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  1. Say what you want about the Orca and the VANCOUVER script (Which I happen to like) fixing the widths of socks to match the jersey bumped them up to a top ten look in the league! I just hope the pants match too... Also did anyone notice the little Rangers logo on their breezers? Is that new? I don't remember seeing it last year...
  2. The day I become NHL commissioner, I VOW to bring back normal collars and hem stripes!
  3. Wild are supposed to keep the road jersey for next year... But I'm very happy about the Wild's jersey actually. That subtle amount of red somehow really works. I just hope the chest stripe continues to the back. The Avs and the Canes also look fantastic! We'll see about the Hurricanes road jersey however...
  4. Here's my prediction for the knights. I now know that the collar is wrong, but we'll see about everything else. I do have the arm pattern right though...
  5. I'm sorry, but the Preds logo looks a little bit like the Oregon State Beavers crossed with Goldy the Gopher. It doesn't exactly look like a predator. It's more like a rodent I do like the Honkytonk branding though!
  6. Biggest unprotected names- Marc-Andre Fleury Jaromir Jagr Patrick Sharp Eric Staal TJ Oshie I'm very surprised that Oshie wasn't protected... It might have something to do with the Caps contracts, but that one really stunned me when I saw it...
  7. The Battle of Wisconsin is dumb... Most Minnesotans and Illinoisans that I know don't like Wisconsin ... So there's really no reason for the Wild and the Hawks to battle for Wisconsin... The Battle of the Midwest would be better...
  8. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and I've never heard of this game... Great job on this series however! I really like the color scheme! It's always been one of my favorites!
  9. I'm pretty sure that the chest stripe from the teasers is cream, so it would probably look better with cream... Also adding a tail stripe like the Habs would fill in the bottom. The rest looks fantastic!
  10. There's actually a LOT that we can tell from these teasers... A lot of teams are changing at least the collar... Arizona, Columbus, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and San Jose... And this is just without any other significant change from the teaser... We also know that the Blue Jackets will have a new (at least name) font... Colorado is completely redesigned, Nashville lost at least the fang shoulder yoke design, and Minnesota has completely different green jerseys... I also heard from Michael Russo on twitter that the Wild's road jersey will NOT change.
  11. Is that supposed to be some kinda pun???
  12. I agree... Navy and Athletic gold is a great color scheme! But the Sabres still mess it up with that ridiculous silver in the striping...
  13. Unless it's now a shoulder patch... I wish the striping size would match... That would bump them up to the top 10 in the league...
  14. I'd ditch the sleeve cuffs... At least on the blue jersey. I always thought that it threw the color-balance off... I like the return of the triple Northwestern stripes on the socks!
  15. The collar is one of the few things that the Sabres didn't mess up on the current sweaters. They should leave it... And if anything should change, it should be ditching the grey in the striping...