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  1. chcarlson23

    Major League Hockey: MLS/MLB/NFL/NBA Crossover (JAX Added!)

    The two-tone numbers and pants look great, but the jersey needs just a little bit more of gold. Think like the Knights with red...
  2. Minnetonka also looks great with their new home and roads... (Roads are the same, just flipped)
  3. Edina has updated their white homes, and separated the stripes, just like their green road jerseys. The women's team also has fantastic whites For being the most hated school in hockey, and maybe even in Minnesota, the Hornets are the best dressed team in the State...
  4. chcarlson23

    Unpopular Opinions

    This still hasn’t been updated by NHLuniforms, but the last season of those, the white jerseys had added green sleeve cuffs.
  5. Also will the colors of the all star sweaters change? Like if the North Jersey was the same design, and in white, but with Blue trim instead of red?
  6. chcarlson23

    NHL changes 2019-20

    A black jersey for the Wild would be awful... But everything else sounds intriguing for the Wild...
  7. chcarlson23

    Unpopular Opinions

    Who's praising the bumble-bee jerseys as the best of all time?
  8. That "ICE" wordmark seems like the kearning could be adjusted to almost form a "W"
  9. chcarlson23

    Fixing Minnesota Baseball (Twins and Saints)

    I actually think that the red-outlined-in-navy wordmarks for the powder blue Twins jersey looks better than the opposite. I'm also not a fan of the navy blue in the Saints identity. I don't think they need anything besides the light blue and white. The red numbers are much cooler now that I understand the history behind them!
  10. Will there ever be a current uniform page? Or with histories too?
  11. chcarlson23

    Fleet Farm New Logo

    Long time farm, hardwear, and outdoors franchise, gets a new logo. They were apparently bought out back in 2016, but just changed logos last July. I noticed it sometime during a Minnesota Wild game, that the logo on the dasher was much brighter. (Old) (New) I like the fact that the Fs have been separated, so you can tell it's a pair of Fs. I don't like that they ditched the silo cap above the F. The Silo is a staple of the store design, so unless they're planning on dropping those, it's a little odd. The new font feels also too Walmart-y, if that makes sense...
  12. chcarlson23

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    On January 12th, 2019, the Minnesota Wild hosted the Detroit Red Wings, in a game that shouldn’t have been very lopsided, but unfortunately the Minnesota Wild gave up after the first period, leading to a 5-2 loss on home ice. The fifth and final goal for the Red Wings was a hattrick goal by Bertuzzi where he got the puck in the corner, and simply walked to the front of the net and backhanded the puck past Dubnyk, while 3 players for the Wild just slowly skated back and watched him score...
  13. chcarlson23

    One tradition you NEVER want to change

    The current blue jersey should never change (except for that red pentagon on the collar). The style looks just as good today as it did in 1926... These jerseys look a little dated already...
  14. chcarlson23

    Hockey Concepts

    The name is also a little odd... Icefish is a verb, the act of fishing through ice, not an actual species of fish. (I mean there is actually one species, but it lives nowhere near Oakland.) It's a little too minor league...