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  1. 2 for Houston. It's unique and I love it. For Atlanta...Is it possible to do 2 without the A in the middle? If not, 1. If so, 2 with the A as a secondary logo.
  2. The Gals of Kalamazoo unveiled a new logo for the 2012 season. It had been rumored that the team would change names for the 2012 season onward, but the ownership felt that the team shouldn't change much given their recent success.
  3. I hadn't even noticed that. I see what you're saying here and tweaked the logo a little bit. Does this help it at all? I was experimenting with the presentation a bit this time, but I set the logos to fit the sheet and not the other way around. You can really tell with some of them so I'll have to change my approach for the next team(s) I do.
  4. Moving on to the Knoxville Hounds. I don't remember ever actually posting their logo, but I remember never being happy with the way it turned out...To be honest, I'm not 100% happy with the way this one turned out either, but I think it's an improvement over what they had before so I'm leaving it alone for now. Here's the comparison. And the full look. The dark circle is likely going to go on the helmets, but I'm still having template issues so I haven't decided where or if that version will be used. Just Kalamazoo left. I'll hopefully have that up soon.
  5. Those are supposed to resemble rivets as Evansville was a major producer of the P-47 Thunderbolt during WW2. When I was thinking of team names "Riveters" was at the top of the list with "Thunderbolts," but I felt that "riveters" is a little too on the nose for a female league (not a fan of the NWHL team name based in NY) and in my research I found a minor league hockey team with the name "thunderbolts" (granted they were formed in 2016) and I had already run into that issue with the Gems and didn't want to go through that again so I tried to combine the two ideas. ...which is a long winded way of saying, 'looking at it with your comments in mind, you make a really good point.' I'll have to revisit the actual logo and font a little later down the line to keep myself from getting hung up on one team for months like i did with Lexington. I've reordered the colors for now (I really like the scheme, too) and threw an alternate font coloring in with the condensed logo. I think you were right. I'm not happy with the font for the Blues either, but same issue with that as with this one. I'll come back to it.
  6. After a few seasons of bottom dwelling, the Kentucky Racers quietly moved to Evansville, Indiana in the hopes that the scenery and image overhaul will improve team performance.
  7. I do enjoy your player interviews. It adds an extra bit of flavor to your world and to your league. Keep those coming! It'll be interesting to see how the Heat fare without Sanako and how the Lightning fare with her. Getting a great player doesn't always give teams instant success so hopefully Chibi doesn't struggle out of the gate or that team could fall apart completely. I'm looking forward to the season!
  8. Fresh off of their Championship season, the Memphis Blues went with a new look with a stylized guitar logo modeled after the one used by Blues queen Memphis Minnie.
  9. *Blows dust off* *Looks around* Well that was an unintentional hiatus from this project. It kind of started with my not at all liking the Fillies update and the issues I'm -still- having with uniform templates, and then life got in the way and other excuses happened and anyway here's a 2.0 of the Fillies logo. And the side by side with the original's good to be back.
  10. Lions championship hangover. Hopefully they actually learn from this and get back to championship form soon. Why was Megan Murata's MVP a surprise? Hikaru drops another championship. I'm starting to feel bad for them and their fans, but three straight finals appearances are pretty impressive. Any more expansions on the horizon?
  11. Balu the Bare

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Dunno if it has been mentioned, but the lions have fired their head coach. Maybe I’m too much of a fan to understand why so could someone try and explain this to me?
  12. I think you've got a winner there with the lighter blue and the gold unis. Drop the darker blue. I like it, but the lighter blue just looks better as much as I hate to admit it. The two tone stripe is a good element to use, especially on the alternative uni, so I understand wanting to keep it. Good update here!
  13. Seeing the darker blue, it's the white text on gold and sand background that's the actual issue I think. It would be a little hard to read in motion. Some options off the top of my head would be to either: - Go with a solid stripe instead of the gold and sand and use the other color for an outline to make the text stand out more. - add the darker blue to the top set as an accent color and outline everything. (or go with a 4 color scheme of sky, sun, sand, water...) - use white as an accent/outline color only. - ignore this entirely and leave it as it is. Personally, i like the look of the darker blue with the lighter sand and gold better, but that may just be a University of Michigan bias and general dislike of sky shades of blue.
  14. Do the schools have crests, or is it logos like in the USA and will we get to see any of those? I think Golden Sands needs a dark color to balance out the light colors you have going on, they're a little hard to read as they stand now. Maybe a dark blue? Or just darken the blue you already have? Otherwise these are pretty good. Keep up the good work!