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  1. New logo for Mini

    Removing that many elements wasn't the way to go. Preferably they should've just ditched the gradient effect.
  2. NFL Fields - 2007 and 2008 International Series (11/3/17)

  3. Ugh, yes. What's happening to striped socks? Would be really useful today with a lot of teams. (Vikings, Lions)
  4. I disagree, the blue pants are vibrant and look really nice. The socks however, are a sin.
  5. New Vikings logo released

    Get used to that. The old logo is used nearly everywhere.
  6. Something I've always wanted to see for the Texans is white jerseys/red pants/navy socks.
  7. Beginning of the end of Arena Football League? (again)

    So that means the Cavs are turning their arena into stone fodder. Huh.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    1. Did you have to underline the entire paragraph? 2. The Seahawks rebrand, besides the logos and colors, was in no way a good rebrand.
  9. Plus there's throwbacks for: Denver Seattle Tennessee
  10. I propose this. If a team wants to use alternate helmets, say for alternate uniforms, they are allowed to have only 1 extra helmet. That way we can satisfy all the people who don't like most changes. For throwbacks, teams are allowed to wear the original helmets, no matter what. The main reason that people want the helmet rule gone is so most throwbacks can return.
  11. My phantom merchandise collection

    Well, y'know, any designs with the slightest amount of thought and originality put into them are terrible and everything should just be modern and samey. /s
  12. You are definitely in the minority with the one helmet rule.
  13. NBA court database

    My goodness that new Clippers court is so much better.