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  1. I see where you're coming from now. I actually started this as a logoset tweak for the Wolves, meaning that I had changed up some of the colors. For example:
  2. Could you explain what's "off"?
  3. Well, here's where I let you all decide the final product. I made two courts, with different baselines. You decide which one you like better, but for now...
  4. I'll take that into account! That sounds great. I'm using PepMan33Conde's template, by the way. You can find that here:
  5. Well, I found a nice in-between. I did something probably no team has done before, but I placed the arena logos inside of the perimeter, where the secondary usually goes. This allows me to keep the skyline and have the arena logos. Thanks for all of the constructive criticism, it's really helping.
  6. You're right, taking a second look at it, it does look pretty cramped over there. At this point, I could either: Remove the Target Center logos, which I don't want to do, or Make a secondary logo out of the skyline and remove it. I do want to keep the wolf at the bottom. That's for sure.
  7. Okay, so I've taken all of these suggestions into account, and I have churned out this. It's of higher quality as well. I fixed the baseline issue with the wolf, and even added the Minneapolis skyline. I put in Instagram and Twitter logos next to the username (which I made white instead of green), removed the slogan, and removed the wolves inside the perimeter. Oh, and I also changed the Target Center logo and finally, made the midcourt logo smaller. Here you go.
  8. Every Madden since the 360 days has had some fake jerseys. The aforementioned yellow Packers jersey from 2K5 is also in these newer Maddens, but we also have one that nobody talks about. The gold Rams jersey. Screenshotted from Madden 13 for PS Vita for convenience.
  9. The court was supposed to be based around the Wolf, so I think I should probably remove the the logos inside the perimeter. This is also why I made the center court logo the North Star.
  10. So we have no sort of info on what the court for the 'Wolves will look like, considering the summer-long renovation, so I decided to play around with a template and made this. It's a bit rough around the edges, due to my limited know-how on graphic design, but it's just an idea I had.
  11. Usually the logo is painted as (CHAMPIONSHIP) with the NFC logo inside the football on the logo. But this year, they painted around the NFL shield so it looks like it says "NFL Championship". It looks bad.
  12. Looks like we'll be seeing this one...dammit.
  13. First off, why did the grounds crew at the Georgia Dome paint the NFC Championship logo as 'NFL Championship'? Stupid. Second, here's my mockups for Super Bowl LI's fields.
  14. Change the title to "I'm a huge ass baby who can't accept the fact that the Falcons grated us, now please give me attention"