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  1. Usually the logo is painted as (CHAMPIONSHIP) with the NFC logo inside the football on the logo. But this year, they painted around the NFL shield so it looks like it says "NFL Championship". It looks bad.
  2. Looks like we'll be seeing this one...dammit.
  3. First off, why did the grounds crew at the Georgia Dome paint the NFC Championship logo as 'NFL Championship'? Stupid. Second, here's my mockups for Super Bowl LI's fields.
  4. Change the title to "I'm a huge ass baby who can't accept the fact that the Falcons grated us, now please give me attention"
  5. Here's me simple take on the Chargers' new logo in the style of their 2007 logo. Enjoy.
  6. The Jaguars no longer have a full body logo. Would be nice to see a new one, though.
  7. I love it.
  8. I personally like the red home jerseys, but as an alt, not the home jersey. So I came up with something else. Feedback is appreciated.
  9. What's up man, it's ThePurplePeopleEater from FI.

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      Really? Do you know their username? I might have to say hello. 

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  10. Sweet Jesus.
  11. Oh look, another Giants jersey concept. What's new? No but seriously, here's my take on the Giants' road jersey.
  12. Panthers and Chargers:
  13. So, with the Rams using alternate fields for their throwbacks/Color Rush, that inspired me to make these alternate fields. Rams and Vikings:
  14. Oops! I uploaded the wrong home/away uniforms. Here's the right ones.
  15. So here's all the uniforms. I changed the numbers on the home set, and made new jerseys and Color Rush uniforms.