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  1. Moving forward. I've updated the Gems logo package to reflect the new changes. Also I've abandoned the idea of customizing a template for now. I can't get it to look right and that's not the detail I want to be hung up on. I will have uniforms up soon(ish) and the weekly scoreboard up on Tuesday.
  2. I don't know about layering, but how about this?
  3. Alright, so I managed to widen the gem part a bit and tried to incorporate it into the "D" a little better, but I'm still seeing the Sims' plumbob thing. I dunno, I may just have to rethink this team a bit.
  4. I didn't see it while I was working on it and now I can't unsee it. But is it too similar? Can I do something to better differentiate mine from The Sims? Would a color change help? Or am I delaying this one further to rework the whole thing?
  5. Dayton Gems logo package. ...Not gonna lie here; my first crack at this turned out to be a recolor of the CHL team that I didn't know existed until I asked for some help from a friend and he googled the name. I had to start this one over from the beginning. Not changing the name, though. Not yet, anyway.
  6. Progress is going much slower than I'd hoped. I was wanting to have a team fully done by today, but life got in the way. I also wanted to update twice a week, but I don't think that'll be possible. Instead, I'll be posting scores and standings once a week and identity packages when they're available. So, without further excuses: Fort Wayne Defenders 32 Columbus Spirit 39 A late fourth quarter touchdown pass from Columbus QB Kathy Black put the Spirit ahead of the Defenders who came surging back from being down 25-0 at halftime. Dayton Gems 41 Gals of Kalamazoo 40 Gems kicker Shelby Taylor stuns Kalamazoo crowd in high scoring thriller. Kentucky Racers 21 Memphis Blues 25 Racers struggle to find offense, manage only a single TD in loss to Memphis. Knoxville Hounds 17 Lexington Fillies 35 Naomi Booker throws for 4 TDs and runs for another in Fillies win.
  7. It's taking a little longer than I'd like and I didn't have a lot of finished product before I posted (the league logo was the furthest I'd gotten), but yes. Expect the first week of the season and the first team up by this coming Tuesday. =)
  8. Cities are in the original post. I have arenas picked out, but haven't disclosed them yet.
  9. Right now, no. It's more like arena football. This issue will be addressed.
  10. Here's the version with the lighter interior lines as Veras suggested. I also made the image a bit smaller. I think I need to mess with the collar a bit, but that might be beyond my skill set right now.
  11. The template I was looking for didn't really exist and I'm having a lot of trouble getting this one to look the way I want it to. I have this so far. It's LewJ's pro combat paint template Frankenstein'd onto a women's Tshirt template. Any suggestions or can I just roll with it?
  12. Not yet, no, but I am working on it.
  13. So here is my first original concept for the boards! Feel free to give any pointers or tips and any suggestions to help improve my work. I'm currently using Inkscape after sketching my ideas out on paper. I would appreciate any feedback on any part of this concept. Particularly a good/better team name for Lexington. from the wikipedia page The Gridiron League of America (GLA) is a professional women's indoor American football league played in the spring and summer months. The GLA was announced in 2007, but did not have it's inaugural season until 2010. The League is somewhat similar to the Arena and Indoor Football Leagues, the only major differences being the lack of rebound nets and the slight variations on the uniforms worn by the players [think Starship Troopers, not LFL]. As of 2010 it is the only professional women's arena style football league in the United States. History The concept of the GLA originated from the popularity of the Lingerie Bowl in 2006 and the overwhelming number of amateur and professional level 11-on-11 women's football leagues operating nationwide. In 2007, a meeting was held by former players and coaches from the USFL, the NFL, and the Independent Women's Football League to discuss the feasibility of a professional women's indoor football league akin to the popular Arena Football League that would not only be more family friendly than the Lingerie Bowls, but would also "raise the standard of professional women's football in every way possible." This meeting resulted in the formation of the North American Gridiron Association. A subsequent meeting renamed the organization to the Gridiron league of America, hired Makenna Carr as league president, and finalized the 8 teams that would make up the new league. The 14 week, round-robin style season was scheduled to begin in 2010. The three years would be used to train players, coaches, and referees for the league, to gain sponsorship deals, to secure facilities, to draft players teams, and to build hype for the new league. Teams The First 8 teams were chosen for their proximity to each other and their smaller venues for play, not for their market size. Columbus Spirit Fort Wayne Defenders Memphis Blues Kentucky Racers Gals of Kalamazoo Dayton Gems Lexington Fillies Knoxville Hounds
  14. I say eliminate all black from that yellow Cleveland set (including the shorts logo) and you have a winner.
  15. Looking forward to the Jaguars. I liked the Lions logo, so I'm hoping for big things.