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  1. You think it was difficult? I thought 3 out of 4 were very easy: Jim Brown - Arguably the greatest football player of all time. Civil Rights activist. LeBron James - Arguably a top 3 basketball player of all time. Arguably the most charitable athlete of all time. Bob Feller - Arguably the greatest right handed pitcher of all time. WWII war hero. In the 4th spot, I considered a few: Larry Doby - Broke the color barrier in the American League, 2 weeks after Jackie Robinson. Paul Brown - Arguably the greatest football coach of all time. The namesake for the most beloved team in town. Urban Meyer - Although not a "Clevelander," arguably one of the greatest college coaches of all time. Jesse Owens - 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Civil Rights activist. Stipe Miocic - UFC Champion and ties the record for most successful heavyweight defenses. Bernie Kosar - Although not a serious contender compared to others in the list, his cult hero reputation can't be ignored. The 4th spot, I initially was going to give it to Lary Doby or Paul Brown... but I think Jesse Owens is the correct 4th member.
  2. I don't recall. I didn't think it had to be this epic advancement like Vol. 1 was... but it seems like they just kinda made the movie and that was it.
  3. I got around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just before it was removed from local theaters. It was good but no where near the first one. They tried to do too much, instead of having a little bit go a long way. The first half of the movie had way too much Drax. The music wasn't nearly as great. Chris Prat/Star Lord wasn't nearly as charismatic. The shenanigans didn't live up to the first movie. And frankly, Kurt Russell did nothing for me... I think that was a casting error. Vol. 2 just seemed to lose much of its original charm. And I maybe mis-remembering, but it didn't seem to advance the overall MCU story arc at all, except for 14th credit scene, where they introduce Adam.
  4. I may be 2+ years late to the party... But I just finished Making a Murdered.
  5. Damn it all to hell. I was hoping for a Feather-C version for the classic look. I forgot the Cavs are a trainwreck dumpsterfire.
  6. Put me firmly in the gray camp.
  7. Eh. Even a half-azzed sunburst is better than no sunburst.
  8. No more sunburst, though. So, not sure how much of an upgrade it can possibly be...
  9. I would say overall upgrade. Some quick hits: I would have retained the Nike designed custom font and numerals. Matte blue helmet is fantastic. The new stripe is good, but not great. The super thin lines probably would have been better as 1 solid line. It just looks distracting... it actually reminds me of the Browns new uniforms with the colored stitching. Pants stripes are inexplicably truncated and tapered at the top.
  10. Did anyone else catch a patter on the numbers? Or was that just a weird clip?
  11. lol Disaster.
  12. Yeah but why is there just 1 helmet and 1 jersey just sitting on the field? Why does he just randomly throw it into the middle of the field? Why does he awkwardly rip the jersey? Why is it filmed so far away? Why does he then just walk away? It looks like a bad high school/elementary school project. I get I'm over thinking it... but it makes me NOT look forward to a uniform release... which has never been the case in my entire life.
  13. The whole video just doesn't make sense. I'm all for cleaning up their look... but this video... I don't get it.
  14. Watched Enemy of the State last night on Netflix. Not to get all political, but its crazy to think that movie was made 20 years ago, and at the time, was considered fiction and way ahead of its time. Looks like the joke was on us all along. It was really a fantastic movie. The ending left a little to be desired, but I think that's only because the body of the movie was so great, no matter the resolution, it wasn't going to live up to the rest of the film. I really enjoyed it. I remember seeing bits and parts here and there throughout life, but I was pretty young with this came out. I never saw the movie in its entirety. I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much then as I did now. Currents events obviously influenced my feelings on it. I also watched Escape from New York over the weekend. Not sure what it was about. It couldn't keep my interest, so I was on Twitter and Instagram for the majority of the movie. I'd be willing to actually watch it if someone gives me a solid recommendation. I'm not sure I agree with giving a numerical rating for movies. I feel like, when it comes to movies, its more of a, "was it entertaining," question, or, "is it worth watching," question. As such... CONCLUSION: Enemy of the State = Highly Recommended Escape from New York = N/A