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  1. I remember when the Oilers were first thinking of changing their jerseys in the 90s the Edmonton Sun had a story with attached concepts. One of them was really crazy. I wish I hung onto that. This one kind of reminds me of that concept.
  2. I like it but I don't think you need the hockey stick at the top.
  3. Ah, perhaps that is why it seemed familiar.
  4. I like the logo but it is too reminiscent of the Rochester Rhinos for me.
  5. I really like Juve's blue and yellow kit. Cagliari is stellar. Milan and Palermo look sharp. i would drop the orange/red highlights on Fiorentina's kits. Clashes too much with the purple. i think they're all good. Probably why you haven't gotten much feedback.
  6. Hello, Enjoy these Vancouver jerseys. I edited a template I found on here by adding a head but I cannot find the original now to give credit to the creator.
  7. No Baltimore?
  8. Keep the little moons but make the entire inner circle tan.
  9. Both look good. The only criticism I would have is that I don't like how the Swiss logo is angled on the jersey. It looks more like a television graphic to me.
  10. What do you guys think of these? Not so much the designs but the jersey itself. I was trying to make a template in (click links below - I apologize because I could not figure how to post a picture).
  11. Here's a link to what I was talking about above.
  12. I was always partial to the Hamilton uniforms Danny McManus wore. The ones with the tiger striping around the sleeve. They always just seemed kind of clean. I think they were around the late 90's to early 00's if I recall correctly. I also love the BC Lions with the black uniforms and silver helmets. Maybe it's just because that was what I grew up with.