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  1. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    That Sonics logo is fantastic
  2. GTA Style Banner

    Weird. No joke that about 90% of the pictures on Google have them in yellow. Glad you like.
  3. GTA Style Banner

    Do the Preds wear yellow at about 95% of their games?
  4. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    these are all fantastic - a definite unique take
  5. GTA Style Banner

    Couldn't find Alshon, but fit the rest in.
  6. GTA Style Banner

  7. NHL Football Uniform Designs *Atlantic Division Added*

    While I appreciate what you are trying to do with the presentation, IMO the pants need to be brought to the forefront a little bit. They kind of get lost hanging out on the edges. That being said, I love the template, and the work you've done here is solid.
  8. GTA Style Banner

    Indians is next on my to-do list. Hopefully those of you that I've completed for are using these proudly as a desktop background or something. For those of you requesting, with your request please tell me which 9 players you would like used for the output (preferably in order of most prominent to least). I could probably come up with some sort of list, but I just ask you to do that and the process goes a LOT quicker. Thanks
  9. GTA Style Banner

    Sure thing.
  10. 3D Stuff - Added Flag Animation

    Most of these logos are a simple recoloring of others work. I don't claim ownership of those. Just wanted to show off some flag waving.
  11. High School logo redesign NCHS Panthers

    This is amazing
  12. GTA Style Banner

  13. 3D Stuff - Added Flag Animation

    I've made minor progress on this. Man, the northeast is crowded (still need Boston and Montreal).
  14. GTA Style Banner

    Sorry for the delay/lack of response. I've been pretty busy with teaching summer classes, kids, and other family festivities. I will try to get to all requests soonish.