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  1. nockdepaulson

    Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey Concept

    This is only my second concept and the first one I'm posting. I'd love to hear ways you think this design could improve. I always felt that despite having some exceptional logos, the Buffalo Sabers have always had lackluster unis. He's my concept for a new alternate jersey, because basically anything is better than their current one. I drew some inspiration from their vintage looking alternate from 2010-2011 and tried to combine in with a sleeker look from their buffa-slug days. I came up with the crest by combining a former shoulder patch, which I slightly re-colored and placed atop their traditional golden ring. Hope you dig it - Nick Empirical Designs
  2. nockdepaulson

    New England Patriots

    Don't love any of em, but I do enjoy the dark helmets and the two toned jerseys like they had in the 90s.
  3. nockdepaulson

    Stein Creative - MLB All Star Game logo

    F is my favorite, contrast of the colors meshs very well. C is a close second though!