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  2. The raptors right now
  3. Second that
  4. Howling wolf logo minus the ball
  5. Just about as unique as about every other red, white team in the ncaa😒
  6. Add the nats to the raised batting helmet logo club
  7. BFBS and or alts in the playoffs can stop any time now
  8. My vote is for the toronto blue jays
  9. I actually meant the blue jays were wearing their white panel hats tonight😀
  10. For the first time since 2009 the Brewers are wearing their navy Brewers alternative on the road plus the blue jays new white panel hat tonight
  11. WSU Shockers to the American athletic conference
  12. The Badgers have a new court for this upcoming season
  13. That's what you get for going BFBS Gonzaga
  14. Who's next
  15. i'm getting a target field kind of vibe seeing suntrust park tonight
  16. Ucla should go with these full time with the switch to under armour and also get rid of their current primary
  17. My request is the Green Bay phoenix
  18. The new center field for mmp (they have a lot of h stars there too)
  19. Wow they got the exact number of Rays fans in that pic😄
  20. Wow look at all those Bulls fans before jordan
  21. Post 1000
  22. Always liked seeing notre dame in gold, and also count me in on liking Villanova's unique jerseys from the 90's that set them apart from other double blue teams
  23. This is literally the greatest thing I've seen all week