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  1. Must be the different angle on the right side? They are the same, which doesn't matter anymore because I got rid of that line. The final product:
  2. Lemon/milk is a non-for-commercial-use font as far as I can tell (and you were right - it looked fantastic, other than I didn't like the corners of the N compared to the logo). Anyway, I've tightened up everything and made a "blue-print" version of the logo. He is still deciding on which font (that is, I'm getting 0 feedback on that front).
  3. whoops, I forgot to close the gap on the "D". Oh well - it's going to get changed eventually anyway
  4. Already on that wavelength (I don't like the font, it's more of a placeholder right now). Again, this is still very rough. Once I get the general idea, I will come back through and tighten everything up.
  5. I also tried doing a perspective type of logo (again - very very rough first draft), but didn't like the feel of this near as much.
  6. He does remodel work. The company name is Nieuwremodel LLC (Nieuw comes from his last name). This is far from a finalized product, but I'm hoping to incorporate an N into a house. I haven't spent hardly any time putting this together and need to for sure tighten up some things including making sure all lines are equal weight and probably bold up the lines quite a bit, but this is what I have so far (keeping it simple):
  7. Nope. He hasn't told me what he is exactly looking for yet. I was trying to do a little bit of research ahead of time so that I didn't get done with my project and need to change everything up (though I realize that changing a font probably isn't the end of the world).
  8. A friend of mine is starting his own company and has asked me to create a logo for him. Are there certain types of fonts that I can and cannot use in the creation of his logo?
  9. I use these to do my mock drafts for our rookies for my dynasty league. Last year I was sick and laid up for about a week straight that I did cards for every player on every team in the league. Most years I just do rookies and my own team as I get more enjoyment out of them than anyone else in my leagues.
  10. I know that the fact this got 0 replies should tell me all I need to know on this, but was curious, if this was worth posting the .psd anywhere.
  11. I do football cards for my fantasy leagues. Most of the logos are recolorings from what I've found on Google or used with permission from the rightful owner. I do not claim all logos as my own. I used some old football/baseball cards as my baseline for these. 2014 2015 2016 2017
  12. I hate Kobe, but that is my favorite one yet
  13. Any time I see that you've posted a new logo, a rush of excitement and jealousy comes over me every single time and you never disappoint. Freaking fantastic job, as always.
  14. 3rd one
  15. Updates Moved numbers from shoulders to sleeves Added shoulder stripe to match pants stripe Updated numbers to the new ones I created Widened the helmet stripe Home Away with blue pants (I still dig these - I don't care what y'all say ) Away with silver pants (for the traditionalists) Color Rush