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  1. I think you've got a winner there with the lighter blue and the gold unis. Drop the darker blue. I like it, but the lighter blue just looks better as much as I hate to admit it. The two tone stripe is a good element to use, especially on the alternative uni, so I understand wanting to keep it. Good update here!
  2. Seeing the darker blue, it's the white text on gold and sand background that's the actual issue I think. It would be a little hard to read in motion. Some options off the top of my head would be to either: - Go with a solid stripe instead of the gold and sand and use the other color for an outline to make the text stand out more. - add the darker blue to the top set as an accent color and outline everything. (or go with a 4 color scheme of sky, sun, sand, water...) - use white as an accent/outline color only. - ignore this entirely and leave it as it is. Personally, i like the look of the darker blue with the lighter sand and gold better, but that may just be a University of Michigan bias and general dislike of sky shades of blue.
  3. Do the schools have crests, or is it logos like in the USA and will we get to see any of those? I think Golden Sands needs a dark color to balance out the light colors you have going on, they're a little hard to read as they stand now. Maybe a dark blue? Or just darken the blue you already have? Otherwise these are pretty good. Keep up the good work!
  4. This one isn't going to be as extensive as the others since I'm unable to participate in all of the events, but I would like some feedback on the events I did enter into. I'm a beginner and mostly self-taught so I need all the help I can get. Be blunt, be brutal. EVENT 1 I wanted to go with something a little different in shape and style, but I think I swung and missed pretty hard here. Since I started with the acronym I had a hard time figuring out how to make the full text look good within the boundaries I had already set and it shows. Also, looking at the silhouette I used, it looks more like basketball in football pads than a depiction of "the catch." Anyway, what do you think?
  5. And also, Balu the Bare's Logolympiad Portfolio!

    EVENT 4 Looking at the other entries for this event it wasn't a surprise that my entry yielded zero votes. It's pretty plain, nothing special about it at all.
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 4 Voting

    G- 3 S- 16 B- 5
  7. SSmith48's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I got a bit of that, too. I saw Peridot from Steven Universe, but that may have been because my niece was watching the show at the time. I think had you'd been able to work the ball into the shield that would have helped with that. It's a good idea and great color scheme as others have mentioned already.
  8. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G- 21 S- 4 B- 13 HM- 19. loved the idea
  9. HRC4's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I also thought this was a little bit busy and would have been a solid look without the blue stripes.
  10. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 8 S: 20 B: 13
  11. Dorothy Coachman, 55, is a lifelong hockey fan who began playing herself at Yale in the late 60s and helped to organize the unofficial World Championship Hockey Tournament for Women in the late 80s. She is currently president of public university in western Washington state and serves on the board of directors at a national securities firm. Her votes are for: 1. Portland. A little biased based on region and while it would gain the league little in initial prestige, Coachman feels the long-term benefits of the instant regional rivalries are substantial enough to award a team to Portland. Add in a brand new arena, and it's hard to pass up. 2. Memphis. Coachman votes for Memphis hoping the high risk will pay off a higher personal reward and reach a demographic not typically associated with professional hockey.
  12. I can imagine that there'd be a fair amount of soccer style "gamesmanship" with this rule. Maybe add a penalty for diving or flopping?
  13. As I'm still trying to figure out what is actually going on with my uniform template (deleting and re-upping doesn't seem to be helping at all), the Lexington Fillies went with a full bodied horse silhouette to read better on helmets and other merchandise from a distance.
