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  1. chcarlson23

    2018-19 NHL Season

    The future is MEMES I like Gritty's crazy antics. He's what a mascot should be. It's just the nightmare googly eyes that are awful...
  2. chcarlson23

    Penguins Alternate Fix-Up

    The collar is a downgrade, but everything else is great!
  3. The grey is too dark next too the black, and it’ll be too light for the road numbers...
  4. chcarlson23

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    The later... Because it's the "kyo-teez..." Unless you prefer to call them the "ky-OATZ" ?
  5. chcarlson23

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    Definitely a downgrade... Nothing was really wrong with the previous Gophers set. It was a modern classic in my opinion. The home and road look closer to what the Women's team wears, which is bad, because the women's sweaters are a little too busy. The gold is also a big downgrade from the last gold sweater, even if it is a throwback...
  6. chcarlson23

    NY Islanders Adidas Alt Redo

    I would fill in the "Isles" wordmark. Either orange with a white outline, or white with an orange outline, depending on how it would play with the numbers.
  7. chcarlson23

    Griff's First Sports Concepts (New York Baseball 1/32)

    I like the apple theme, but I don't know if Honeycrisps fits...
  8. chcarlson23

    The Whalers Return! Hurricanes Announce Epic Throwback Uniforms

    The only thing that would make this better is pucky...
  9. Well there's the Original, which was replaced in the 60's for being too fragile, and then there's the Presentation Cup, which is exactly as it sounds, and then the replica of the Hall of Fame that is put on display at the Hall of Fame, when the presentation Cup is gone. Like when Ovi is drunk in a pool or sleeping with it...
  10. chcarlson23

    Best looking matchups

    This would be good with pictures... My favorite is one that actually happens very rarely. The New York Rangers classic Blueshirt sweaters, vs the Boston Bruins current road set This matchup only happened because of no alternate jerseys. The Rangers usually wear their awful navy alternates when they play the Bruins, which is a shame, because of how beautiful of a home jersey they have. (They even wore their winter classic jerseys later in the last seasons against the Bruins... ?) Another that I like is the Minnesota Wild roads vs the Colorado Avalanche home sweaters!
  11. Well the Lombardi, Commissioner's, and Larry O' Brien trophies are made new every year. But there is only ONE Stanley Cup...
  12. chcarlson23

    NHL 2018-19

    The Gilmore jerseys are not better than the current jerseys, (Minus the socks, because the black socks suck...) The current jerseys have the right amount of yellow and black between both jerseys. The current road is a million times better than what they wore in the 70's-80's. This jersey has WAY too much yellow. The current has a much better color balance with the black and yellow when you compare it to the home. (The home with gold socks... It still sucks that they ditched that.)
  13. chcarlson23

    NHL 2018-19

    It might be a solid red base, with a gold top piece. (With Adidas, it's hardly striping) They might have gone with that route, because it will look better than a half and half collar with the correct stripes in the back. That being said, I think teasing it with a black gradient, and a black "C" make me think that it's going to be a black jersey. Or at least have black in it. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing something new... (That or the Flaming snot horse...)
  14. chcarlson23

    National Hockey Federation

    Well the only thing is that realistically a team is not going to go with a new pair of breezers for an away game. It would just be too much, plus the changes that you have on some are hardly a change, and don't need to be messed with...
  15. chcarlson23

    National Hockey Federation

    Well generally there’s only one pair of breezers, and the home for Boston would work just fine for the road. Think of the Blackhawks and their breezer stripes. Or the Oilers and Canucks. They all match the home sweater, but also fit really well with the road.