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  1. Whatever you are on, I want some of it. I think we all want some of it.
  2. Not sure it goes 6.
  3. I'm sorry, but the Cavs' blue uniforms are one of the worst in the league. Worse than their home whites, worse than their alternate blacks.
  4. What happens if a team has 8 Championship that are recognized by the NFL, but aren't considered "Super Bowls"?
  5. I love when entities do this. How dumb can they be? Not only did they put a green logo on green turf, the primary backdrop for the logo is the darker shade of green, providing even less contrast.
  6. They got points for calling out the blue collar without actually referencing the blue collar town.
  7. RE: Utah New Uniforms: The jersey seems to be a massive upgrade - anything that god rid of those terrible shoulder caps would have been an upgrade. The pants seem to be a massive downgrade.
  8. TLDR; just looked at all the pretty fonts.
  9. Anyone else a little disappointed there wasn't any racist Cleveland Indians concept? Man, society really is getting soft.
  10. Subscribed.
  11. Wrong. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is people painting with broad strokes. Its one thing to have incredibly simple, classic, barren, iconic, consistent uniforms like Penn State or Alabama... where the uniform is just as much a part of their history as their name/colors/logos are (ONE helmet, ONE pair of pants, TWO jerseys). Its another thing when a team, who does not have an iconic look, takes a very nice uniform set - a set that is only a couple tweaks away from being fantastic - removes all the character from it, has 4 different helmets, 3 different pairs of pants, 3 different jerseys, and the colors don't match. There is a big, big difference.
  12. I didn't hate their uniforms last year. I think they just needed a stripe or 2 on the pants. I think the R/R/G and R/W/G is one of the best color combinations in CFB.
  13. ...except these uniforms.
  14. Why do the sleeve stripes look like Duck Tape?
  15. I really like the idea of the stripe pattern matching the old GT350 baseboard stripe. But it just seems boring. And not boring in a Colts or Packers way... just boring. I think its the font. They have a traditional stripe but then they have a modern, italic, rounded font. It just clashes. The gray also should have stayed pearl. The colors don't compliment each other well. Either way, still better than the Browns.