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  1. Yotes
  2. Every team so far looks amazing. Can't wait for the other 5
  3. Yeah. Saskatoon are Champs.
  4. An american team has even won a Canadian championship since '93. 1995 Baltimore Stallions won the Grey Cup.
  5. Thank you very much
  6. Could I get a Saskatchewan Roughriders and a high school one. (Yellow and Black)
  7. 4 Canadian teams rights on. Let's go Saskatoon though. #SaskPride
  8. 1981

    Halifax Narwhals - Unique Name could be a really cool identity Regina Cyclones - Show history of the Regina Cyclone in 1910 Hamilton Steelheads - Hamilton is the "Steel City".
  9. 1981

    Halifax Narwhals Regina Bison Hamilton Steelheads Québec Vouyagers
  10. Cant wait for Canada
  11. 1981

    No this looked so promising
  12. Cant wait for the next season
  13. I would but I got no time
  14. I think 17 yard end zones will be fine
  15. i like it. Cant wait for the riders