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  1. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    Went to GenCon in Indianapolis and had a great time, but it's time to get back to this! Kentucky's mid-season coaching change would prove to be fruitless; the team failed to win another game and finished the 2011 season 2-12. Fort Wayne also made a coaching change midway through the season. Managing just one win in seven games after a lackluster 2010 campaign, Buddy Few stepped down after a 47-43 loss to Columbus. Romeo Phillips took the helm and changed the offensive scheme from a balanced rushing grind to a heavy vertical attack that Quarterback Shannon Baird seemed to be waiting for. Together with WR/DB Elaina Harrington and Offensive Specialist Ellie Merit, the trio spearheaded a 6-1 finish that came within a single point of giving Coach Phillips an undefeated start to his head coaching career. At the top of the league table, the Columbus Spirit looked to 1st round pick QB Shaquira Ray to after Tori Boley's poor performance to start the season, but it was the Spirit's defense that would ultimately seal victories for them. The Fillies entered week 11 with an 8-3 record and needing just one win in their next three games to secure their spot in the Jefferson-Hodge cup final. It was their race to lose. Unfortunately infighting would cause them to do ecxactly that. Tensions between QB Namoi Booker and Head Choach, Tonell Garner split the locker room and the lack of focus caused them to drop their last three games to finish 4th in the league. It was clear that a change would need to be made soon, but Booker did still manage to win league MVP and former Lingirie Football OS Lacey Burton won Rookie of the Year. A three way tie between the Gals, Blues, and Spirit presented a glaring issue with the league's tie-breaker rules. While there were numerous ways to solve ties between two teams, a way to eliminate one team from a group of three could not be found in time for the JHCup. It was then decided that since Kalamazoo were the 2010 champions, they would take on the winner of a play-in game between Memphis and Columbus. Immediately following that decision, the league announced plans to restructure the league. Until then, there was still football to play. Since Columbus owned the tie-breaker over Memphis, the game would be in Columbus.
  2. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    2011 Began with a rematch of the Jefferson-Hodge Cup Final with the Fillies travelling to Kalamazoo. The Gals struck first when QB Carlie McCall hit Receiver/Linebacker Sara Baptista for a two yard score, but the Fillies answered right back on a 7 yard run by Lucie Saudek. Lexington's first round pick would be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct when she ran into the stands and gave the football to her father. Kalamazoo regained the lead when Mcall found the Gals' first round pick Lashaya Bolden for a 12 yard touchdown and would extend the lead to 14 with a 1 yard one from third round pick Kim Kirby. The Fillies tried to answer quickly, but a forced pass was picked off by Bolden and returned for a touchdown. Lexington's next possession saw QB Naomi Booker throw a perfect ball to Receiver/Safety Grace Murray for a 23 yard score. After adding a field goal, Kalamazoo went into the half leading 31-14. During the break, Booker addressed her team. It is not known what was said, or how it was said, but what is known is that the Fillies started out the second half looking every bit the equal of the defending champions. Former Lingerie Football League wideout Lacey Burton would prove to be a reliable deep threat and would catch touchdown passes of 28 and 32 yards to cut the Kalamazoo lead to 3 before the end of the third. Booker and Burton would link up again on a 38 yard touchdown pass to start the 4th and gave Lexington their first lead of the game 35-31. With less than 3 minutes to go, Running Back Lexi Campbell turned what should have been a three yard loss into a 30 yard touchdown runand put the Fillies up 42-31. With Kalamazoo needing a touchdown to stay alive, McCall attempted to scramble to give her receivers more time to get open, but she was hit and fumbled. The ball was recovered by Lexington TE/DE Nancy Dubois and returned for the final score of the game. Lexington won 49-31 to break their 3 game losing streak against the Gals. Their dominant second half performance carried over and they would go on to win 5 of their next 6 games. At the mid-point of the season they look like solid favorites to return to the Final. Kalamazoo would lose their next game to the visiting Columbus Spirit, but then won their next 5 to sit in second place at 5-2. Memphis' two losses come to Kalamazoo and Lexington, however in those games they would hold the two high powered offenses to their lowest scoring wins through 7 games. The combination of Specialists Iris Hill and Emily Perry, WR/DB Rose Noir, and WR/LB Christine Saunders earned the nickname "The Queen B's" and are a major factor to their impressive 5-2 start. In other news, after losing 5 out of 7 games and setting record lows for attendence, the league announced that the Kentucky Racers would be relocating for the 2012 season. They also fired head coach Keith Bailey after a 38-33 loss at Memphis where a combination of time mismanagement and bad personnel decisions (specifically, replacing QB Taryn Wallace with his daughter, an unproven Destiny Bailey who had missed most of that week's practice) cost his team the win. Assistant Coach Duane Green was named interim coach for the remainder of the 2011 season.