  14. So here is my first original concept for the boards! Feel free to give any pointers or tips and any suggestions to help improve my work. I'm currently using Inkscape after sketching my ideas out on paper. I would appreciate any feedback on any part of this concept. Particularly a good/better team name for Lexington. from the wikipedia page The Gridiron League of America (GLA) is a professional women's indoor American football league played in the spring and summer months. The GLA was announced in 2007, but did not have it's inaugural season until 2010. The League is somewhat similar to the Arena and Indoor Football Leagues, the only major differences being the lack of rebound nets and the slight variations on the uniforms worn by the players [think Starship Troopers, not LFL]. As of 2010 it is the only professional women's arena style football league in the United States. History The concept of the GLA originated from the popularity of the Lingerie Bowl in 2006 and the overwhelming number of amateur and professional level 11-on-11 women's football leagues operating nationwide. In 2007, a meeting was held by former players and coaches from the USFL, the NFL, and the Independent Women's Football League to discuss the feasibility of a professional women's indoor football league akin to the popular Arena Football League that would not only be more family friendly than the Lingerie Bowls, but would also "raise the standard of professional women's football in every way possible." This meeting resulted in the formation of the North American Gridiron Association. A subsequent meeting renamed the organization to the Gridiron league of America, hired Makenna Carr as league president, and finalized the 8 teams that would make up the new league. The 14 week, round-robin style season was scheduled to begin in 2010. The three years would be used to train players, coaches, and referees for the league, to gain sponsorship deals, to secure facilities, to draft players teams, and to build hype for the new league. Teams The First 8 teams were chosen for their proximity to each other and their smaller venues for play, not for their market size. Columbus Spirit Fort Wayne Defenders Memphis Blues Kentucky Racers Gals of Kalamazoo Dayton Gems Lexington Fillies Knoxville Hounds
  15. Man..what does Detroit have to do to get back into the playoffs? I feel like it's been awhile for them.
  16. Congrats to the Guardians on the win. Now Detroit needs to build on their current roster and push further into the playoffs next year.
  17. My Prediction: The Guardians' inability to put teams away costs them against the Canes, whose inexperience works in their favor as they don't realize that they're supposed to cave to the pressure of having to come from behind to win a championship. Houston rallies and Chokenati loses late 42-39. That being said, here's hoping the Guardians win.
  18. I didn't change the colors (I really, really, like them and am having a hard time letting them go), but I think they work better for diamonds presented this way. I went with a new secondary as well. I think this one works a lot better.
  19. I think you're right on all accounts here. I really want to keep the green, so I'll see if I can get it to work as maybe an accent color, but I think a color change has to happen. Either way a rework is coming and I think I'm just going to drop the secondary. It's not needed at all and I didn't really like it to begin with. Thanks for the feedback!
  20. Still trying to figure out why I can't edit uniforms without crashing Inkscape, but in the meantime... After a lengthy battle with the CHL's Dayton Gems over the rights to the name (the teams were created in the same year and announced days apart) team owner Peter Stauffer, who wasn't very happy with the name anyway, agreed to change the name of the GLA franchise. Stauffer and the GLA settled on the Gem City Diamonds and simply rotated the logo and removed the black outline. The secondary logo, the old "D-gem" with an altered version of the new woodmark below, would only be used for pre-season merchandise and always be accompanied by the new logo.
  21. And by get to the unis I meant redesign the Defenders. I went with a more military insignia style than the old, "slap some letters onto a vaguely fort shape. Kept the fort shape and drew some inspiration from the Indiana Army National Guard insignia and heraldry. Kept the colors the same, though. Going to get some more work out as soon as I figure out why my uni template keeps crashing.
  22. I kept looking at it and kept finding things about it that I didn't like, so I went and updated it again. I think this one is better and more along the line of what I was going for. I'll get to the unis now that I'm not obsessing over this anymore.
  23. Aaaaaaaaand with one statement I officially hate Darryl Byrd. edit: how did I miss that?
  24. New look for Columbus. I tried to incorporate the Spirit of Columbus, the plane after which the team is named, into the logo this time around instead of going with generic flight. Unis to come soon! I'm not really sold on the woodmark, though. Does it work with the logo? The Spirit have also become my first RWB team. I change the red a bit, kept the white, swapped the black for a navy blue and added a silvery gray. Red is still the dominant color for the team and both the navy and gray will be used sparingly for the jerseys and any promotional material.