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  1. The world's state in Forces is not unlike Sonic 06's future.
  2. This game I'm SURE to get.
  3. It's actually a hybrid between Sonic 06, Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations.
  4. OK. ^^
  5. Oh. ;( I wanted to use one of them.
  6. It's saying the site can't be reached.
  7. Sabres were going to have a different neck style.
  8. BOI, he was traded just a month ago.
  9. Did anyone screenshot the part of the thread when I talked about Scott Henderson, the character I created that he was called "The Next Gretzky" by you guys?
  10. I don't remember the hem looking like this...
  11. But they never wore it in a game.
  12. Iginla in anything other than a Flames uniform.
  13. OwO What is this? Prototype Preds?
  14. Seller is labelling this as a prototype, but it looks just like the end product.