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  1. This would be just about my idea scenario as well. Love, love, LOVED San Diego's left field since I was 18. I would use a historic building that cascades into the downtown skyline. I would insert the new InnerBelt Bridge of Cleveland instead of Roberto Clemente Bridge in the background of center field. The foreground of center field would have a Hall of Fame, similar to Progressive Field, with a wide open center field entrance. Then I would have some sort of waterfront in right field... nearly identical to what you have and could be achieved with the Cuyahoga River.
  2. I don't think I disagree. I just think the LeBron situation was incredibly unique... not just because he was from the area, but because he developed some mysterious injury, that he didn't know when it happened, and some of the best doctors in the world and the best technology money could buy, couldn't find anything wrong. In my opinion, he colluded with Wade, Bosh, and Pat Riley year prior and needed an out, so he made up an injury. Then the way he didn't call Gilbert or anyone from the organization, did the ESPN special, etc. But I digress... different conversation for a different thread. Either way, I agree. We too much expect 100% loyalty from athletes to our team/city, but then the second we can ship them off for a younger model... we push them out the door.
  3. I think its fine for players to explore free agency. I'm with you, the only measure in today's society is rings because the older generation doesn't want to believe that the game has gotten exponentially better since Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Kareem played. So the old guard pushes number of rings in order to be the "GOAT" but then bitch at guys who ring chase, i.e. LeBron, Durant. Its hypocrisy. However, the slave owner mentality, in my opinion, is a bit much. Not to get all PC social-lib on everyone, but I think its a poor comparison. My Libertarian side wants to say, yeah go do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, as long as its not hurting me or mines. But the sports fan in me goes - and maybe this is the LBJ/CLE bias - is Gilbert and the Cavs did everything the LeBron wanted, bent over backwards, paid record luxury tax (at the time), and then he bolts, leaving the organization high and dry with no assets, no draft picks, etc. So allow for a franchise tag, allow the Cavs to keep control for a year or 2, so they can at least accumulate some more draft picks and/or trade assets. Its mutually beneficial. The player gets a crazy salary and the owner/GM get a year or 2 to position themselves. I think its something that couldn't hurt to try for a couple years. If it improves the parity in the league AND gets guys paid... who can really complain?
  4. I think there are other options, while still expanding the league: You ALWAYS have rights to your draft picks. It counts against the salary cap but shouldn't count against luxury tax. You shouldn't be penalized for drafting and developing your own talent. In Oklahoma City's case, they should have been able to resign Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Ibaka, etc. without paying tax penalties on it. That would benefit the smaller markets. I think they need some sort of Franchise Tag, a la the NFL. It is based on a percentage of the salary cap. In order to benefit smaller markets, the first year tag would be luxury tax exempt. Year 2 would be 40% of the luxury tax, and year 3 would be full percentage.
  5. I guess I differentiate Super Teams. Its one thing for Oklahoma City, or pre-Durant-Golden State, who built everything through great drafting, player development, and minor free agent deals (Livingston, Iguodala). I even differentiate the Pierce-Garnett-Allen Celtic, because those were made through trades where the other teams actually got value. Its a completely different scenario when 3 top 15 players collude and join Miami up to make a super team. It's another thing with a the best player (LBJ back to CLE) and second best player (KD to GSW) in the league decide to leave their current teams for teams with better/younger/healthier cores, leaving their previous team with nothing.
  6. I laughed when I saw that too. The guy who originated the SuperTeam says he never played for one, any less 2. I've noticed LeBron has also been using a new crutch... "I dont believe in that." He has said it a few different times now. P.S. Cleve'jacked is a bit unfounded, since the thread is NBA Playoffs, the Finals just ended, and much of the Playoff narrative was Golden State v. Cleveland, Part 3.
  7. I like the bronze, only when its used sparingly or as a "logo color." I wouldn't even mind it as part of a 1 game per year additional color, as long as its not like this last year. The uniforms need to be somewhat consistent. The standard home and road are beautiful. The alt. green is a train wreck.
  8. Uhg. This guy. Go away. I mean... this is pretty badass. Hell, I know if there was a red one saying The Land rules the City... I'd have to buy 2 because I'd be wearing it so much. Side note... this may be the first piece of Adidas apparel/marketing that hasn't been nauseating rip offs of Nike stuff.
  9. On the shorts, why not make the front of the stripe gray, to reinforce the Washington Monument effect?
  10. You are more dense and pompous than I think we all have given you credit for. I know its hard to admit you are wrong. Don't worry, the internet doesn't forget.
  11. No. It goes back to the regular season. LeBron has an obsession with his stats... probably more so than anyone in the history of the league, besides Ricky Davis. There were a ton of regular season games over the last 3 years where the Cavs had healthy leads going into the second half and sometimes 20+ points in the 4th quarter. LeBron would refuse to come out of the game because he wanted to make sure he was getting his totals up. That's damaging for a few reasons: He continues to rack up minutes on his body. We sometimes forget he joined the league when he was 18 and has 3 additional seasons of basketball on his body, just from Playoffs. He was flat out gassed on defense this year, even in the Boston series. LBJ was terrible on D. It prevents other guys from getting minutes and potentially developing younger players. Role and bench players rely on LeBron always being there, so they don't learn how to close out games or play with their back against the wall. LeBron's free ranging prevents a true offensive system to every be implemented. It gets implemented as much as LeBron lets it. So role players who have talent and skill sets cant take full advantage because the offense is always geared towards LeBron being out there. Fast forward to the Playoffs... and the Cavs can't depend on many of their role players because they always relied on LeBron to just pick up the slack. We saw in these Finals, despite LeBrons ridiculous numbers, he was out of gas. He couldn't pick up the slack.
