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  1. Hey y'all! I've never really posted a topic before, so I feel like I should introduce myself a bit. I'm FlyingLamprey (please feel free to shorten this however you like - FL, Lamprey, etc), and I've been a member of the CCSLC boards for about 2 years now (joined in August of 2014), though I haven't really posted a lot. I've mostly spent my time on the boards observing and commenting on other people's concepts, and I'd like to think that I've learned and improved a lot over the years. I've had quite a few ideas bouncing around in my head, and this August I decided that I would get around to actually posting some of these ideas somewhere. With that said, here's my first series! Soccer! I love soccer! Second favorite sport of mine behind baseball. I also love the World Cup! A great way to bring the world together behind one concept (and to get us Americans actually interested in it for a month!). So, it only seems fitting that my first concept series on the forums would be to make jerseys and some logos for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Simple enough, right? Before I get started, however, a few things to note: I will post two nations a day (going in alphabetical order), starting today and ending on November 6th, though there's always the chance that I'm too busy that day to post (in which case the two will be added to the next day's posts) Not only have I created 32 different home and clash kits, I have also changed 13 different logos. This is because the old ones were either so outdated or ugly that they needed SOMETHING different (it also helps me practice logo making, something my other series are going to rely heavily on). My choices for countries were made when I started this in August, so you may see some teams here that have already been eliminated from World Cup qualifying (hi Canada!) Team choices are FINAL. As we go along, you may notice that I've left out some more traditional teams in lieu of some more unorthodox teams. The reason for this is threefold: 1) Traditional powerhouses normally have logos that don't need to be changed and I wanted to be able to make some logos, 2) I find myself rooting for the underdog a lot (I had a blast cheering on Iceland and Wales during this summer's Euro tournament), and 3) I'm a hater. This will not change no matter how much you bug me about it, so please save us all the trouble and don't. Once the actual World Cup field is finalized, I might go through and create concepts for the teams that I missed, so you can look forward to that. Other than that, I've got nothing else to add. Huge thanks to @raysox for the amazing template, happening to have logos when I couldn't find them, and general support; and another huge thanks to @timberwolf for giving me feedback on some designs. Enjoy the series, and please post your thoughts and what could be changed! I am always looking to improve, so C&C is always appreciated! I'll be posting the first two teams immediately after this post. TEAMS (in alphabetical order): Argentina Australia Belgium (v2) Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt France Germany Iceland Iran (v2) Ireland Italy Japan New Zealand Nigeria Russia Scotland Slovenia South Africa South Korea Switzerland
  2. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Got a design that I like a lot, and I wanted to throw some colors by everyone. For the design itself, I used LA's connection to art deco to come up with a shape that is partially based off of the Eastern Columbia Building. Threw on an art deco font as well (Lemon/Milk) to wrap it all up. For colors, I came up with three ideas. The first uses the colors of LA's flag (green, gold, and red) on a dark grey background. Think of LA Galaxy's third kit from a couple of years ago. The second uses the midnight blue and silver that @raysox used to recolor the original concept. The third is an out-of-the-box look that puts together dark green, orange, and yellow. I'm sure there's a good marketing angle you could spin for each of them (the orange represents the oranges grown in the region, et al.), but I personally like the first one the most. Lemme know what you guys think!
  3. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Yeah, I've lived in LA for most of my life and I have never once referred to it as Tinseltown, so I'd say that something simple like Los Angeles CC would work perfectly fine. Another thing that I definitely want to avoid is Hollywood imagery, it gets really stale real quick. I've got some free time tonight so I'll be fooling around with a design involving art deco, which is a design style that I really like a lot that also has some connection to the city (that and we can't let Miami have an art deco logo for the millionth time).
  4. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    I'm totally good with @gswansea's option. My only note is that the text for "Club" doesn't feel centered in the banner, but other than that it looks great. I'd love to tweak mine but I'm going to be busy until after New Year's, so I think I'll withdraw my submission for Philly and focus on a different city once I have the time.
