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  1. We Will Rock You FFL

    I had some fun with Kiss and went outside the box a bit with the spiked shoulder pads, dragon shoes, and Gene Simmons mouthpiece. I also attempted to make the pants look like leather.
  2. We Will Rock You FFL

    I give you the 7th team of the NAC "Kiss" I just noticed that I forgot to add the round helmet stickers to the back view of the helmet. I'll fix it later.
  3. We Will Rock You FFL

    Been busy on other projects but now I have the next two teams ready for your critique. I'll begin with the 7th team in the UKC. I now present "Whitesnake"
  4. We Will Rock You FFL

    Wow never thought of that color scheme. It has an appeal for the band members who are from Houston though.
  5. We Will Rock You FFL

    I'll try the black socks suggestion. Thanks. I found this on google. It must have been a one time deal on Color wash Thursday Night game.
  6. We Will Rock You FFL

    And now I give you ZZ Top the 6th entry into the NAC. I am using two shades of red (Eliminator Red and Washington Redskin Maroon). I stayed with the Redskin color scheme on the uniforms with a few tweaks to the shoulder and pant striping. Let's see what you think.
  7. We Will Rock You FFL

    Want to get these next two concepts out for your input. The 6th team to join the UKC is Black Sabbath. I stayed with the red and black color scheme and tweaked the fallen angel logo to kind of resemble the design elements of the Atlanta Falcons current helmet logo. How did I do?
  8. We Will Rock You FFL

    Pairing up with The Who is the 5th team in the NAC, Nirvana
  9. We Will Rock You FFL

    Next up is the 5th team to join the UKC. I proudly present "The Who" Main logo is also wordmark and helmet logo.
  10. The New XFL

    Absolutely Love this Look. What is the design on the helmet stripe? It looks like roses to me.
  11. The New XFL

    Love the gradient SD chevron. Gradient on the helmet is however not working right now. Here are a few other suggestion. Try rotating helmet logo to align with the gradient on the helmet. This will help because right now there are two separate horizon lines. Maybe play around with the gradient colors blue fading to orange on a gold helmet. Blue represents the ocean and orange is the skyline with setting sun. Silhouette the ship with navy blue and give it an orange outline stroke not too wide. Keep it subtle and not like the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet. Let the negative space of a semi circle go behind the ship and represent a setting sun. Get rid of the waves. The torpedo that you already use in secondary logo might make a nice helmet stripe. Just my thoughts. Resubmit this Jersey swap with the changes and get some other eyes on it. If this doesn't work then I would redesign the helmet without a gradient and just keep it on the SD mid field logo. The New Orleans Breakers of the USFL used this helmet design but you would have to rework it to include a ship.
  12. The New XFL

    Great Work on this thread. Jersey swaps are awesome. love the helmet logos of the Kodiaks and the Archers. I also like the red football. My only suggestion is that the Spaulding logo and the letter "X" in the XFL logo on the ball be blue instead of black.
  13. We Will Rock You FFL

    Thanks for your feedback. I really haven't considered the number of bands that will be in this series. 12 teams is usually the standard league size but I'd like to have several options to choose from so that it would attract membership. I am finding that red and black or just black and white are the most common color schemes that bands use. ( ie. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, Van Halen and AC DC are Red and Black) I want to be more diverse with the color schemes but sometimes that is difficult to do because the color scheme is so closely tied to the logo/wordmark. I was thinking of the band Misfits tied into the Raiders silver and Black but Slayer might work. I am also finding that it is a challenge to come up with helmet logos that are not just a wordmark slapped on a helmet. Skulls and flames(Offspring, Grateful Dead, Misfits seem to be the most commonly used logos. the second most common logo has some type of wing or winged creature (Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Queen just to name a few) I am intrigued with your idea about the Kiss logo because I am a huge Bengals fan and think that the Bengals' striped helmet logo is one of the best in the NFL along with the Rams, and Vikings helmet logos. I'll mess around with it and put it out there to get your input. Thanks again for the idea.
  14. We Will Rock You FFL

    Here is the 4th team in the NAC. I went with a Carolina Panthers Uniform concept and color scheme. There were several options that could work for the helmet logo but I think the one I chose works well. Let's hear your thoughts.
  15. We Will Rock You FFL

    I see why you have questions regarding what does or does not constitute as "Rock" music. It is an all inclusive term that does not have a clear definition. For purposes of this thread I will limit the classification of the word "Rock" to Rock bands of the 60's through the 90's of any type of Rock genre be it punk, heavy metal, or classic rock. Any bands that formed and performing in those decades will be considered as possibilities for league membership into the We Will Rock You FFL. Green Day was formed in the 80's so they could be up for consideration in this FFL. Fall Out Boy was formed in 2001 so I will say that they are not included in this league.