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  1. It was never originally included in the current identity. It has been used a few times for special occasions, and is now in the regular uni rotation
  2. I personally think the block C would look great with the home uniforms... not sure which color of it would fit better though...
  3. Little late, but the thing about the Padres new uniforms is that they do look nice, but they're just really bland for a team with some iconic looks
  4. I think the stance socks look good, but it's the fact that each team has like 6 designs on the field at once that kills it for me
  5. I'm trying to figure out from all those Sun Trust Park photos where they put that Braves wordmark (or maybe it's just the A logo) with the video screen built into it. Ya know, the one a lot of us freaked out over if they were changing back to blue outlined in red
  6. Will never associate Kirby or Killer in the powder blues...
  7. If you get the Russell Athletic app, you can make custom jerseys for a variety of different sports (this one is reversible, but check out the white side)
  8. I want the rays to embrace their fauxback look full time. Change it up so they have a white and grey version, but also keep the current version. It's such a unique look, and it's way better than what they currently have
  9. I hate the Reds solely because of the unnecessary use of black
  10. No idea if it's an official change or not... but damn that Jersey is beautiful. I'd be down for it being like a Friday alt or something
  11. Oakland's roads are among the best imo... Giants would be better if they used their road alternate instead
  12. I like how the AZ patch matches the color of the gold... wish they would change to these colors full time
  13. On the Twins Snapchat from Twins Fest today, they showed the clubhouse and lockers all set up for fans to see, with all the regular caps and jerseys set up nicely... and each locker had a matching camo hat... new uniform?
  14. I'd say Cleveland should use the current red C cap with the home uniform, and the blue C cap (with a white outline around the c) with the road uniform and alternate on the road, and the starting pitcher could choose which cap to use with the alternate at home. This would eliminate chief wahoo (yes, they would get rid of him on the jersey), while mostly keeping the current identity
  15. Has anyone else noticed the rangers are starting to use their red hats/socks/undershirts with the home Whites a lot more than they have in years past?