  5. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Did some brainstorming today and came up with this. It's got the shield and middle stripe of Philadelphia's coat of arms with a keystone, monogram, and wicket. I tried fooling around with other colors (I had a nice navy and cream look at one point), but I feel like this is the best combination I could come up with for this design.
  6. Macon Bacon Use Life Sized Jay Jackson Template to Unveil Uniforms

    I know I saw @raysox's used for the Malaysian national team recently, but they never ended up using said uniforms (no contrasting sleeves, and they went for black and bright yellow for home/white and royal for road).
  7. Various soccer concepts

    Looking good so far! I like what you've done with Hamburg - the diamond pattern works wonders on the home kit, and bringing back the half-and-half look was a good call for the clash. The third I do like (historical precedence is good!), but it feels a little too plain. It needs some sort of pattern to make it more exciting. Maybe a center stripe like the 2011-12 third kit, or maybe pinstripes like the Champions League winning kit from the 1982-83 season. I also really like what you did with Ajax - the black is untraditional but I think it looks great, and the black and green clash kit (despite looking a bit too similar to the old black kits the Sounders wore) looks great also. I'd love to see some sort of third kit for them - maybe a toned down version of the infamous 1989-90 away kit? Regardless, great work! Looking forward to any other teams you might design in the near future!
  8. MLS Kit Concepts

    Echoing the sentiment that the white strip should stick around, but I do like the gradient effect you made. Maybe a compromise of sorts? Try making a gradient that goes from red to white to navy. That way, you still get the traditional white stripe, but you can also keep your current ideas and add a new little twist. It should look like a funkier and darker version of the USMNT's bomb pop kits from '14. Regardless, it's a great design! And for Atlanta, thank you for switching the colors! That's the one complaint I have about their look, and this definitely improves it. And adding the gold pinstripes was another nice touch for sure. My one change would be to change the collar and sleeve cuffs to red, as that's something that I feel this jersey lacks. Or maybe you could add it by making the socks hoops? Anyways, you're doing great work, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for other teams!
  9. NWHL Concepts

    Glad you cleared that up on the Adidas stripes! For names, birds came to mind - some type of bird of prey for Winnipeg? (maybe Falcons? Osprey?) And for Chicago, maybe a different type of black "bird" to differentiate from the Blackhawks? Like maybe the Ravens or Magpies (not very black but a very unique name in the states nonetheless)? Non-bird options could be something else military-themed for Winnipeg (Bombers? Cavalry? Battalion?) and for Chicago... maybe something mythical to play off with the Sirens (Harpies comes to mind and while it's a little on the nose it just might work). I'm sure whatever you figure out will be great as always, though!
  10. NWHL Concepts

    Fantastic, all around! Any reason why Buffalo/Toronto/Pittsburgh don't have the adidas stripes on the side, or is that just an error? Beyond that, no complaints. The new logos you made are sleek (especially Detroit! Wow!) and the sponsors are all understated enough that it's not an eyesore like the WNBA or the European hockey leagues. Well done, class designs all around! Excited for the last few!
  11. Soccer 2017/18

    I really like the Arsenal clash kits, though I think that it'd be a lot better as a third kit. The Premier League has enough teams that wear red and/or white, so it'd be best if their clash was something that stood out a little more. Maybe something in yellow or blue? Those have been used pretty frequently by the team in recent years. That said, I do love the kit you currently have, the dark red is a very nice touch. No complaints about Everton either, the patterns you chose were very clean and excellent. Beyond that, I echo previous sentiments about the Spanish clubs (Barca's home is close but might need to be toned down, Madrid's clash needs something different - maybe swap the white for gold and give it a regal theme centered around the crown?). Good work so far, though! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.
