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  1. I'm surprised Dodger Stadium has hosted only one, while Anaheim has hosted THREE.
  2. 1997-2012 logo in the current colors. That would be ideal in my eyes. I miss seeing the helmet on Snowflake.
  3. Looks interesting but I'd bet that would be hell on an outfielder. Add Tal's Hill in front of Pittsburgh for me as well.
  4. San Diego's left field, Pittsburgh's center field, Baltimore's right field. I just have a thing for buildings near (or in the case of SD, IN) a stadium. Bonus: Boston's foul ground.
  5. Considering the heat wave some of us are going through right now (looking at you, Phoenix), these caps just might not be too bad. I wonder how light they are?
  6. ^^^Hahahahahaha^^^
  7. I know the Rams have a mismatched uniform. I also know it's temporary. So I'm not complaining. I can deal with the look for a few more years. The classic uniforms can be considered a treat. I'm worried more about the play on the field.
  8. I left on page 140; I come back on page 173? Yikes! Seriously though, not too many major changes. I'm cool with that. Maybe the major changes will come when the alternate jerseys are unveiled...whenever that will happen.
  9. Damn...gotta get ready for work. I sign in at 5:30pm; please don't crash the board. I'll check for updates via my phone.
  10. Damn...I was just on page 118 about eight hours ago lol...
  11. Nah...some of those Color Rush unis actually look good. The Chargers, Saints, and Broncos come to mind.
  12. Especially the Royals. The Rays could look good that way as well.
  13. I like the special jerseys MLB wear. I don't mind a little variety over 162 games. And no one is forcing anyone to actually buy the merchandise. I love how the Dodgers and Royals look in that lighter shade of blue.
  14. They've played the Cavs in the Finals three times. They're won two of them. It's simple arithmetic.
  15. Actually... And yes...a very small part of the city and county of San Francisco is on the tip of Alameda Island.
  16. It gets locked by then. Just kidding 😊
  17. I believe so. I saw on Twitter New Era showing off the cap of that vintage (1998 World Series)
  18. Well two out of GSW's five championships have come at the expense of the Cavs so...
  19. Hey don't hate on The D...I like that hotel. 😊
  20. Guess I'm in the camp where I like it when SOME teams wear white at home, like the Rams did last season. Even though they're still the St. Louis jerseys I actually liked the look. Guess they'll be wearing white in Dallas this year lol!
  21. Oh HELL no! Seriously, that Cavs alternate above looks good; I wouldn't mind seeing a white version of that. And I'm also in the camp of those that like their white, wine, gold, and to a point navy jerseys. The shirts have to go...but they might wear them Friday.
  22. I agree with them all, except for Tampa Bay.
  23. Chicago Blackhawks of baseball
  24. Phantom Dreamer is probably happy...wherever he is.
  25. Shouldn't he be wearing number nine lol?