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  1. The 1997 logo wouldn't match the throwbacks very well. If there's one thing I hate, it's mismatched elements.
  2. It's alright. I don't think people outside the area are going to recognize it though... or even know it's meaning.
  3. I feel like their logo would be better if they added a silver outline to it along with some small details that would make it pop more. In it's current state, it feels unfinished and quite frankly, flat.
  4. The NBA is gonna be NASCAR in a few decades... it'll happen.
  5. The Flyers' uniforms aren't very good. That white yoke on the arms (and how it curves near the gloves) is ugly... and the numbers don't even fit either.
  6. Oh man... that's bright. That city is too bright.
  7. Those draft hats look so dorky on some of these players.
  8. Not only are the orange outlines too thin, but the shade of orange itself is too bright. It would be more noticeable if it was a darker shade... but even still, the first thing you're going to see is the blue outline because it stands out more.
  10. That arena... Lol. I hope they don't go with Wizards or something akin to it, as they've already run the course of that name (and the identity that was with it). If they're dumb enough, they'll do something in terms of what the Raptors did.
  11. A few thoughts... Las Vegas (yeah, I'm calling them that) looks pretty solid, considering how odd their color scheme is. I originally thought their logo was a bit underwhelming, but after seeing it on a jersey, I really don't mind it. I don't like San Jose's shoulder logo; it does't feel like it compliments the primary enough... they're too different. I also never seen Minnesota's shoulder logo before. Is it new or has it been used before? Either way, I kinda like it. I'm extremely disappointed in Washington. They were the team that I was most hoping to see go with something new. They might actually have the worst uniforms in the league.
  12. Football fields look so awkwardly cramped when placed inside baseball parks. I wonder why...?
  13. Porcello is an overrated pitcher who, as far as I know, only had one good (decent) season. I wasn't expecting anything big from him.
  14. They're both not very good.
  15. The O's can't win on the road.