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  1. I thought posters here do that with Sun Belt hockey teams?
  2. Washington is :censored:ed. They'll never beat Pittsburgh in a 7-game series, and something tells me that the Penguins are in line for a repeat.
  3. Watch the Oilers go all the way, then all of Cujo's teams would have won a title within five years.
  4. The Steelers draft Franken... I mean Joshua Dobbs. Is he going to succeed Big Ben? The Giants drafted Davis Webb as well, so how soon is the end of the QB class of 2004?
  5. Good way to lose a game, Baltimore. What the hell was that?
  6. What the hell? Cleveland has three 1st round picks?
  7. Our draft pick is wearing a Jack Links™ t-shirt along with the Sasquatch himself. Great pick.
  8. I actually forgot the Draft was on tonight. I'm not sure if it's because the Dolphins are picking so late (not really use to that) or maybe it's the lack of interest in the prospects. Either way, it's weird for me.
  9. I think the LSU-styled shoulder stripes look stupid as hell when they go all the way down... They look much better cut in half...
  10. I'll chime in. I use to like the Brewers current identity (and in a way, I still do)... but now I realize how dated it looks. I don't want them to bring anything back, however. I want to see something fairly new... something that can last for a good while (maybe forever).
  11. Yeah they're pretty much God-like; I am 98% on them winning the Finals. After the Eastern Conference playoffs are over, so is my season.
  12. Well, the Cubs are finally back in 1st place (in the Central) after almost a month. The Cardinals look like trash and I'm still not sold on the Reds, so it might stay that way. Oh, and the O's are looking good too. Nice.
  13. It looks like there's a good chance I'll be rooting for the Western Conference this year.
  14. To all the people that were already counting out the Raptors... CHILL. The Bucks we're only ahead 2-1 in the series and now it's tied. This IS the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference y'all are writing off; give them a little more respect.
  15. I like this whole food promotion thing and all, but I'm concerned of it becoming tiresome (if it isn't already for some people).