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  1. Have you ever noticed that almost all of Brandoise's logos have a bit of a cookie-cutter design to them? Look specifically at the eyes and mouths of some of their logos (Jumbo Shrimp and Baby Cakes, BlueClaws and Shuckers), and tell me if you see similarities. When they first introduced the Chihuahuas years ago, I thought it was awesome. But then they copied the design elements to other logos they made for teams and IMO, it lost it's appeal.
  2. Dolphins Dynasty

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Ten

    I thought the opposite. WAY too much navy in there.
  3. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 NFL Season

    I always viewed it as them being buddy-buddy, and that according to Brown, Marvin is "such a good friend... I would hate to have him go".
  4. Dolphins Dynasty

    FC Cincinnati

    A big "meh" from me. I don't like them using two shades of blue that are both pretty dark.
  5. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 NFL Season

    I guess Trubisky is actually pretty good. Who would have thought?
  6. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 NFL Season

    There are reports that Bell is expected back around next week. That's pretty lame. Although, him and his agent handled this whole situation poorly... he was never going to come out as the winner.
  7. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 NFL Season

    So there's actually discussion in Miami of who should start once Tannehill comes back. REALLY?! If you are seriously having to compete for your starting job against Brock :censored:ing Osweiler, you need to go. Kaepernick isn't great, but I'd take him right now instantly over those two.
  8. Dolphins Dynasty

    2019 MLB Changes

    All those throwbacks... this is great. I love that logo, too. Although, are we still gonna pretend that the original team didn't fold?
  9. Dolphins Dynasty

    New Logo for Regal Cinema

    Because everyone is definitely going to immediately see that the emblem is a crown.
  10. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 NFL Season

    The Raiders need to be contracted.
  11. Dolphins Dynasty

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    I've technically been a fan of the Dolphins since 2000, but didn't actually start watching them fully until 2008. These were the uniforms I associated the beginning of my fandom with.
  12. Dolphins Dynasty

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    I don't see Harper in New York. Wouldn't he have to shave?
  13. Dolphins Dynasty

    College Football 2018-19: Santa Clara is that a way.

    Is there a legit reason why Kentucky is ranked twelfth in the nation?
  14. The Dodgers have been to the World Series 20 times(!) and only won 6 of them. Yikes! That could possibly mean they'd lose 14 of them. Has a team in any other sports league lost more than that?
  15. I still don't really wanna see it again, especially in monochrome.