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  1. ???
  2. I just made an approximately 1 minute long animation with the Big Ten map and started the render about 20 minutes ago. It should be done in 28 hours. That is NOT a typo. Heading off to camping soon and hopefully it will be done with no hiccups by the time I get home on Sunday.
  3. Here ya go...
  4. I think you did a great job with these. There's no need to overthink them and what you have is very straight forward and very clean. Would definitely buy that alternate.
  5. What colors?
  6. I put Doctson in instead of White. It's an easy switch if it needs to be done.
  7. Who's White?
  8. Twins done. Two to go.
  9. Oh, and FWIW, I wanted to put Howard and DeSean on there instead of Brate and VJax, but they obviously don't have any images of them in Bucs jerseys yet
  10. @FightingGoldenDevil - see my message that I sent @TheBigBuc - enjoy
  11. Which team would you MOST want done? (And if it's the Wild, you might need to tell me which 9 players you would want me to use.)
  12. Talked me right into it. Starting in the crowded northeast.
  13. Here ya go. Enjoy.
  14. Yup. I could probably do that. Might be early next week. I'll keep ya posted.