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  1. This tweet from tank was quite entertaining, Frank thinks on 2 levels with that note of it being written in all caps
  2. For the Raiders if you are going to use gold as an accent you should commit to it and add a little more. Right now it just seems like what the MLB does with the special gold trim uniforms
  3. This is a really interesting concept. I think it would be a major success. I know that Langley Speedway just got a new owner recently and they have been working to upgrade the track. This event would be a major pull in the Hampton Roads area
  4. Sick taps to the Leafs. Put up a great fight, they are going to be a scary team for the foreseeable future. Freddy Anderson gave me flashbacks to Halak when the the Caps took on the Habs in 2010 standing on his head at times
  5. This! The current Caps uniforms look awful cause of the contrasting stripe on the underside of the arm, vertical stripes don't work in hockey.
  6. Amen, I seem to ask myself this every year with the Caps
  7. I agree the pink coloring is the most likely reason they would say it looks toy-ish.
  8. Your logo is 1 billion times better then what they have and the way that you have created marks for the newspaper, radio station, and TV station that tie in to the primary mark makes this a really strong set of marks. Great work on this project I hope they decide to scrap the old logo and use yours
  9. I wish these were real, I would totally buy some of these they are totally 90's!
  10. CSU Bakersfield: Really like the road pattern on the pants and sleeve, really creative way to incorporate the roadrunners nickname UNC - Greensboro: Great set, using the pattern from the logo for the striping is brilliant UTRGV: Holy Combos Batman, This is one of my favorite sets you have come up with, I like the idea of the star in the striping but I agree with @Clintau24 on changing the color to make it pop a little bit more. Excited to see what's next!
  11. Great work on the west division really solid designs. Excited to see what sport comes next!
  12. Dale Jr. has to call in sick that race right? No way he drives an Eagles car as a Redskins fan....
  13. Having a hard time finding any flaws with this concept. The Buffalo jersey is perfect and the Rangers have a classic look. Very well done!
  14. These are fantastic! The Caps one is perfect, really like how he is holding the American flag behind him too
  15. These are fantastic! Good mix of traditional and modern designs. Love the Maine State set, great colors and I like the look of the shoulders on the away uniforms. Looking forward to the West Division!