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  1. The Badgers have a new court for this upcoming season
  2. It needs more brown
  4. It's surprising to see @Gothamite love a Brewers look that isn't the ball in glove
  5. Is Marlins park using blue walls instead of green walls or is it just for the world baseball classic?
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth @Go Red Sox!would you consider doing an update of the Brewers glove logo
  7. When was the last time the Browns have a first or second round pick in the draft turn out not to be a bust?
  8. I see Kansas is playing to march expectations
  9. don't ever change cleveland browns
  10. With the Brewers wearing these jerseys so much I bet the Brewers next year will have their cap logo becoming the primary
  11. I always thought the Brewers should've expanded on their fan jersey from 2012
  12. Why the other series didn't use the updated nascar logo (xfinity, camping world)
  13. Today on the three identity brewers
  14. Why can't the nba follow the MLB of simplifying team logos
  15. so this team has navy for primary color wears white all the time mismatched jerseys but this is not the cowboys
  16. the gold on the uniform is inspired the Cowboys unnecessary use of black
  17. It's no worse then the cowboys😄
  18. The Rams could remove gold from helmet, pants but with the vapor untouchable template change you couldn't do a darn thing😒
  19. Nob more toilet collar
  20. If this picture shows only the primary logo then the rockies and Brewers changed to their cap logos
  21. I think sublimated swords would work better for northern Kentucky, also I also think you should add more silver
  22. That's the Padres job😂
  23. Today's update
  24. Miami Marlins have a new primary conformed by @ColorWerx (black part is white)