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  1. Those jerseys are stellar. Just imagine a dark one to match. I miss the 90s. I know the styles from that era were not the best aesthetically but they seemed to be really fun.
  2. I cannot stand those Oilers orange jerseys. I wish they went back to the copper and navy uniforms. The predators yellow jerseys are great. They might need a couple tweaks but I like them. However, they should use a shoulder patch on each side instead of just one. I don't get why teams do that.
  3. Ugh. I cannot stand the Falcons with red helmets.
  4. Maybe swap black with purple and lighten the green? This definitely feels 90sish to me. I love it. Greatest era of sports design ever.
  5. Cashman Field was neat. It was so hot when we went though. They has ushers assigned to spray you with water.
  6. No, no, no. That is not how meth works at all.
  7. I thought that about the logos too but their main logo has actually grown on me and I now like it better than the leaping Panther. This coming from a guy who hunted out an old McDonalds replica of Vanbeisbrouck's mask on eBay.
  8. I really miss the original Florida jerseys. That being said, their current jerseys are way better looking than Montreal's. Better colours, better logo, interesting patches, interesting number font. Montreal's jerseys, that everyone thinks are iconic, are actually quite boring.
  9. I see it now. That leg one is really throwing me off though.
  10. I think you missed the stripe edges on the left side.
  11. I remember when the Oilers were first thinking of changing their jerseys in the 90s the Edmonton Sun had a story with attached concepts. One of them was really crazy. I wish I hung onto that. This one kind of reminds me of that concept.
  12. I like it but I don't think you need the hockey stick at the top.
  13. Ah, perhaps that is why it seemed familiar.
  14. I like the logo but it is too reminiscent of the Rochester Rhinos for me.