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  1. Keel

    Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

    About 80% sure the jersey concept is just the logo placed on a green flannel but that would be a brilliant jersey so I still rate 10/10
  2. Keel

    Milwaukee bucks concept

    Because they took a photo of their screen.
  3. Keel

    LA Rams Logo

    I honestly think the new update is a downgrade. I think it'll be as close to perfect as it can be if you combine the old nose with the new eye.
  4. Keel

    What if scenarios: Vancouver Grizzlies

    What if the Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Buffalo instead of Memphis (apparently, this actually almost happened
  5. Keel

    LA Kings concept idea-hand drawn

    Got bored and digi-tized your logo. I think it looks pretty cool!
  6. Keel

    New York/ Brooklyn Islanders Alternate

    Isn't the point of a concept to try new things? You don't have to stick to a logo or color just because it's classic, then all concepts would be similar and boring. With that being said, this concept isn't great. The logo on the front is way too big, and I think it could seriously benefit from some lightening up and putting a name on the back.
  7. Keel

    AHL TV Template

    Hey everyone! With the creation of the AHL's Pacific Division, I think we'll be seeing a lot of AHL concepts on these boards, either for already announced teams, or for completely original teams. Inspired by sparky chewbarky's Las Vegas Aces thread, I've decided to create a template for a TV scoreboard. If you think this will benefit your concept, feel free to use it. Link to the .psd: Here's an example I made for the only new AHL team to unveil its new logo, the Ontario Reign. Please leave C&C!
  8. Keel

    Just some Soccer Concepts

    There's Creation Centre. But just like NCAA, it's pretty limited.Yeah, I'm on Xbox One. I hate the fact that they got rid of Creation Centre when they went to next-gen, such a basic feature that didn't need to be taken out.
  9. Keel

    Just some Soccer Concepts

    Wait, is there a way to get custom kits onto the console version of FIFA? Rangers look good, I especially like the maroon alternate!
  10. Keel

    Team Canada Hockey Added Poll, NEED C&C!

    Not a huge fan of the "CANADA" on the maple leaf. The font makes it look like a meme.
  11. Being from Buffalo, I've always been interested in the All Americans. Can't wait to see what you think they would look like today! As for the concept, maybe the tan pants should be used for the away uniform as well? I personally think that would look better than the white-on-white.
  12. Keel

    Continental Hockey Federation (Washington Added)

    Montreal has one of the best logos so far. The maple leaf with the M creating a fleur-de-lis is ingenious. Great work!
  13. Keel

    Re-Branding: ECHL:San Francisco Bulls

    Thanks I've tried to color in the black lines on the circle but it made it look extremely sloppy. Also I'm trying to make the SF Subliminal in the bull's head as well as a Western-ish font But having random black lines in your logo looks sloppy as well. I realize that it's hard to do because of the gradient, but it is fixable. Perhaps make the whole thing one color, get rid of the black lines, and then do the gradient?
  14. Keel

    Re-Branding: ECHL:San Francisco Bulls

    As for the actual logo, just clean it up. You have black lines throughout the logo that are easy to clean. Also, get rid of the circle outlines on the 49ers SF logo. All you have to do is paint over the lines using the color that you're using. I think this could end up being a solid concept, but as of right now, it's way too messy.