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  1. SI Covers

    Back at it with my fantasy football leagues. I did up a Sports Illustrated cover for the league. For those of you on here that are under the age of 30, Sports Illustrated was a popular sports magazine that many fans used to subscribe to. For those of you under the age of 25, a magazine is like a book and instead of being able to get all of your content instantly you had to wait for every Thursday before you could read your favorite columnist.
  2. 3D Stuff - Added Flag Animation

    Every year for my fantasy football league, I try to make a loop of teams that beat one another so that the circle never goes unbroken. The last team lost their first game, and the circle is complete. I will say this output is slightly better if you can view it in a continuous loop, but I was unable to find that feature on YouTube.
  3. A small suggestion to take your work to the next level - when you put your logos on real life helmets, try to clean up the areas of the helmets where equipment is blocking the logo. On your latest Myrmidons logo, part of the logo is completely off the helmet and part of the logo is showing up over top of the chin strap.
  4. Football Smoke Banner

    and FTR: I'm aware that Riddell is backwards on the one helmet. Could not for the life of me find which layer of the template that was located.
  5. Football Smoke Banner

    I should really finish my other projects before I start a new one, but with NFL (and more importantly fantasy football) starting tomorrow, my want-to-do's get shuffled around a little bit. The usual caveats about how I don't make my own logos, but rather posting the concept of the banner itself.
  6. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    I used to dabble in race car designs back in the day on simracingdesign. This is giving me the itch again. Very nice work on all of these. The interstate one is a thing of beauty. Can I ask what program you use to do the 3d renders?
  7. Georgia Tech Adidas Concept

    Man, I must have (rightfully so) blocked that from my memory
  8. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Keep this up. I'm loving the Rockets logo. Although, I was hoping never to see those gradient Hawks jerseys ever again.
  9. Current NBA Courts Tweaked

    That Timberwolves court is definitely unique
  10. Georgia Tech Adidas Concept

    I know you have the honeycomb pattern on the helmet, but with a name like the Yellow Jackets, I think I would like to see more of that somewhere on here. And are the jerseys supposed to be gray, or is that just the template? Besides those minor criticisms, a very solid and clean concept.
  11. NFL Uniform Concepts

    Love the Texans' pants stripe, and agree with sentiments about awesome presentation. Cardinals isn't quite as strong IMO. I definitely get a 49ers vibe out of those jerseys. Those tan pants just don't do it for me. Keep those red or white (or maybe even black?!?!?!) and I'd be much more on board.
  12. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    That Sonics logo is fantastic
  13. GTA Style Banner

  14. GTA Style Banner

    Weird. No joke that about 90% of the pictures on Google have them in yellow. Glad you like.