  3. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    Hmm...I don't know, honestly. I would say no, though. When the Gold did exist they played at Mile High, so they'd have to find funding for and a location to build a new stadium. Maybe when the league was newer, but not as an expansion team in 2008 or beyond.
  4. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    For the 2011 draft teams were not permitted to trade players or picks. With their first pick the Hounds addressed their concerns on the front lines with Lindsay Hinton, a proven leader on a championship winning team in the Women's Football Alliance. The Gems loaded up on Offensive Specialists in the hopes of taking some pressure off of (and finding a replacement for aging) OS Makenzie Warren, but Jeanette Martin is unproven and Kaya McClain's age makes her a short-term option. The Spirit were the first to draft a quarterback, choosing a little known Idependant Women's Football League prospect, Shaquira Ray with their first pick. Ray showed all the skills of Lexington's Naomi Booker in the showcase, but also the kind of pinpoint accuracy that is hard to defend against. The big winners, at least on paper, were the Lexington Fillies. Lacey Burton showed a skill for and understanding of the game that none of the other potential draftees had, but the LFL is viewed with disdain among the owners (and some players) of the GLA. The Fillies needed more offensive weapons, though, and Burton was one the best, if not -the- best prospects. If she can keep her excessive celebrations in check, she could be a force in this league and if she and Booker get along well the rest of the league may be in trouble. Round 1 Pick # Team Player Pos Experience 1 Knoxville Lindsay Hinton OL/DL 2 years - WFA 2 Dayton Jeanette Martin OS None 3 Kentucky Azariah Parrish OL/DL 2 years - WFA 4 Fort Wayne Sierra Lynch DS 3 years - IWFL 5 Memphis Ryan Nielson OL/DL None 6 Columbus Shaquira Ray QB 1 year - IWFL 7 Lexington Lucie Saudek FB/LB 2 years - WSFL 8 Kalamazoo Lashaya Bolden WR/DB 2 years - WSFL Round 2 9 Knoxville Jessica Montgomery TE/DL 2 years - WFA 10 Dayton Kaya McClain OS 8 years - IWFL 11 Kentucky Emily Huppert OL/DL 4 years - IWFL 12 Fort Wayne Ellie Merit WR/DB 2 years - WFA 13 Memphis Sarah Paternoster OL/DL None 14 Columbus Lori Tomita WR/LB 5 years - IWFL 15 Lexington Cecilia Murphy WR/DB 2 years - WFA 16 Kalamazoo Zoe Weaver WR/LB None Round 3 17 Knoxville Karrie Duran DS None 18 Dayton Deanna Cotton WR/DB 1 year - WSFL 19 Kentucky Taryn Wallace QB 1 year - WSFL 20 Fort Wayne Hazel Kelly-Norris DS None 21 Memphis Mikayla Irwin OS 2 years - IWFL 22 Columbus Rhonda Long OL/DL None 23 Lexington Lacey Burton OS 1 year - LFL 24 Kalamazoo Kim Kirby FB/LB None WFA- Women's Football Alliance WSFL- Women's Spring Football League IWFL- Independent Women's Football League LFL-Lingerie Football League
  5. Predicting an all Ohio Victory Bowl, but just hoping Cincy can keep it close! (You can be a fan of two teams in the same division...right?)
  6. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    @Jimmy Lethal does claim the title of "worst person ever..."
  7. Understandable about the releases. I would like to see the map (also the world you're putting this in. I know it's based on this one, but I don't remember seeing if it's exact) so I'm looking forward to that. Another question about unis: Are they field hockey dress style unis or are those jerseys? Again, this may be something I missed in earlier posts, but I'm currently having trouble picturing the m in action...if that makes sense. I'm definitely interested. I love seeing what others can come up with!
  8. Gah...C'mon Mustangs! Also, I don't know if it's been mentioned before or not, but are there PHL video games? If so, is there a cover athlete every season or is it a pic of the championship contenders from the year before?