  12. Dryden and Lawrence look great! And as a side note, you're very good at designing the logos for the universities, they're very realistic! You don't often see a tiger concept that doesn't use orange, but the gold really works well in all applications. The font you chose for the Tigers also works very well, it has this sort of timeless look to it (almost reminds me of the Steelers in a way? idk). I am curious - how did you make the cursive "Dryden" script? Lawrence looks great too - I was worried that having a coyote in red would make me think that it was a fox, but you've made it distinctly enough a coyote that it's not an issue. I also love the little addition with the added striping to the wordmarks (it kinda feels like that the J should also have it, though that could be because it's not a full serif). However, I'm not sure how I feel about the blue. It's a great idea in theory, but the problem is that it just looks like black. I'd try either making the blue lighter or sticking to just black, because this weird limbo kinda strains my eyes and brain. Beyond that, no complaints. Keep up the good work!
  13. Oklahoma City Thunder Logo Concept

    I'm a big fan of cream or off-white, so B, F, and H all look great in my books! It especially helps that the shade of cream that you chose matches very well with the shade of orange. My only concerns are that B uses navy (which I know you're trying to avoid, and rightfully so), F reminds me too much of Oklahoma State (don't know if you want that similarity), and the purple on H isn't quite speaking to me (plus, that's a little too close to what the Suns use currently). I'd put my top 4 at B, F, E, and H, although truthfully most of these would actually work. Great work as always, though!
  14. LA Galaxy Redesign

    That's a great look! I do like the current Galaxy logo, but this take on it is more unique - it actually reminds me of some Scandinavian logos, such as those from the Allsvenskan or Eliteserien. The uniforms look great too, an excellent twist on the traditional sash. The only thing that I'd change is in the "LA" - I feel like it'd look best if the tops were cut off to match the shape of the shield. That might also help you decide how to fix the slant of the L. Beyond that, no complaints!
  15. Well this is unfortunate for me, I was planning to do a California-based soccer league for my next project! Looks like I'll put that on the back burner and hatch another scheme. This is great though! I love how the league logo looks, and Burbank has a solid (and believable, that's the key here) identity and history! I can't wait to see what other concepts this series creates, so keep up the good work!
  16. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    TUNISIA This was another one of those situations that was a coin flip for me - Tunisia or DR Congo? I settled on Tunisia to make up for not including Algeria (not much of a make up, but whatever), and also because GOD THEY NEED A NEW LOGO THAT EAGLE IS HIDEOUS. First things first was to make a new logo. Not my greatest achievement, but I'm happy with it (and as I mentioned with Nigeria, BIRDS ARE HARD). A more militaristic-styled eagle sits behind a roundel with the Islamic star and crescent. While it can be used in a roundel (with text displaying the federation name in both Arabic and French), it would be used most commonly as just the eagle and crescent. For jerseys, the home is all-white with eagle wings on the lower half of the shirt. The clash is all-red with a tapered chest stripe that leads into the crescent and star. Puma takes over from Uhlsport as a celebration of their return to the World Cup (Puma made Tunisia's kits during the 2002 and 2006 World Cups), and the names are those of Saber Khalifa and Aymen Abdennour (whose name I misspelled on the jersey, will fix that soon).
