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  1. PDFL Pro Developmental Football League (Made-Up Football League)

    I did some upgrading to the Oshkosh logo and helmet. Still having trouble with the helmet stripes, but it looks better than the first draft.
  2. PDFL Pro Developmental Football League (Made-Up Football League)

    Draft #1 Oshkosh Uniform Oshkosh Helmet Logo Oshkosh Sleeve logo (Merchant ship steaming into packers sleeve stripes)
  3. PDFL Pro Developmental Football League (Made-Up Football League)

    Team: Oshkosh Merchants Affiliation: Green Bay Packers Colors: Green/Gold/White Stadium: J.J. Keller Field at Titan Stadium
  4. College Football Teams that don't Exist

    I read in a topic some while back the idea of making football uniforms for schools that don't have a football team. I like this concept, and I would like to leave this as an open forum for people to post up their ideas/concepts. My Masters degree is from Webster University in St. Louis. I have one of those t-shirts that says "Webster Football" and "Still Undefeated!" on the back I tooled around with some concepts and combinations.
  5. Big Ten in Paint

    Another Rivalry, Northwestern-Illinois. These two teams play for the "Land of Lincoln Trophy" - formerly the Sweet Sioux tomahawk. In the theme of my rivalry concept I kept the format the same for each teams, but added their own colors and flair. I understand that the Chief Illiniwek logo is no longer in use, but it is a cool logo nonethesame. I incorporated a map of the state at the back of each helmet and a line art portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the sides.
  6. Big Ten in Paint

    While making suggested improvements, I decided to toy with the idea of Nike ProCombat making a rivalry series of uniforms. Something that would be unique to a rivalry, but similar/close enough in style that it would look cool to see the teams play against one another. Purdue and Indiana play their rivalry game for a trophy called the "Old Oaken Bucket" ...and It is really an old bucket made of wood. The winner of each game adds a link to the chain attached to the bucket. The links in the chains are metal forages of the initials of the Victors school "I" links for Indiana wins, and "P" links for Purdue wins. I incorporated the bucket on the shoulders of each jersey and the victory chain links. I added the phrase "Our State" to the nameplate on the back of the jersey and incorporated the state of Indiana in each team's helmets.
  7. Big Ten in Paint

    Illinois with recommended changes. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I left the side of the helmets blank, ideally for the small state map award stickers to eventually populate. The other attached image is a concept that I found online that I REALLY like. I tried my best to emulate that concept with my own flair when drafting this.
  8. Big Ten in Paint

    Iowa with recommended changes. I took off the TV numbers and added their signature "America Needs Farmers" icon. This icon is typically used as a helmet sticker, but here I thought it would look better as a patch on the left sleeve.
  9. Big Ten in Paint

    Indiana with recommended changes:
  10. Big Ten in Paint

    Michigan State with recommended Changes. I blended the logo as best I could. I think the issue with it is that it doesn't have the black outline, so it looks like it is a different shade.
  11. Big Ten in Paint

    Wisconsin with Recommended changes
  12. Big Ten in Paint

    I had a little fun with the Michigan Uniform. I did nothing to the helmet, because it is pretty much universally agreed upon as perfect. I tried to incorporate that look into the shoulder sleeves. I did several alternates, to include the "Harbaugh All White" uniform...And I had some fun with the Maize coloring.
  13. Big Ten in Paint

    I made the recommended Changes to the Northwestern Uniform:
  14. Big Ten in Paint

    I will get to work - Thank you much!