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  1. US Open (tennis) introduces new logo for their 50th!

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say that us open is a package delivering company with that logo... And apparently, a lowercase u and an s means the United States, and not you and me
  2. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    The St. Paul Civic Center had clear dasher boards till somewhere in the 90s... The reason they were replaced is the same reason why that clear forcefield idea won't fly... There's no space for advertisements...
  3. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    1. St.Louis 2. Chicago 3. Nashville
  4. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    I feel like the Wild's road jersey needs to have a little more red. Red numbers might be the best for that... I do like the rest of the changes though. The "M" shoulder patch is fantastic, and would work really well on the road jersey.
  5. Tampa Bay Lightning Tweak

    Socks should almost always match the jersey color. If the pants happen to match then it just works that way... (Some teams, like the Bruins or Ducks, look better with light color socks on a dark jersey) The blue alt looks better with blue socks, and the white jersey would look much better with white socks. Socks that match the breezers only look amateur, or like the team is suiting up for a practice...
  6. The Hockey Project

    The colors for the seabirds are terrible. There's no way that you'd be able to see the stripes from the upper deck on the dark jersey, and the names and numbers on the road would not be seen by anyone. They'd basically be playing in practice jerseys. I mean this could be a super cool series on the forum, but it's not starting off so good...
  7. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Stupid hockey is when your corsi sucks right?
  8. NHL 2017-18

    I was at a restaurant, and the game was on a TV a little ways from me, and it was near impossible to see the Leafs. I could see the Caps just fine, but every Leafs player disappeared into the ice...
  9. NHL 2017-18

    There's a lot of collars in the NHL that would be much better if they made minor tweaks and used the full collar. The few teams that use the full collars and matching Adidas pentagons actually look good. The Oilers and the Devils probably have the best collars in the league right now.
  10. The Battle of Seattle

    Don't forget the red gloves...
  11. Things like that, is why Minnesota Fans stop watching in real life lol...
  12. Sports-related dreams that happen IRL

    I mean you might not consider this sport, (and this wasn't in a competition or anything) but I had a dream when I was younger, (before I was able to have a gun in the tree stand) while on a hunting trip, that my father was going to shoot a buck while we were sitting in the stand together. The next morning, a huge buck did run up, but my father missed, and it ran off...
  13. Funniest Sports Logos

  14. NHL 2017-18

    They also don't currently have one. These would be much better shoulder patches than a smaller sabres-n-buffalo ones. The WC uniforms also reinforce the fact that royal blue and athletic gold is MUCH better than Navy and gold (which isn't a bad color scheme in itself) as a color scheme for the Sabres.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    The non-black green and gold N-star look from their 81' Cup run was their best look. It could have used some more S T R I P I N G C O N S I S T A N C Y, but it was much better than when they added black. (I disagree about the flames though. Their best sweaters were the set from 04'.) The Wild also could have used the roundel logo as a shoulder patch for the inaugural jerseys. That wouldn't have looked so dated. The Wild's two best sweaters are their inaugural white, (but not the Reebok edge version,) and their current road jersey. I'd say the last two alts. that they've had are next in line... The current home would be miles better if the chest stripe wrapped all the way around.