  17. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    THAILAND My biggest mistake in this series wasn't choosing Egypt or Scotland or Slovenia. It was picking Thailand to win both third in their group and two playoff games. Here was my reasoning - they won their group in the second round of qualifying! They beat out teams like Iraq! And Vietnam! And even yeah okay Taiwan was awful BUT THEY BEAT THE TEAMS THEY NEEDED TO. That, and there's always some team or another that ends up in the World Cup that probably shouldn't belong (see also: Kuwait, Trinidad, etc.). So I thought that this success and past history could translate to the next round of qualifying and that they could beat out Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iraq again to get that playoff spot. Fast forward to today and oooooooh big mistake. They have a goal differential of -9 and their only point came from a weird and lucky draw against Australia. So, not great! After going back through the results, I saw the problem - Thailand ain't played nobody! Four wins and two draws in their group is shadowed by the fact that 1) both losses were to runner-up Iraq, who recently beat them 4-0, and 2) They had the advantage of not playing Indonesia, who got disqualified by FIFA for government tampering! The one good thing about this is that the team that Thailand beats in the AFC playoff? Uzbekistan! If I could go back and change this series, I would definitely have Uzbekistan in here instead of Thailand because they're doing... good? They were in the exact same situation as Thailand, but with the benefit of actually playing a full schedule and actually beating their second-place team (North Korea). And they've translated that into actual success! Losses to South Korea and Iran are nothing to be ashamed about, and they've gone and beaten the teams that they need to beat in Qatar, China, and Syria. This could conceivably happen! I mean yes they'll still need to beat one other AFC team and the 4th-place CONCACAF team, but it could happen! Enough reflecting on that, though, let's focus on my mistake of including Thailand. Their logo is... on the right track, shall we say. I like parts of it, but mmmmmmmm that elephant doesn't look good. So I took parts of it (the shield shape, the cut-off flag, etc.) and added some new touches (the elephant now walks on a sash containing the country's name). For the jerseys, I wanted to copy what I did with New Zealand and include "old" Nike teamwear. The home matches the special sleeve look that all the prominent teams are rocking this year - a red shirt with white accents and red-and-blue sleeves paired with red shorts and white socks. The clash is an emulation of the third kits all the big Nike clubs are currently wearing. A deep dark blue goes in a stripe gradient to a less dark blue in the shorts and socks with yellow accents. I'm aware it's close to Corinthians, but I didn't even notice until after the fact, so whatever! Instead of the unusual choice of Grand Sport for the jerseys, I figured that Thailand making a World Cup would cause them to splurge on a bigger contract, hence Nike. The names on the back? Unknown to me before this series! Teerasil Dangda and Teerathon Bunmathan!
  18. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    SWITZERLAND The Swiss are in this series after a successful last couple of years. Round of 16 finishes in both the 2014 World Cup (ending with a 1-0 loss to eventual runners-up Argentina) and Euro 2016 (a PK loss to Poland) are nothing to laugh at, and Switzerland hasn't slowed down since then. Four games in their qualifying group have turned into four wins against Portugal, Hungary, Faroe Islands, and Andorra. Pretty good! For identity, I went very simplified with the look. Their current logo is less than satisfactory, so I went and whipped up something simple. The Swiss cross is set in a roundel with "Swiss Football Association" written in English and the abbreviations for the federation in German (SFV) and French (ASF) Simple enough! The jerseys continue this simplicity, as well as the Swiss tradition of not really having the federation logo front and center. Instead of using the flag like has been done in the past, however, I elected to go for the coat of arms (which is the same thing really, just a different shape). The home jersey is red and features a gradient chest stripe that goes from white to red to white. This is paired with white shorts and red socks. The clash kit is a reverse of the colors of the home kit, with the main feature being the thick pinstriped hoops featured on the shirt and socks. This was supposed to mimic the clash kit from this summer's Euro tournament. Puma sticks around as kit provider, and Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri.
  19. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    Thanks everyone! Rolling along with two more teams today! SOUTH KOREA One of Asia's most successful teams would have to be South Korea. They've been in the top 3 in 10 of the 16 Asian Cups and have qualified for eight straight World Cups, including a 4th place finish when they hosted it with Japan in 2002. So it was an easy decision to include them in this series. I had them finishing second in their group behind Iran, and so far so good! Victories against Uzbekistan, Qatar, and China, along with a tie to Syria and a loss to Iran, have them sitting comfortably in second place, and I'm confident they can hold that course. For designs, there's not much to say. The logo stays the same, as it's a good look and doesn't need any big fixes. The home kit has a red shirt (a darker red than normal) with sublimated angled stripes, paired with white shorts and red socks. The clash is an all-blue kit with sublimated tiger stripes on the sleeves. The only other thing worth noting is the interesting NOB system I created. The family name is the main focus, with the given name in a smaller size. Nike stay on board as the kit manufacturer, and the players are Son Heung-min and Hwang Ui-jo.
