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  1. Stirrups are ugly, any stirrups
  2. That Saskatchewan jersey gets too much flack
  3. Top one is the best version IMO. Utilizes the team's color scheme the greatest. I don't see the point in overdoing the neon when the team's identity is so bland.
  4. I guess this thread will start off with Charlottetown's new alternate for next season
  5. Imagine spending $500 million for a new team of scraps when you could have eventually bought the Coyotes for less than half that
  6. It's all good
  7. /thread
  8. Those Nationals jerseys are a thing of beauty and should be what Team Canada uses. Watertown however just seems bland. Could use something more, maybe a silver accent somewhere in some capacity.
  9. What? That's not at all what you did. You had the team's logo and "Sparky's" logo. "Sparky's" logo was clearly edited to make it appear way more similar to the team's logo. The only thing say about that second bit is that common sense goes a long way.
  10. Names and colors? He based the identity, both name and colors, off rumors about the team. So you're at the point of editing his logo to make it look similar to Vegas' logo? Really? Making a logo influenced by the most common symbol of Las Vegas and hockey-ifying it isn't stealing his work. Don't you think they already had designs in mind for what they wanted to do at the time of the creation of Sparky's work? There's no argument that they stole Sparky's design, none of it. At most, they were influenced by it and that has no legal standing. Now please stop, for all our sakes.
  11. Then again that's with basically every helmet color
  12. I seriously don't understand even slightly why the Mountain C logo or the alternate is liked in any capacity. So bland and generic. Only thing that's nice about either is the shade of blue. Sure the Current logo is slightly outdated, but it's still a great logo. A simple modernizing would suffice. Buuuuuuuut noooooooooooooo. There must be some correlation betwwen high altitude and poor taste.
  13. I wonder where you got the idea for the 3 stars in the first place...
  14. yea I don't think so