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  1. Well, I was pretty close on the numbers. I like what they did, especially the blue pants.
  2. These are some of the best concepts I've seen in a long time on here. The template is awesome. The lines are crisp. It looks very realistic and something that could actually be worn. Overall, just outstanding work.
  3. I will keep all of the maps I do in my other thread. Here, when I feel the push to do something different, I will post here. First up is a Championship Game Wallpaper. I wanted to put the Final Four logo in here, but couldn't find a spot to make it work without looking too cluttered. C and C always welcomed.
  4. I'm going to go ahead and call it a night with this one. Only mapped the states that have a school in them. Deviated from the normal gray-mirror for map and instead went with a whiter color and differentiated between the stats. I think I like this setup a little bit better.
  5. embrace the gold

    Are they rumored to add gold, or was that a personal choice? It's tough to combine gold and silver (IMO), but despite that, I really like what you did here.
  6. I'm diggin the Hornets gradient. Very nice job.
  7. Started with the B1G Ten (since I root for Sparty). I don't love the glow completely and I have a lot of work ahead to get it perfect, but I am really satisfied with the reflections and how the logos turned out on here. Let me know your thoughts.
  8. These are 2 of my fantasy football leagues I'm in
  9. I should start by saying that I'm not very creative when it comes to creating logos from scratch. A lot of these that I've used are simple recolorings that I will never claim as my own and typically just post these to our leagues' Facebook pages. Most of these were just found on Google and recolored. I don't want to claim any ownership over any of the logos. Now that I got that out of the way, something that I've done for my fantasy leagues, and something I hope to continue to do for real life leagues is create 3d maps that shows the location of each team. I will probably start with the professional sports and then move onto college conferences. If there's one that you really want to see earlier rather than later, let me know and I'll see once what I can do. #eastcoastbias
  10. Must be the different angle on the right side? They are the same, which doesn't matter anymore because I got rid of that line. The final product:
  11. Lemon/milk is a non-for-commercial-use font as far as I can tell (and you were right - it looked fantastic, other than I didn't like the corners of the N compared to the logo). Anyway, I've tightened up everything and made a "blue-print" version of the logo. He is still deciding on which font (that is, I'm getting 0 feedback on that front).
  12. whoops, I forgot to close the gap on the "D". Oh well - it's going to get changed eventually anyway
  13. Already on that wavelength (I don't like the font, it's more of a placeholder right now). Again, this is still very rough. Once I get the general idea, I will come back through and tighten everything up.
  14. I also tried doing a perspective type of logo (again - very very rough first draft), but didn't like the feel of this near as much.
  15. He does remodel work. The company name is Nieuwremodel LLC (Nieuw comes from his last name). This is far from a finalized product, but I'm hoping to incorporate an N into a house. I haven't spent hardly any time putting this together and need to for sure tighten up some things including making sure all lines are equal weight and probably bold up the lines quite a bit, but this is what I have so far (keeping it simple):