  9. -I like the Queen's update. It's simple, yet it would stand out among the louder looks of the other teams. I don't think you need the "QR" in the crown on the secondary. On the Dironi version of the home jersey it looks great by itself. IMO that should be the secondary. I'm gonna miss the crowned "Q" secondary, though. -I'm really loving the cleaner version of the Lion's. The home still has a bit too much purple for my tastes. You could keep the look the same and just go with white under the grey/silver band, or drop the band and the purple area lower to 'fix' that. -Honestly, I'm not feeling the Flight. I like the idea and think the wings are a great start, but what they have now is a little busy and the Honnaro on top looks like it was added after the main logo was finished. I would either have the city name straight across or framing the logo instead of following the shape of the wings. On the away jerseys the city name gets a little lost against the sky portion of the jersey on both the main and the alt. Have you tried making the city name in the same color as the numbers? It might help that stand out more. -I am loving the Jaguars look. The logo is solid -it just needs a little polish- the colors are perfect and in good balance to me. It's a good logo and the unis are solid as well. Great job with them! I knew I was right to be looking forward to them. Still on the Lions' bandwagon, but they'd make a good second team. Ok, technical stuff. Is there a map of Ascan so we can get a better visual idea of city locations? Also, and forgive me if I've asked before, what program do you use? Glad you're still around and doing this series!
  10. This looks promising. *settles in*
  11. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    Yes. There is a hard roster cap of 20 active players, but should a player be unable to play due to injury or other reasons they can be deactivated and another player signed and activated to take her place. Once a deactivated player becomes available the team has a two week period to reduce their roster size to a maximum of 20 players. This can happen at any point in the season.
  12. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    2011 GLA Draft Showcase With no minor league, farm system, or college teams to choose prospective players from the competition committee needed a way to keep teams from securing top talent by over-spending on free agents that other teams wouldn't have a chance to look at or talk to. Their solution was simple. Prospective players sought by a particular team would be invited to showcase their skills along with other prospective players who were not invited, but still wanted a chance to join the league. This camp of sorts would last for two weeks, during that time players would be given lodging, housing, and medical treatment if required, but could not be otherwise compensated for participation. Teams could only acquire players who had participated in that year's draft showcase and could barter draft picks or other players to acquire a particular available prospect. While teams could only invite a maximum of three potential players to the showcase, there was no limit to the total number of prospects allowed to participate. For 2011, over 250 women from various backgrounds and experience levels would compete for just 24 open draft slots. 2011 Showcase top performers: Cecilia Murphy, WR/DB, Dayton Ryan Nielson, OL/DL, volunteer Lindsay Hinton, OL/DL, Memphis Kaya McClain, OS, Kalamazoo Shaquira Ray, QB, volunteer Lacey Burton, OS, volunteer Azariah Parrish, OL/DL, Columbus Lashaya Bolden, WR/DB, volunteer Taryn Wallace, QB, Columbus Jessica Montgomery, TE/DL, Lexington Jeanette Martin, OS, volunteer Sierra Lynch, DS, Fort Wayne
  13. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    I ended up getting a bunch of them from a google search and settled on the Nike Hypercool NFL template. I don't remember from where, but that was one of the few I found in .svg I'll be on the lookout for your concepts! edit: It's on these boards from a mattwillcox post from 2013. Here you go.
  14. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season

    Thanks, NYG! I'm including NYG's interest here, too. One of the problems that I'm having is that I didn't exactly plan to have this last until 2017. I have this habit of starting projects and then never finishing them, so when I started this project I figured I'd get about halfway through the logo design and then quit before finishing. I'd give some explanation about how there wasn't enough interest and the teams folded and then the league folded and that would be the end of it. But then I got to liking this project and now want to see it through until at least the current year so I'm making it up as I go, but I can't really come up with a reason for the GLA to expand that far east after establishing that they want to keep franchises close in order to reduce cost. So, to answer both of you I'll say this: The GLA will not be adding expansion teams to either coast anytime soon. The economics for the league just aren't there and it goes against the incredibly conservative vision of the league's founder. Not everyone will be happy with the cities that will be announced for expansion at the start of the 2012 season so 2013 will be a pretty big year for women's professional indoor/arena football. Stay tuned.