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  1. The other image wasn't showing up for me for some reason so I had to make due with another. I agree on Bucco Bruce though.
  3. The only thing that's missing is the OHIO wordmark going down with it.
  4. IMO only the Giants make cream work. I don't know... some about cream next to black and orange looks good. It makes me think of cream soda for some reason (and I've never even had cream soda!).
  5. Neither did I; he'll be missed dearly. Johnny B. Goode is still one of my all-time favorites. I'll be playing it more often.
  6. I can't take Spike Lee seriously until he can properly say a sentence in English. EDIT: It didn't add the quote; oh well.
  7. The South Region looked brutal as hell, and it still does. Outside of Butler, I dislike everyone else.
  8. I've never been inside the structure, but from the outside... it was a little underwhelming. Too much concrete. Still, the roof template is a pretty nice touch. I thought it was made of wood for a a short second, until I realized it's actually metal. WTF? Is it rusted out or something?
  9. Hats off to Northwestern. They got their first ever tournament win, while also giving Gonzaga everything they could handle (in the 2nd half). I'd say that's something, for being a first timer and all.
  10. The first thing I see is a hockey stick and what I what assume is just an abstract letter "N". I couldn't even tell if it was an igloo or not. That alone makes me think of it as a bad logo.
  11. There really isn't that many horrible uniforms IMO, mainly because most (if not all of them) are fairly-to-completely traditional. I guess I would say some of the powder blues from the 70's-80's and the "Turn Back the Clock" uniforms are the worst I've seen, but I think the MLB has done better than the other leagues historically.
  12. Vikings sign Latavias Murray to a 3-year deal. I can now easily see Christian McCaffrey going to Oakland (or Green Bay) in the draft. It seems like a no-brainer.
  13. Purple + Crushers = GRAPES! (of course) Logo sucks; uniforms are average.
  14. DeMarcus Ware is retiring at 34. I kinda wanted him to sign and at least play one more season with the Cowboys, but I understand wanting to do it now for health concerns.