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  1. So I've been aware of your league for a bit and decided to start following it in earnest when you got to the years that I got into the NHL and man 90s unis were terrible! You've done a great job capturing the era and this whole thing is a great read. I feel like there's a lot of history I still don't know, have access to from fans of the league that would love to share, and that I don't exactly need to know it in order to enjoy following a team from here. It's hard to explain so I'll stop trying. Great work!
  2. 2011 Preseason With the end of the 2010 season and the success of the Jefferson-Hodge Cup final, all attention turned to the most important matter at hand: survival. Even with the near sellout crowd for the championship game and the exposure gained by the the game being streamed live on ESPN 3, the majority of teams were operating at a financial loss and only one team, the last place Knoxville Hounds oddly enough, had managed to draw a consistent crowd. League officials assumed that there would be financial troubles starting out and had planned ahead so that the league would run for at least two seasons, but if the league was to last through the 2012 season they would need to find sponsors and do so quickly. Finding sponsors willing to provide enough funds or provide enough exposure. Finding a new group of players willing to compete for a chance at joining a team in the GLA, however, proved to be much easier as nearly double the number of women showed for the open camps in Toledo than the open tryouts in the year before. Some, notably, came from the Lingerie Fooball League. The league would also undergo a league-wide uniform change, ditching the wildly unpopular "onesie" look from the inaugural season, in an effort to better resemble a legitimate, professional league. Knoxville was the first team to unveil their new look shortly before the opening of the Toledo camps. C&C is appreciated on the Hounds' look. I'm still learning Inkscape, too, so any tips on how to use that better are also welcome (video tutorials are a great help, but maybe there's something you know that they don't ).
  3. This is pretty detailed stuff! I like it so far, but why are both the Titans and the Royals constantly near the bottom of the standings?!?! Seriously, great work here. You mentioned earlier, though that you play football...where did/do you play and what position?
  4. I'm interested. I love this kind of stuff!
  5. That could work, I'll add them to the list. I've also been looking at recent Western Michigan unis and older Cleveland Browns looks that had less orange. That is great advice and one of the reasons I went with a standard template, rather than my original idea 😅 There is a plan to expand in 2013 if the economics are there. The Pittsburgh area has been looking to be a part of the GLA since it's inception and has a pretty sizable base of both female players and fans. There's also interest around Chicago, Toledo, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and cities further south than the league is willing to expand to. It will depend heavily on the amount of support the league gets over the next two seasons. They're still looking for a national tv deal.
  6. Thanks for the support! Wyoming might work. I didn't have an idea for their unis yet so I've been working on others right now. Any particular era of Wyoming football I should look at...or, better yet, avoid? 😅 The Defenders are an interesting case in 2010, being both the oldest and one of the most inexperienced team in the league. They made a good run at the end of the year and look to build on that, but they'll have to replace both starting DBs for the 2011 season and their leading receiver. All three retired at the end of the regular season.
  7. Jefferson-Hodge Cup Final July 18th, 2010 US Bank Arena Cincinnati, OH Having dropped both of their regular season meetings to Kalamazoo, Lexington came into the game feeling they had something to prove and Fillies' quarterback Naomi Booker started the game on fire. She threw touchdowns on her first two passes and ran for a third on Lexington's third possession to give her team a 21 points to open the game. The Kalamazoo offense, by contrast got off to a slow start. Quarterback Carlie McCall missed open receivers and when she didn't, the receivers dropped the pass. Kicker Linda Kopas, who had only missed three field goals all season long, missed both attempts in the first quarter and a fumbled snap on the third attempt resulted in a successful field goal from the Fillies. midway through the second quarter, Lexington held a 24-0 lead. On the kickoff following the Lexington field goal, Gals specialist Kara Lee took the in the endzone, broke a tackle, reversed field, broke two more tackles and then raced down the middle of the field to record the first kickoff return for a touchdown in GLA history. On Kalamazoo's next possession, Lee caught a 20 yard pass for another score. Lexington's offense had become conservative since the end of the first quarter and Kalamazoo's defense had woken up. With time running out before the half, Lee turned a botched toss play into a touchdown and cut the lead down to three. Both teams struggled to begin the second half. Kalamazoo would tie the game with a field goal and then take a 27-24 lead with another field goal by the end of the third quarter. Kara Lee would strike again with an eight yard TD run that pushed the Kalamazoo lead to 10. It seemed as though the Gals were on the brink of breaking the Fillies' spirit, but McCall fumbled a snap near midfield and Booker would hit her third touchdown target of the night two plays later. With the end of regulation looming, the Fillies would hit another field goal to tie the game at 34. Lee received the kickoff and bolted down the sidelines and into the endzone to give the Gals a 41-34 