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  1. That was the initial idea, but the white keys looked more like a "w" than an "m" that way. I'll try flipping the outer design, though. Thanks for the input =)
  2. Here is the larger version of Memphis' main logo. And part of the identity package Also...if anyone knows a fix for the slightly off elements in my few pieces I'd appreciate any help or advice. They look fine on inkscape and in the previews, but when I put them in they are just off enough for it to be annoyingly noticeable. Is it something that I'm doing wrong?
  3. Week 5 of the 2010 season and a logo for Memphis! Lexington Fillies 40 Memphis Blues 26 Booker shaky in return to action, Fillies still roll on. Dayton Gems 10 Columbus Spirit 28 Gems offense struggles, manages only two scores in loss at Columbus. Gals of Kalamazoo 50 Fort Wayne Defenders 48 Defenders fall short in shootout. Kentucky Racers 37 Knoxville Hounds 13 RB Charlotte Stevens emerges as offensive threat, lifts Racers to their first win of the season.
  4. These are amazing!
  5. Week 4 of the 2010 season Lexington Fillies 24 Kentucky Racers 22 Late game pick 6 saves Booker-less Fillies. Racers fall to 0-4. Columbus Spirit 33 Gals of Kalamazoo 50 Kalamazoo defense shut down the Spirit in the 4th quarter and complete a secure half comeback win. Fort Wayne Defenders 20 Dayton Gems 37 Gems surprising rushing attack too much for ailing Defenders defense. Memphis Blues 26 Knoxville Hounds 38 QB Sophie Pugh throws for 4 touchdowns to beat her hometown Blues.
  6. In the end, this proved to be true. I tried that horse head, I tried different ones, I changed the direction of the head so the mane formed part of the f and a few other things that I couldn't get to look right. So I went with the outlined head and mane as a primary mark, cleaned up the head a bit and came up with this:
  7. Lions ROAR!!! Feel kinda bad for Hikaru, though. Runners-up two years in a row. Also...what an unexpected season for Turrif. Got to wonder if they'll bounce back or continue to slide downwards. Lots to look forward to in 2012! Glad to see this is still going! I have a few questions, though: How exactly are you simulating these games? Are there, or will there be, players from countries outside of Asacan? Finally, with all of the other countries you've shown, does the world look similar to this one? I love fictional country lore and you look to have a whole world going here.
  8. Yeah, I think I need to rework this one a little bit. The horse is supposed to be part of the F and it doesn't read that way at all. Just needed more eyes than mine on it. Thanks, guys
  9. And the Lexington Fillies Logos I've come up with is a concept I like, but don't know if it works as well as it did when I first sketched it out.
  10. Week 3 of the 2010 season, plus a tentative new logo... Columbus Spirit 37 Kentucky Racers 27 No home field advantage as Racers remain winless. Knoxville Hounds 37 Fort Wayne Defenders 17 Hounds may have finally found a capable QB in backup Carrina Bradford. Gals of Kalamazoo 29 Lexington Fillies 15 Naomi Booker struggles in first half, leaves game with concussion like symptoms. Dayton Gems 26 Memphis Blues 18 Blues plagued by turnovers in loss to Gems.
  11. It's a gem called Whitestone. It is the current GLA official font.
  12. I assumed the origins of the name, my point was that somewhere down the line the school will get noticed and how long will the name be able to stay once that happens? There's already support (albeit one article that you've showed me) for a name change and links drawn and precedent for changing names found to be controversial. I'm not saying I agree or disagree, just putting that thought out there.
  13. Week 2 of the 2010 GLA season Memphis Blues 25 Columbus Spirit 32 Controversial no call allows Columbus to remain unbeaten. Kentucky Racers 20 Fort Wayne Defenders 46 Defenders outpace Racers in 2nd half. Lexington Fillies 48 Dayton Gems 8 Naomi Booker at it again in domination of Dayton. Gals of Kalamazoo 41 Knoxville Hounds 10 Kalamazoo starters sit out 2nd half in thrashing of Knoxville.
  14. I love the SFU update, but I wonder how long the name "clan" will work for an ncaa program...
  15. Moving forward. I've updated the Gems logo package to reflect the new changes. Also I've abandoned the idea of customizing a template for now. I can't get it to look right and that's not the detail I want to be hung up on. I will have uniforms up soon(ish) and the weekly scoreboard up on Tuesday.