  20. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    SOUTH AFRICA Bafana Bafana! Yes, South Africa is in this series, if only because who else makes it out of their group? Looking at the collection of South Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Cape Verde, I decided that South Africa was most likely to make it out. And it's worked out well so far! Being tied for first is pretty good! Ignore that they're tied with a different team than I expected (Burkina Faso instead of Senegal), but not bad! Good thing about this is that I get to give them a new logo! Hallelujah! I took inspiration from the secondary logo that's on their kits along with the normal logo. A king protea, the national flower of South Africa, is centered around curved text ("Republic of South Africa" and "Bafana Bafana"). The coloration is a little weird, so lemme break this down. On white, the order of colors on the flower from top to bottom is yellow, light green, and dark green; on yellow, the top becomes white; on light green, white is on top and yellow in the middle; on dark green, it's the same as light green but with light green on the bottom instead of dark green. Simple enough, right? The kits follow a tried-and-true RSA tactic: yellow and green! I went with a lighter green to distinguish themselves from 1) Australia and 2) the rest of RSA's national teams. The home kit is traditional yellow/green/yellow, and the clash is the reverse. The only thing worth noting is the center stripe. It's a Zulu pattern! Just a little fun something that Bafana Bafana could really adapt as their own thing. Nike stays on as kit manufacturer, and the names are those of Sibusiso Vilakazi and Mandla Masango.
  21. NeatO Gang MLB Color Rush (24. Minnesota Twins)

    This is great! I especially love the work done with the Royals and Astros - the throwback look for KC feels appropriate (the patch really sells that!), and the tequila sunrise isn't super overbearing. I can only think of one potential thing to change - with the Pirates, did you try a yellow cap? I do love their regular cap, but I'm curious to see if a yellow cap would be better. Kind of like this old Jacksonville Suns cap ([20292697],c[2],w[400],h[300]&call=url[file:product]). It's totally great as is, though, so don't feel obligated to change it. Regardless, I'm super excited to see what teams like the Dbacks and Mariners and Marlins will look like. Keep up the great work, everyone!
  22. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    Sorry for the long delay, everyone! Classes got busy real fast, and I haven't had a chance to post for a week and a half. I wish I could've given you warning ahead of time, but the past is in the past, and I'm so close to being done with this series! I'm going back to my regular schedule of "two teams a day", and with eight countries remaining, this'll all be over by Thursday! With that said, let's pick things up where they left off! SLOVENIA It always seems that there's always one or two Balkan countries in every World Cup, and who am I to discontinue that streak? Bulgaria was the first Balkan, and now Slovenia is the second! Yes, it seems weird to have Slovenia over traditional powerhouses like Croatia, Serbia, etc. But here's my reasoning - they have cool colors. My series, my rules! The identity of the team is unsatisfactory at the moment, so I went and gave them a huge overhaul. The logo is completely different - the weird circle cross is gone. In its place is something based more on the country's coat of arms. A blue-and-white shield has a light-blue-and-blue mountain pattern (based off the mountains in the coat of arms), the initials of the federation, three six-pointed stars (also from the coat of arms), and the country's name in Slovenian. The removal of red for light blue was intentional - I know that tradition says that RWB is the clean look for Slovenia, but I'm tired of Eastern European teams using red, white, and blue, so I elected to add the light blue they've been using as of late. I also used a lowecase font to give them this modern look which the team has embraced as of late. Speaking of modern, the jerseys are very, very, VERY unconventional, so I hope you like modern looks! The home kit is the simpler of the two - a mountain center stripe in blue and light blue that surrounds the front number is the defining feature on a white shirt. This is paired with blue shorts and white socks. The clash kit is the real doozy here. Green is the dominant color, being the main color of the jersey and shorts and being brought back from previous Slovenia kits. The accents for the green are light blue. The sleeves are the real crazy part though. A zig-zag mountain pattern in a light green and light blue gradient is a hell of an eyesore, but I'm very proud of it. Oh yeah, it's on the socks too! It's a lot harder to see, but the mountain gradient transitions to light blue socks. Nike is the kit creator, and the names are those of Andraž Kirm and Rene Khrin.
