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  1. Try experimenting a little bit more. Every jersey looks exactly the same except the color and logo being used. They all have the same types of stripes (except just a couple sets of socks), the same general two-toned hat, the logos in the exact same spot, and the exact same number font. At the very least use a different number than 23 every single time. There's just not a lot to these jerseys.
  2. This. Yes.
  3. Fantasy Football Edits

    For one of my leagues, I put together the D12 Showdown each year (well, the past 2 years anyway) that's a single elimination tournament pitting each owner in the league against each other. Here is the most recent episode. There were 7 episodes last year. Five so far this year, with 2 more to go. Obviously, this isn't really a CONCEPT, but thought I'd share some of the extra stuff I do in my leagues. If you want to check out the other ones, just search "D12 Showdown Eric Helmholdt" and they should all pop up.
  4. I think I would like the pewter shackles better if it wasn't on a pewter background. IMO, the silver looks better here.
  5. RBI Baseball

    Also a huge fan of this game. In fact, these are our softball shirts for this year.
  6. RBI Baseball
  7. RBI Baseball

    They do update Tecmo Super Bowl every year, FYI. I'll see once if I can find the info.
  8. Friar Logo Advice

    Cannot unsee
  9. I am always super fascinated with hand drawn mockups. Your attention to detail and final products are simply amazing.
  10. That helmet is really cool. I'm assuming it's a mini-helmet? Could you explain briefly the process you use to make those?
  11. NCAA court database

    Was this really their court?!?!? Oof.
  12. LIU Brooklyn Redesign

    It's not a bad logo overall. It does NOT look like a bird though.
  13. There's something slightly off about the mouth too. The way it meets the nose and the beard, it looks like he's doing duck lips.