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  1. I had a middle bar when I started playing football in midgets. I thought someone from the Patriots also wore this plastic mask at one time. I was always a fan of the "bull ring" and covered neck pads. I always thought that was a great linebacker look.
  2. MLB Changes 2017

    I can't wrap my head around that fact that the MLB makes any significant profit from doing these weekend change ups. Maybe for the stars and stripes weekend... but I don't know anyone that purchased Father's Day or Mother's Day gear. Likewise, I don't personally know anyone that wants one of these uniforms (except perhaps some fellow cap collectors). How does the MLB justify the expense for these gimmicks?
  3. MLB Changes 2017

    LOVE the 2018 All-Star logo. Now, here's to hoping the rest of the uniforms follow suit! I'm hoping I can find tickets to the week's festivities.
  4. The new BSens go with familiar look

    I like it for its simplicity. They didn't try to do anything crazy. Just a straight up B in a logo similar to the parent club. Well done.
  5. MLB Changes 2017

    Please forgive me if this isn't the thread for this question, but I've always wondered; Are MLB players permitted to wear New Era 59fifty, 59fifty Low Profile, or 39thirty style hats on the field?
  6. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    What about the cities of Charlotte or Indianapolis? Wouldn't they be good markets for an MLB franchise? There's nothing between Washington D.C. and Atlanta. I've heard you need about 2 million people to make a professional franchise fly. Both metro regions for these cities are right around that mark.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    Because, sadly, I don't own one at all... yet.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    I know. I'm one of the few that actually likes the current sweaters. I liked the old ones as well.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Like! Hopefully I will be purchasing one.
  10. NCAA Baseball Uniforms 2017

    Even though black isn't one of their official school colors, I think they pull it off.
  11. NCAA Baseball Uniforms 2017

    This entire set is beautiful.
  12. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    I LOVE the blue and white. I hope this is true.
  13. MLB Changes 2017

    I loved the former Orioles hats with the actual bird pictured instead of the cartoon (2009-2011 logo as an example). Those logos along with the current Blue Jays logo look great as the primary because they look like the actual animal. While I like the cartoon logos such as the swinging fryer, Mr. Met, and others, I feel they should never be used as the primary.
  14. MLB Changes 2017

    I like it. If there is any team that should feature stars and stripes, it's the Nationals. However, I will miss the blue jerseys.
  15. MLB Changes 2017

    On one end of the spectrum, we had the D-Backs going nuts with the complexity of uniform design last year. Now we have the Padres going the opposite way with a very simple, straight forward look. I have to say I prefer going for the straight forward/clean look, albeit a bit on the boring side. I thought the yellow last year was a nice touch and they should have kept it. I'm in my early 30's and my first memories of the Padres were the navy/orange days. I wouldn't mind seeing them go back to that with the pinstripes. I've never been a big fan of brown, but that concept by Storrusten looked pretty sharp. Getting away from another team having a lot of blue (or red) I don't necessarily see as a bad thing.