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  1. I thought this one was a little better...
  2. No it was Shots: 31-9 Wild Score: 1-0 Blues... Go Perds though!
  3. I love the Wild look! A tail stripe on the alt would look a little better however... The star on the helmet is genius though!
  4. He must have been wrestling with teammates in the locker room...
  5. But that's not as good as being up 4-0...
  6. I'd use Finland, but match the chest stripe on the blue sweater with the white... I really like the standout red and gold crest...
  7. From what I've heard, the Wild won't be changing their road uniform. Which is a good thing... It's top 5 in the League...
  8. I just went to my first NBA game, and even though it was a meaningless Wolves-Lakers game, the crowd was pretty into it. I hated it... While part of it might have been because the Target Center is a mess, the whole thing just felt off... I get that they need to announce the name of the player who scored, but it was just odd... When the Wolves scored: "RICKY RUBIO!!!!!!" When the Lakers scored: "player last name" Usually it was so quick that I couldn't even tell what the name was. There's also music during gameplay, including more complex cheers on the scoreboard. Also, what's up with the floor wipers doing that during gameplay??? What is this, a rec league??? For the one game I attended, the floor wiper almost interfered with gameplay like 4 or 5 times... Imagine a game 7 winning, Finals winning dunk being tripped up by the broom... Also I agree with all of the people who say that the NBA has become just a sport about one player in particular... As someone who doesn't really follow the NBA, all I see the league as is Lebron vs. the Warriors. And the Warriors are just a nickname for the Big 3, Durant, Curry, and Thompson. That's really why I hate basketball. I mean the gameplay can be interesting, but it doesn't really get exciting... there's SO much scoring that every little point means almost nothing... It's not like pretty much every other sport, where they only get a few scores. Maybe they should make each game fit into a half hour segment... A 20-13 game would certainly be more interesting than a 117-83 game, where the last 5 minutes and the 2nd through 4th quarter don't matter... I also hate soccer because of the soft dives. The players and the fanbase know this, and yet it's waived off as acceptable. I'm not even trying to say that the players should continue to play with a terrible open broken bone, but have a sense of pride, and don't fake injuries for a call... Not to be THAT guy, but NHL players have gone through the playoffs when broken ribs, torn ACLs and MCLs, as well as breaking something, and finishing the shift, regardless of the score, so a little flick to the ear shouldn't seem like death...
  9. ????????? Don't you mean this?
  10. Fun fact: The Nashville Predators now have more goals and Wins in the Western Conference Finals than the Minnesota Wild
  11. They couldn't play the Preds in Nashville then...
  12. Stats from the Regular season don't seem to matter in the postseason, (See Washington and Minnesota) so I'll give Ottawa a little more credit, but I agree with Ice_Cap... Pittsburgh is just too good... Pens in 6 I also think the Predators are playing better than the Ducks right now, but Rinne did look a little shaky towards the end of the season, so that series depends on the play of Him... Preds in 7 is what I'm thinking though... SCF- Preds in 7
  13. More like they just kept the name when they moved... The North Stars were named after just that, the North Star, since Minnesota is nicknamed the North Star State...