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  1. Yea I don't mind it as much as I first did. New Jersey is still awful, good thing they seem to realize it. I expect a change in a few years.
  2. *Bottom 4
  3. Western Conference
  4. Eastern Conference
  5. New number font from Ottawa
  6. Boston: Haven't seen the back yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. Equal grade. Buffalo: Better without all the grey business, still in the striping though. The navy still sucks and the chest numbers are still present. Still not a good look. Upgrade. Calgary: Looks worse without the piping in all honesty. Straightened numbers and letters are a plus. Equal grade. Carolina: What they should have done from the start. Upgrade. Columbus: Haven't seen the new font yet, but can already guarentee it will be better. Upgrade. Dallas: Somethings different here. More pics would be nice. Edmonton: The leak was disappointing, but at least they fixed the collar. Changing the striping was such a boneheaded move. Downgrade. Florida: I'm guessing they made the chest striping go all around. If so, that's an upgrade. Minnesota: Looks nice. Glad they didn't go with the SS jersey. Upgrade. Nashville: Now worst look in the league. Downgrade. New Jersey: Garbage. Flaming hot garbage. DOWNGRADE. Ottawa: Didn't change. Downgrade. St. Louis: Gonna look weird for awhile, but this is a change I've been wanting. Upgrade. Vegas: It's good for the crap heap they call a color scheme.
  7. A local sports card shop near me also does memorabilia framing. I'd like at that first.
  8. Umm you'd barely be able to see it I wasn't just talking about Colorado, I was talking about the entire league. That was pretty clear.
  9. Haven't heard anything about Ottawa?
  10. It's telling a lot - No royal blue for Buffalo - Colorado isn't going with their alternate jersey and logo - Edmonton navy blue - Chest stripe for Minnesota - Ottawa sticking with red - Washington no logo change
  11. Thank god for Colorado
  12. The kind of stuff that's used on high school uniforms? I've tried acetone and it wasn't working. Then again it wasn't pure acetone and was just some nail polish remover. I'll get some pure acetone and try that.
  13. Completely disagree. Making the collar just some templatey garbage would just make the jersey seem so unique. That collar is seriously the only unique part about that jersey. Other than that it's a single outlined striping pattern with a generic yoke w/ outline. It looks better as well imo. This sucks. The name typeface is probably the best in the league. The numbers are also the worst in the league so it's an OK trade-off. I hope they just go with a modified version of this typeface. Fix the issues with it then it's perfect.