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  1. I guarantee it's because the alternate was simply meant to be an alternate to appease the fans cries for the Might Ducks logo. Ownership probably didn't care much for it at the time, but have grown on them due to sales and marketability. Why they'd wait a year after the takeover probably has to do with them just recently deciding this.
  2. I know it's a little late, but I did guesses for what Vegas might wear based on the draft hat and other images. Also did a mockup of Anaheim going full-time orange
  3. Hands down my favorite Sharks concept I've ever seen. The change of black to dark teal really makes the logo seem less cartoony, however I'd keep the tail of the shark in the logo as the shape and angle of the current logo seems off and the tail would balance it out. Great job!
  4. I can never find jerseys so I'm more of a shirt guy. Found this for 5 bucks.
  5. As if being dyslexic wasn't hard enough...
  6. Totems is as offensive as Thunderbirds, so not at all. The issue the Native population has with teams such as the Redskins & Indians is because they portray stereotypical and arguably racist views of the people. Totems does not do that. (Can I just say I think it was dumb to have NoDak change their nickname while Fighting Irish is still acceptable). Then again, most people call the league the NL instead of National League so it somewhat blurs the lines. However, the Metro Division is only called such. I personally don't have an issue with it. Because it's one hell of a name. However, I don't think they should go with Thunderbirds either because then they'd have 2 pro sports teams named after Native-inspired birds.
  7. @Ice_Cap seems to be much more capable of answering this so I'll ask him instead. Jets & Nordiques both make sense because it's not like anybody even wanted the teams to leave. It's not the fans fault they could no longer afford it. That's why so many people were/are hounding for the old names back. And like you said, they were only gone for 15-20 years. Senators would probably used for the reason you mentioned, but also to instill an attitude of winning. The old Sens won 6 Cups, 2 more than the Rangers in their entire lifetime. I think it's very plausible why any sports fan would want the name of such a successful franchise. Seattle's Metropolitan cause makes no sense to me. This is a team that won a single Cup, 100 years ago. I highly doubt there's many people around who'd ever give a rat's ass about that team anymore. They only lasted 9 seasons as well, unlike the Jets, Nordiques and Senators who were around for much longer. The only thing interesting about the team were their jerseys, but it's not even like you have to the name the team the Metropolitans to have your look influenced by them. And when you think about what a metropolitan is, do you think about Seattle? I just feel like Seattle has much more potential for a sports nickname than the Metropolitans. I'm also just tired of every team going back to their old stuff. I've said this in a previous thread before; if every team just goes with throwbacks, in the future, there will be nothing to throwback to. I just want to see some nice new designs. So you want the SAME name AND the SAME logo? Not even nice if you ask me.
  8. It's original exact for the fact that it's not. It's the name of an old team located in Seattle. What is with people wanting the relive the past? What is this nostalgia trip everyone is on? Can we not just get something new?
  9. Bobrovsky playing like a teenager back in Motherland Russia
  10. I think it's stupid to name your team after a previous local team. It only happened with the Jets because SOOOOOOOOOO many people wanted it. The Metros played over a century ago, where the name should stay. And yea the NY Mets and Metropolitan Division connection doesn't really give it much help.
  11. ah
  12. Sub breaking through the ice?
  13. I've never liked either name for Seattle. I like HW's idea, but not the name. They better come up with something new.
  14. 2 scoreboards?
  15. Brad Richards Joe Nieuwendyk Jere Lehtinen