  12. Just some thoughts following The Finals: Golden State just outclasses Cleveland from top to bottom - from the Owner, to GM, to Head Coach, to assistant coaches, to starters, to the bench. Ty Lue probably should not be a NBA head coach. I wasn't a fan of him last year and he reinforced a lot of what my feelings were on him. He can't manage minutes. He can't put a rotation together. He is too loyal to old veterans. He can't make adjustments. Part of the reason the Cavs are where they are, is because of LeBron - both good and bad. LeBron forced the Cavs to pay Tristian Thompson and JR Smith way above market value. LeBron was a driving force to have an immediate salary cap jump to get guys paid. Convenient its the same time 2 of his friends and clients got paid. There is no "system" for the Cavs to be successful. LeBron's hunger for stats damages the Cavs bench and long term success. The narrative of the NBA for the last few years should probably be "Short cuts." LeBron left Cleveland to join Miami in hopes of taking a shortcut to 3 or 4 titles. LeBron came back to Cleveland in hopes to taking a short cut to another 2 or 3 titles (younger, healthier core). He hid behind the "I'm Coming Home," but LeBron traded in 2 guys in their late 20's/early 30's for 2 guys in their early 20's. Durant left Oklahoma City for a shortcut to a Title. I hate to say this, but in many way, Cleveland's title last year was a fluke. There were too many circumstances that had to go just perfect for the Cavs to win. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it 10/10 times. Between Games 6, 7, and the Parade, I made memories I will take with me forever. Cleveland fandom is plagued by lack of world view. Our fandom, for the most part, can't look at things objectively. If a national pundit picks against Cleveland, or says something that isn't complimentary of Cleveland or our team, they crap their pants. It happened this year with everyone picking GS, it happened last summer with Joe Buck and the Indians. Guys like @truepg just can't see things objectively. They have a constant homer bias but then blame other people for having a bias against Cleveland, even if they are just speaking objectively. Golden State has got to go down as one of the greatest teams of all time, if not the greatest. 73 wins have never happened before. 12-0, 13-0, 14-0, 15-0 never happened before. They show no signs of slowing up, especially if Curry and Durant stay true to their words. They have the best shooter of the next 20 years. The have the best scorer of the next 20 years. They have a Top 5 2-way player in the league. They have a perennial Defensive Player of the Year candidate, who doesn't care about anything except winning. They have a bench that just fills their role and a coach who can put them in their best positions to be successful. Although what Durant did WAS different than what LeBron did by joining the Warriors, it really is just splitting hairs. If you hate on Durant for going to GSW, you should hate on LeBron for going to MIA AND THEN returning to CLE. I think people try to rationalize, especially in Cleveland, hatred for Durant and love for LeBron. Fortunately or unfortunately for fans, we will probably see Golden State and Cleveland in the Finals at least 2 more years. I don't see a team in the East or West that can beat Golden State - assuming Curry returns - hell, even if he leaves. The only team that has a chance is Cleveland, and we all saw CLE has to play just about perfect to beat GSW. The Cavs don't have to do anything drastic if they are content with just making the Finals, even if Boston adds Paul George or Gordon Hayward. I think bringing in Carmello could potentially close SOME of the gap, if Melo would sign for cheap. Cavs should have let Jefferson retire last year. Korver, although his shooting was a "fit" for the Cavs, his total lack of defense was not a "fit." Cavs should try and trade Thompson and JR, but will be unlikely unless they include Love or Kyrie in the trade, as their salaries are inflated due to LeBron's pressure last off season. Comparing sports to common man is a lazy, straw man. The whole Durant leaving is just like any other common person leaving a company for a promotion and better coworkers at another company. Sports are different. They always will be different. The real sad story of this all is Oklahoma City. The incredible drafting OKC did over the last 10 years is nothing short of spectacular/staggering/other-worldly. They could have truly been a home grown dynasty for 10+ years. EDIT: Grammar and a few clarifications.
  13. I reserve comment until tomorrow morning.
  14. Somewhere in the first quarter, LeBron hit 2 consecutive free throws and TT had a rebound and a put back (he actually made the box score). I told the Golden State fans that it might just be our night.
  15. We were at Game 4 on Friday. It was a fantastic atmosphere. The crowd was electric - as I am sure most were able to pick up on TV. The section we were in was one of the sections that the Warriors bought up some tickets and flew employees in the marketing/sales/facilities/etc. departments. Classy move. I would say we were surrounded by 15 Warriors fans, the rest were Cavs. The Warriors fans were all very cool, very understanding - except for 2 people. 1 girl couldn't even tell you what sport they were playing on the court, but she knew that everything the Cavs did was wrong and a foul and everything the Warriors did was right and not a foul. The other guy was wearing a "CURRANT", #3.5 custom jersey. He was nauseating. He didn't make it through the first quarter. The rest of the GSW fans were great. We talked basketball, we talked where they were staying/eating at, we talked officiating, pace of play, coaches. I prefaced the start of the night that I was going to ride them all night and not to take it personally, but since they were up 3-0, I was allowed to give them crap. I also told them that if/when they take the lead in the game, or even win, I fully expect them to give it back to me and bust my chops. We all kept it clean, no cursing, no personal insults, it was a lot of fun... I hope they didn't think I was too annoying. I hope they had a great time, even though they literally just had enough time to get dinner and go to the game before they had to leave. What a great night. I don't think it changes anything in this series or changes Golden State's legacy in the "All Time" discussion. But man, it was great to show fight. The city looked great, the fans were great, and the team responded. I was proud of my team and my city.