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  1. I'm sorry, but the Cavs' blue uniforms are one of the worst in the league. Worse than their home whites, worse than their alternate blacks.
  2. What happens if a team has 8 Championship that are recognized by the NFL, but aren't considered "Super Bowls"?
  3. I love when entities do this. How dumb can they be? Not only did they put a green logo on green turf, the primary backdrop for the logo is the darker shade of green, providing even less contrast.
  4. They got points for calling out the blue collar without actually referencing the blue collar town.
  5. RE: Utah New Uniforms: The jersey seems to be a massive upgrade - anything that god rid of those terrible shoulder caps would have been an upgrade. The pants seem to be a massive downgrade.
  6. TLDR; just looked at all the pretty fonts.
  7. Anyone else a little disappointed there wasn't any racist Cleveland Indians concept? Man, society really is getting soft.
  8. Subscribed.
  9. Wrong. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is people painting with broad strokes. Its one thing to have incredibly simple, classic, barren, iconic, consistent uniforms like Penn State or Alabama... where the uniform is just as much a part of their history as their name/colors/logos are (ONE helmet, ONE pair of pants, TWO jerseys). Its another thing when a team, who does not have an iconic look, takes a very nice uniform set - a set that is only a couple tweaks away from being fantastic - removes all the character from it, has 4 different helmets, 3 different pairs of pants, 3 different jerseys, and the colors don't match. There is a big, big difference.
  10. I didn't hate their uniforms last year. I think they just needed a stripe or 2 on the pants. I think the R/R/G and R/W/G is one of the best color combinations in CFB.
  11. ...except these uniforms.
  12. Why do the sleeve stripes look like Duck Tape?
  13. I really like the idea of the stripe pattern matching the old GT350 baseboard stripe. But it just seems boring. And not boring in a Colts or Packers way... just boring. I think its the font. They have a traditional stripe but then they have a modern, italic, rounded font. It just clashes. The gray also should have stayed pearl. The colors don't compliment each other well. Either way, still better than the Browns.
  14. Not sure what it is, but the logo seems to whimsical. There isn't enough rigidity. I think maybe the green star is what is causing that. That being said, I like the star, its a nice touch, I love that its worked into the seems of the ball, like the Wizards Washington Monument logo. I love lime green coming back into the set... although I think there is still way too much blue. And I think they missed an opportunity when they didn't hide any pine tree in the neck of the wolf.
  15. That template tho...
  16. The uniform they had previously wasn't terrible... they were much over rated. It needed improved, but this current set is a downgrade. The helmet is probably a net improvement, considering they made the stripe more prominent, improved the color pallet, and the brown face mask isn't terrible. The only downgrade is the pattern on the stripe. The problem is, they didn't take any aspects from the previous set that worked. The old uniform balanced all the colors more and was a nice 1:1 translation between home and away. The old set was just too boring, in my opinion. And not boring in a good way, in a Packers or Colts way. Orange and brown are a tough sell and the old uniforms fell short. They can easily find a happy medium between the old and the new.
  17. Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it (wordmark in shoulder stripe). Welcome to the club, Lions fans.
  18. The success of the new uniforms begins and ends with the striping. When a football team doesn't have a logo on their helmet, doesn't really have a wordmark or strong logo set in general... creating consistent striping was the right move. Feature the stripe. Make the stripe prominent. Unfortunately, they put a dumb pattern on the helmet stripe, they extended the shoulder stripes ridiculously far, and then - as almost to balance the shoulders - they truncated the pants stripes. They improved the color pallet and, in my opinion, the helmet was a lateral move (finish was excellent, brown facemask was a nice subtle modernization, increasing the stripe size worked, but the pattern ruined it). I think the browns pants are a nice addition (with the white jersey), and the return of the orange pants was necessary. Obviously, as has been stated 409899845 times, the contrast stitching should be removed. The drop shadow should be removed. The inconsistent font should be made uniform (use the custom Nike font that is used on the new wordmark). Numerals should have been white on the brown, and brown on the white. If they wanted to make CLEVELAND or NOB orange, I would have been fine with that. If they were dead set on having some MORE orange, they could have made the TV numbers orange, but that should/would have been it. The workmark on the pants needs to be removed. I don't even think the over sized CLEVELAND was an issue with the uniform, but combine that with everything else, and it was just another brick in the wall. Moving to a white helmet would be a huge miscalculation. I honestly can't think of a bigger blunder that organization could make from a brand stand point, except making the <B> logo a primary, or having the <B> within the organization in any capacity. Lastly, they need to hire a real design firm to design and develop a true brand. I think the emphasis should be on the stripe but there needs to be SOME sort of logo and some sort of consistency between the logos and uniforms. Looking to change the uniforms is great news. The only bad news is having to wait until 2020. The sooner, the better.
  19. Yes. Font needs to go. Shoulder caps should go. The angled stripe on the caps should go.
  20. Speaking of Christopher Nolan... just watch Memento on Netflix last night. Wow. Fantastic.
  21. Why is this a thing now? Cities with longer names were never an issue before, but now it seems franchises are trying their hardest to condense and reduce name size on jerseys. Its 2017, we have HD and 4K TV's, we can make out the letters.
  22. This is one of the worst logos in sports. Its straight from Microsoft clip art. The affection for this logo boggles the mind... especially on this forum.
  23. I can buy humidity to an extent, even if it has innate flaws of its own, that can get explained away with minimal effort. Its just like everything else, like fire proofing, it has limits. Maybe they are resistant to water to a certain parts per million or certain density or quantity. People tend to work in absolutes without basis or when the plot/universe doesn't establish absolutes. Its just like allergies. People can be allergic to an extent... that doesn't mean a small quantity sends them into anaphylactic shock. We don't even know if their planet has hydrogen on it. And just because they have traveled to a distant planet, doesn't mean they are hyper intelligent. The movie establishes that they struggle with menial tasks. Maybe they can manipulate black holes or quantum physics. That doesn't mean they are skilled artisans or craftsmen.
  24. Oh yeah, give me that matte finish helmet pleeeeease (looks at Michigan).