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  1. Week 13 of the GLA season Week 14 of the GLA season I'll post final standings and end season awards soon. Getting promoted was great, but the added responsibility is really cutting into my free time. I'm thinking I'll have to rethink the format of how I post the seasons. Maybe just post final standings and highlight some key moments and such from the season. ... Also maybe finally post some uniforms. I haven't forgotten, just still trying to get the template to something workable.
  2. With 2 weeks remaining and the Jefferson Cup final set, the battle for the regular season champions still goes on in week 12 of the 2010 GLA season. Fort Wayne Defenders 48 Gals of Kalamazoo 42 Kalamazoo's late run not enough to overcome surprising Defender's offensive onslaught. Knoxville Hounds 21 Kentucky Racers 42 Bradford's 3 touchdowns not enough to overcome supporting cast miscues. Racer's passing offense continues to struggle. Columbus Spirit 36 Dayton Gems 32 Kathy Black hits Harlee Vance to steal a victory at the end of the 4th quarter. Memphis Blues 46 Lexington Fillies 40 Blues outscore Fillies 35 to 9 in the second half in the win.
  3. I was having this conversation with a few friends today and none of us could think of a time when the league more than 5 legitimate contenders at the same time. We're all in our 30s so maybe we haven't been watching for long enough?
  4. We've come to Week 11 of the 2010 GLA season. Gals of Kalamazoo 47 Columbus Spirit 13 With the win, Kalamazoo secures a spot in the GLA championship final. Kentucky Racers 21 Lexington Fillies 48 Booker leads Fillies to a final chance at redemption against Kalamazoo. Dayton Gems 30 Fort Wayne Defenders 32 Charlotte Pearce rallies Defenders from being down 23 points at halftime to get the win. Knoxville Hounds 40 Memphis Blues 30 Carrina Bradford throws for 4 touchdowns in win over the Blues, gets named the starter for next week's game against Kentucky..
  5. The top 4 are all correct, but I have different bottom 4. While most teams have met twice already, the Racers and Gems have only met once. In that week 7 game, Kentucky won by a point and currently owns the head-to-head tiebreaker and the 5th spot. The Defenders and the Hounds have split the series this season, but Knoxville has outscored Fort Wayne in those games 59-47 and take the 7th spot. Tiebreakers for this league are: Overall record Head-to-head record Head-to-head points scored Head-to-head away points Overall points scored Overall away points I'll be doing a full season breakdown after the final week of games (week 14), complete with season awards and season summaries for each team and the updated state of the league. =)
  6. Week 10 of the GLA season. Hooray! every team has a logo now! Just don't look too close at the Hounds logo. I'm still trying to figure out coloring in Inkscape. Kentucky Racers 39 Columbus Spirit 39 Destiny Bailey throws for three touchdowns in the 4th quarter to give the Racers the win. Lexington Fillies 45 Gals of Kalamazoo 51 OT Naomi Booker throws for four touchdowns in the second half, Gals win in overtime on a sack-fumble recovered for a touchdown. Memphis Blues 46 Dayton Gems 33 Blues rushing attack overcomes it's offensive woes and the defense adds two touchdowns to seal the win. Fort Wayne 30 Knoxville Hounds 22 Charlotte Pearce throws for two touchdowns in debut for Defenders.
  7. Alright so the Gals of Kalamazoo are an interesting team for me because they're inspired by a song my girlfriend introduced me to and everytime I type their name out I can't help but sing a few lines of it. Here's their main logo up close. and on different backgrounds...
  8. Alright. So after a successful heart surgery for my girlfriend's dad and a new baby niece, a promotion at work and a birthday party, I was able to finish week 9 of the 2010 GLA season. Oh and a Gals of Kalamazoo logo. Columbus Spirit 43 Memphis Blues 22 Hazel Mills records 2 INTs and 4 rushing TDs in win over Memphis. Fort Wayne Defenders 30 Kentucky Racers 47 Racers defense holds Defenders to only a field goal in the second half. Knoxville Hounds 25 Gals of Kalamazoo 33 Lara Terriau catches two TDs and runs for the game winner in back and forth battle. Dayton Gems 24 Lexington Fillies 47 Naomi Booker adds three more TDs to her impressive bid for offensive player of the year.
  9. Wow, thanks for the input there! Really glad that you like the logo (I may or may not have taken a screenshot of your comment). Could you think of any ways it could be improved a bit? I'd be happy to hear any suggestions. For now, the league is looking for ways to stay viable for the next season. Teams aren't losing enough money to have to fold yet and hopefully they continue to draw into next year. Corporate sponsorship is the first major step towards keeping the league running as right now the league is being funded by ticket revenue and the determination (read: bank accounts) of the league's founders.
  10. Really liking the light blue/purple scheme, but the blue/white gives it a more classic look. Depends on if you want a unique or a classic look for Ticondez. Liking MLCF's so far as well.
  11. Gonna agree with BuffaloJJ on what looks the best there. Anchor in the wheel is my favorite look, but I wonder how it would look with that fourth color scheme. I like this series so far. Looking forward to the rest!
  12. The Columbus Spirit. I have to be honest, I'm not thrilled about this one. I like how it turned out, just the idea in general. I think this would make a good secondary logo, but isn't enough for a primary. Thoughts?
  13. A closer look at Fort Wayne's logo. I tried to mimic the shape of Fort Wayne (the historical fort not the city) and I had it with the darker brown as the main color at first, but I didn't like it as much as I like this one. I don't know though, open to suggestions as to which one is better.
  14. Week 8 of the 2010 Season. An identity for Fort Wayne. Gals of Kalamazoo 46 Dayton Gems 41 Kalamazoo defense scores two TDs in win over Gems. Memphis Blues 46 Kentucky Racers 13 QB Rebecca Calhoun throws for four TDs as Blues dominate Racers in Louisville. Lexington Fillies 33 OT Knoxville Hounds 27 Booker throws only touchdown of the game in OT to preserve Fillies winning streak. Columbus Spirit 28 Fort Wayne Defenders 34 OT Shannon Baird hits Monica Browning to give the Defenders the win in overtime.
  15. Week 7 of the 2010 season. A logo for Columbus. Memphis Blues 48 Gals of Kalamazoo 31 Specialist Alicia Lester catches 4 and runs for 1 more to snap Kalamazoo's winning streak. Dayton Gems 20 Kentucky Racers 21 Backup QB Destiny Bailey throws winning TD to give Racers their second win of the season. Knoxville Hounds 48 Columbus Spirit 47 Kicker Kathy Windels hits walk off field goal after missing two previous attempts. Fort Wayne Defenders 17 Lexington Fillies 36 QB Booker continues to shine in Fillies' win.