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    Hey Kyle


    Found this on a google image search. Need to know if you have a desire to use this for your main logo for the avatar that I will make for your team. I'm not crazy about the font but It is your call. This could also be a secondary or tertiary logo.


    Found this5985fa465a530_MooseKnucklesuniconcept.png.68910810be13df9957a5ca2998675d68.png

     Created this



    Here is what I have created as a look for away team jersey. Give me your thoughts so I can get your team designed. You will have a Home, Away, and Alt concept that will be part of your owner profile.



    Also refresh my memory on the Canadian city/province that you chose.




    1. kcoslett17


      Hey, that'll work on all accounts. And it was shawinigan 

    2. The Nati MacDaddy

      The Nati MacDaddy

      Cool I am working on some other things for my fantasy football league but I will try to get some other things done so you can give me your feedback. The League website is being prepped by ESPN right now so you can't view anything yet. Can I get a face pick of you wearing a baseball/hockey cap. I will use it for your team profile after I photoshop it to make it fit the look of the Shawinigan Moose Knuckles. Love It!

  2. Funny NFL Fantasy League Concepts

    Here is one that uses a slogan from the UPS advertising campaign. I think this one delivers.
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    First Post for 2017 involves a player who had a great rookie season in Dallas and is now Big D's Future
  4. Marvel Comic's Heroes Fantasy League Concept

    Here is the first villain concept for the Simply Marvelous Fantasy League as suggested by ZEGH82 in a private message. Here is my take on Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy Thought that an incentive sticker would be appropriate so I went with Infinity Let me know how I did. I am open to your cc to help move this concept forward. I don't know if I like the team name. Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. Marvel Comic's Heroes Fantasy League Concept

    Been away from this topic for quite some time and wanted to get back into some new concepts. I'll start with Hawkeye. Give me all the CC you can thanks.
  6. DC Comics Fantasy League Helmets

    Next up is Wonder Woman
  7. DC Comics Fantasy League Helmets

    Been away from this topic for quite some time but wanted to revisit it with some new concepts starting with Hawkman.
  8. We Will Rock You FFL (Collaboration)

    Here is the first NAC team entry "The Mighty Van Halen" helmet views word mark and finally the Uni combos
  9. Fantasy Hockey that looks legit

    Just finished the second season of Ice Breakers FHL and wanted to get some feedback on some of the Jersey swaps that I made for the various trophy winners of the 2017 season. I am getting better at using Adobe photoshop 7.0 but welcome any tricks or techniques that some of you may use to create a more realistic look to the photo. I find that the hardest thing for me to do is warp, distort, and skew fantasy logos onto the Jersey itself. Any thoughts on how to achieve a more realistic look are welcome.
  10. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    Yes, looks nice. Might also look nice on the helmet stripe. Try it and see if you like it.
  11. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    On this one I would taper the pant stripe like you are doing with the helmet stripe. You might experiment with rotating the jet on the pants to straight up and down and have white vapor trails coming from the exhaust. Just a thought.
  12. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    Just had a thought. I think this could help with the uni design. Add a green outline to both the pant stripe and the rib striping of the shirt. Incorporate the Conquistador helmet only logo on the hip area of the pant stripe or the shoulder pads. Post it and I'll see if it helps.
  13. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    Minneapolis Snow Leopards by far the best helmet logo followed by the Spaniards. Best Uni concept is close but I give the Jets the win over the Spaniards.
  14. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    Yep I'm liking this more. Add more thickness to the Green outline on the wording and I think it's a winner.
  15. Help with My Fantasy Football League (ULFF Round 1)

    A bit better. The football/tater seems too squished IMO. Maybe Lasso it with a square tool and push the sides in to make it look rounder. Hopefully It won't make the outline jagged or alter the wording too much. Just a thought. I would like to see what the wording looks like in yellow with a green outline. Lose the thin black lines on the top and bottom of the wording and resize the wording a bit larger. I'll look at it and see if it improves it. If not you can always keep it the same.