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  1. Even though black isn't one of their official school colors, I think they pull it off.
  2. This entire set is beautiful.
  3. I LOVE the blue and white. I hope this is true.
  4. I loved the former Orioles hats with the actual bird pictured instead of the cartoon (2009-2011 logo as an example). Those logos along with the current Blue Jays logo look great as the primary because they look like the actual animal. While I like the cartoon logos such as the swinging fryer, Mr. Met, and others, I feel they should never be used as the primary.
  5. I like it. If there is any team that should feature stars and stripes, it's the Nationals. However, I will miss the blue jerseys.
  6. On one end of the spectrum, we had the D-Backs going nuts with the complexity of uniform design last year. Now we have the Padres going the opposite way with a very simple, straight forward look. I have to say I prefer going for the straight forward/clean look, albeit a bit on the boring side. I thought the yellow last year was a nice touch and they should have kept it. I'm in my early 30's and my first memories of the Padres were the navy/orange days. I wouldn't mind seeing them go back to that with the pinstripes. I've never been a big fan of brown, but that concept by Storrusten looked pretty sharp. Getting away from another team having a lot of blue (or red) I don't necessarily see as a bad thing.
  7. Golden Knights... It's okay. I do kinda like the logo.
  8. I'm sure every future ball player will hope they do not get drafted by the Marlins.
  9. What a great topic! I'm glad it's regained some activity as I haven't been a member of this board very long. Washington Nationals - My NL team. Started following them around 2008. Before that I didn't really follow baseball at all. The sport has quickly become my favorite. My step-son was stationed at Bolling AFB which is across the Potomac from the stadium. We started attending games as something to do while visiting him. My wife and I have been huge fans ever since. Minnesota Twins - My AL team. They are a very distant second to the Nats. Love the same color scheme and there's something about Target Field I really like. Hope to get there one day! Philadelphia Flyers - My US team. I live around Lancaster, PA so we are a Philly suburb. A bunch of guys at work are Flyers die-hards. They got me into following hockey. It is now my second favorite sport. Ottawa Senators - My Canadian team. I love their uniforms and I'm a fan of Erik Karlsson. The thing I like about the NHL is it's the only sport out of the power four that has this many teams north of the border. I wish more cities had more NBA, NFL and MLB teams. Washington Redskins - I used to like the Kansas City Chiefs way back before there was NFL Sunday Ticket and other online avenues to see your favorite team. I had a hard time following the Chiefs because they were never on TV. Many years ago I decided to make the switch to a team that was within traveling distance. I despised the Eagles and Ravens so my next choice was Washington. Since then I've learned about the history of the team and have followed them closely. West Virginia Mountaineers - My cousin attended this university. My family spent some time visiting with her and touring the campus. We caught a football game one weekend and we've been followers of them since. North Carolina Tar Heels - My step-son has been reassigned to an AFB in Goldsboro, NC. When he moved there we decided to following a local college team. We both had always liked the UNC basketball program. Thus, we now follow their sports. Orlando Magic & Philadelphia 76ers - Basketball is my least favorite out of the four majors and college. I don't follow it much. I used to like to watch the Orlando Magic back in the Shaq and Penny Hardaway days. I was just a kid then. I guess if I really got into it, I would pull for them and the 76ers since I could actually get to Wells Fargo to catch a game.
  10. I like. Might have to add this to the Christmas list.
  11. As much as I despise the Penguins, I absolutely love these uniforms. At least they'll look good while (hopefully) losing to the Flyers all season.
  12. Very sharp. I'm liking it.
  13. Being a Nationals fan, I'm okay with the "C" being the primary logo. Obviously, the Nats use the curly "W" on all of their hats. However, I really wish the Indians would keep the Chief Wahoo logo for home games and move to a "C" on the cap for road games. I like the idea of a feather with the "C" logo, like the "K" logo on the hat of the old Kinston, NC Indians. That was a great design. Getting rid of Chief Wahoo just seems criminal to me. I don't know the whole back story, but are Native Americans offended by the cartoon logo?
  14. I never thought about this before, but it makes perfect sense. As a college recruit, I would certainly love to have all the associated swag to look good on campus. Hats, pull-overs, running pants, gym shorts, etc. I'd probably rather rock the Nike swoosh or UA logo too.