lead with only 17 seconds left in the game. Out of timeouts and on their own 20 yardline, the Fillies had one final attempt to even the score. Booker took the snap, avoided a rusher, scrambled to her left and threw across her body to a wide open Grace Murray at the 15. Murray made it to the 5 and had to power her way through two Kalamazoo defenders for the touchdown. Booker wanted to go for two and attempt to win the game in regulation, but was overruled by Head Coach Tonell Garner. A visibly upset Booker watched Harmonie Trottier send the game to overtime locked at 41. Lexington won the coin-toss and choose to receive the ball, looking to end the game with a touchdown. Booker connected on her first three passes to get the Fillies to the 8 yard line. On the final play of the game, Booker took the snap and had to scramble to her right to avoid being sacked by Defensive player of the year candidate, Delonda Cross. Fillies Specialist Iliana Rodriguez had broken free from coverage and Booker prepared to throw, but Cross had recovered and managed to get her hand in the path of the ball just as Booker released it. The ball fell into the arms of Gals LB Taylor Burton who took it the opposite way into the endzone for the game winning score. Kara Lee was named the game's most valuable player for her incredible performance. The 39-year-old former teacher, who was only in the game because starter Nina Lavigne was ruled out because an arm injury, took the opportunity to retire. "I can't thank the fans, the team, or this league, enough." She said. "I've been able to live a dream. I'm a professional athlete. A champion. An MVP. There's no way I can ask for anything else from this game, so I'm not going too. Besides...I'm a little too old for this stuff now." As Kalamazoo celebrated their victory, a dejected Naomi Booker sat on the Lexington sidelines and silently watched the ceremony. She was the last player from either team to leave the field.
  8. It definitely pops more with the outline, but it isn't needed. If we had to vote, my vote would be for the outline.
  9. Yes, each team will. When I started this project I wanted to use a template that I'd made myself, but I think it looked a lot better in my head than in practice so I'm finally ditching it.
  10. The battle for the Jefferson-Hodge Cup was slated to take place in Kalamazoo, but a scheduling conflict made the venue unavailable. With the future of the league in question and despite comparisons to the ill-fated XFL, GLA management decided to hold the championship game in "a proper arena. Even if the place is empty." After some negotiation and failed attempts, Cincinnati's US Bank Arena was chosen as the destination of the first Jefferson-Hodge Cup Final. Tickets were available for purchase on the day the venue had been decided on July 9th. Arena football had never caught on in Cincinnati and neutral fan turnout was expected to be minimal. Both teams managed to sell their allotment of tickets in a matter of days. The league pulled together nearly all of it's advertising resources and attempted to generate as much hype for the game as they possibly could, even managing to land a deal with ESPN to stream the game live on ESPN 3. When the teams arrived in Cincinnati on the 14th, only 1,000 seats remained open. With the upcoming exposure, the league decided to change the uniforms of the participating teams for the final game to a traditional football uniform. Teams had worn a full body uniform during the regular season that drew comparisons to the gimmick of the Lingerie Football League and GLA founder, Klaudia Lakatos , did not want that comparison to stick. When the teams were presented to the press for a media day, they did so in new uniforms provided by the league. Kalamazoo, as the regular season champions wore traditional home dark uniforms and Lexington wore road whites. Most casual fans, having seen little to none of the GLA regular season uniforms, didn't seem bothered by the change. Followers of the GLA considered the uniforms to be a substantial improvement over the "onesies" the players wore before.
  11. I like the idea on your Miners uniform set, but the back number would be incredibly small. Maybe take the pickaxe and sublimate it? Or make it smaller and put it over the nameplate, but under the collar? Or you can put it on the front or move it down to the shorts. Just putting it where you have it doesn't work.
  12. As funny as this is...Is this a 5 year old tweet? How old was he when he wrote this? 13??
  13. Week 13 of the GLA season Week 14 of the GLA season I'll post final standings and end season awards soon. Getting promoted was great, but the added responsibility is really cutting into my free time. I'm thinking I'll have to rethink the format of how I post the seasons. Maybe just post final standings and highlight some key moments and such from the season. ... Also maybe finally post some uniforms. I haven't forgotten, just still trying to get the template to something workable.
  14. With 2 weeks remaining and the Jefferson Cup final set, the battle for the regular season champions still goes on in week 12 of the 2010 GLA season. Fort Wayne Defenders 48 Gals of Kalamazoo 42 Kalamazoo's late run not enough to overcome surprising Defender's offensive onslaught. Knoxville Hounds 21 Kentucky Racers 42 Bradford's 3 touchdowns not enough to overcome supporting cast miscues. Racer's passing offense continues to struggle. Columbus Spirit 36 Dayton Gems 32 Kathy Black hits Harlee Vance to steal a victory at the end of the 4th quarter. Memphis Blues 46 Lexington Fillies 40 Blues outscore Fillies 35 to 9 in the second half in the win.
  15. I was having this conversation with a few friends today and none of us could think of a time when the league more than 5 legitimate contenders at the same time. We're all in our 30s so maybe we haven't been watching for long enough?