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  1. This is probably Washington's best shot at a title for the foreseeable future. Good luck to them.
  2. Sea Dogs commemorate Memorial Day with Iwo Jima jerseys

    Some things just simply don't believe on a sports uniform... a photograph is one of them.
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird new logo

    Looks more similar to Firefox now, with the details. Definitely expecting.
  4. 2018 MLB Season

    Hey... look at that! The Detroit Tigers have already exceeded my expectations for them.
  5. I don't think I like either Washington or Tampa Bay's chances in the Cup Final. The Capitals don't (and almost never) have a strong enough mentality when it comes to playoff games and when I see the Lightning, I have flashbacks of 2015. Las Vegas is going to make history, and we must accept it.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    Honestly, I thought some of them had pretty cool color schemes (Memphis Maniax, Orlando Rage).
  7. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I really feel like whatever they roll out, it's going to be pretty forgettable.
  8. I'd have no issue with Las Vegas winning the Cup, but I'm still pulling for Washington. I don't want Ovechkin to be... *sigh* "Marino-ized".
  9. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    We're going to get another roundel. We're definitely going to get another roundel.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    The positioning of that is so unbalanced though. I feel like media/merchandise would have this angled in numerously different ways and it would be frustrating for anyone that happens to be OCD.
  11. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    You... did read his reasonings, didn't you? Plus, if it were an actual wand, I believe they would've done a much better job at trying to convey it.
  12. NHL 2018-19

    It's been about a year since the Oilers switched to orange primaries... I still don't like it. Go back to blue.
  13. Rockets Uniform Changes

    Please, don't be another one of the NBA's red and black teams.