. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm actually more concerned about their play than their attire at this point.
  14. I do not hate this.
  15. I think Golden State counts as well. Not the exact same logo, but it was definitely inspired by one from the past. Same with the Wiz and the Caps (both I love). Hell, throw the Leafs in there as well. I guess I'm a sucker for tradition. I'd love the Angels to go back to their late 80s/early 90s look. Even their pre-Disney look was inspired by their late 60s look.
  16. That's the point: they're supposed to look vintage.
  17. I like cream uniforms in MLB; I think colors actually pop a bit more. However, I think only classic teams (read: pre-LCS) can pull it off correctly. I'd LOVE to have a cream Dodgers alternate (without a NOB and any sleeve patches or piping) to be worn on Sundays.
  18. And the "road" version they wore for the All-Star game was just as nice. Clean and simple. I also like how the special cap matched this particular uniform. Lose the contrasting brim and stars and you have the perfect cap to wear on the road. But being the Padres, they'd never go with this.
  19. Of course it's a replica. I purchased it at the mall at a place called...The Pro Image.
  20. What about my recently purchased Kings jersey?
  21. That front number placement bugs me though.
  22. I call it the Honda Ponda
  23. Kinda looked fine with Kansas City.