  23. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    Nah, you don't need to send it. Thanks for the offer though!
  24. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    SCOTLAND You ever think about the mistakes you make? I do, often! Here's one of them - putting Scotland in this series! Yes, I've gone and made the mistake of putting Scotland, a team who is definitely not on a rise (they were the only one of the Home Nations plus Ireland to not make it into the Euros), and while doing research on them I came to the conclusion that I didn't know any of their players! And early returns on qualifying are less than satisfactory. After cruising by Malta, a tie to Lithuania and a 3-0 loss to Slovakia have the Scotts sitting in 4th in their group. Not great! So, let's say that Scotland does the impossible and comes back to win second in their group AND a playoff spot. What happens? Well, the good news is that they won't need to change the logo - it's already good! For jerseys, I had a thought - why not some tartan? Sure, the current home kit has a "tartan" pattern, but it's just teamwear, as the Bosnian national team has the same pattern as well. So I went and did some research, and I discovered some interesting things. For one, the UK has an official tartan registry! That's cute and awesome! And second (and more important), the Scottish Football Association has its own official tartan! Check it out at (and look up the tartans of other clubs, it's fascinating!). So naturally, I went and put that tartan on the home shirt! It's a little hard to pick out, sure, but I like it! The navy shirt is paired with traditional white shorts and navy socks. The history of Scotland's clash kits is that there is no history! Everything from yellow to white to purple to green to light blue to red to salmon to pink to black has been used by the team, so it was up to me to create something new and unique for them. I ended up settling on a white shirt with purple accents and a sublimated pattern of thistle taken from the team's logo. Purple shorts and white socks complete the look, and I gotta say, it's a pretty clean look! Adidas remains as the manufacturer, and the names that I included and didn't know before doing this series are those of Darren Fletcher of WBA and Alan Hutton of Villa.
  25. 2018 World Cup Concept Series (Nov 15, KOR & SUI)

    RUSSIA Finally, we've gotten to the hosts! Russia will be hosting the next World Cup, and as such I kind of don't really have a say in whether they make it or not! For what it's worth, I probably would've included them in the series, but who would've known where they'd be drawn? Regardless, they're here, and they save me the trouble of having to explain qualifying for them. I can just jump right in! I went for a more traditional look for the Russians for sure. The federation logo stays the same, and so does the tradition of putting the Russian coat of arms on the jersey. However, the kits are where I'm most proud with this team. The home kit is traditional all-maroon with gold accents. The chest carries an odd angular pattern that has a weird history - it started as tapering pinstripes meant to represent rocket imagery, I tried flipping some of them, did some rotations, and suddenly you have a cool pattern! Yes, a cool pattern that's now at about 3 or 4 degrees of separation from the original inspiration, but a cool pattern nonetheless! It's simple and to the point. The clash has multiple inspirations, so buckle down. The color scheme of white/blue/red is inspired after some of Russia's historical kits (see basically the entire 90's, 2006-07 clash kit, and 2016 clash kit), the blue sash references the 2012-13 kits, and the gradient effect in the middle (which I'm SUPER happy with btw!) hearkens back to the 2014-15 clash kit (as well as the pre-match jerseys from this summer's Euro tournament). Adidas sticks around for the manufacturer, and the names are those of people I've definitely never heard of before this series (Vasili Berezutski and Artem Dzyuba).