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    Draw Brawl 2009 Challenge 1 Results

    Tier 1 1st - F 2nd - G 3rd - R Tier 2 1st - L 2nd - I 3rd - K
  2. wolverine_95

    Campaign to change Crew's Badge

    Unless you're the Chicago Fire, D.C. United, or Kansas City Wizards, that does happen in MLS. Really? I thought United did add a star for each championship, although to be honest I haven't really paid attention since their third championship, when they had three gold stars, and so maybe that was just a coincidence. They added it to the jersey. Maybe they did not add it to the official logo.
  3. wolverine_95

    Washington Freedom(WPS) logo

    I feel there's a conflict between the simple line art of the flag/crest and the intricate wordmark and dome. It works at first glance, but then you look another time and it doesn't seem to fit together. It's a good idea, but could have been executed better. Look at the St. Louis and Chicago. Also, as a DC resident, it weirds me out that the flag is kind of upsidedown. I know it isn't becuase the stars are right side up, but it still feels weird.
  4. wolverine_95

    Pro Wrestlings meets soccer

    Fanstastic, every team needs to do this before soccer catches on and this kind of thing starts to look unseemly.
  5. wolverine_95

    Sport Chess!

    What? No merchandise?
  6. wolverine_95

    New Logo Critique

    Aestheticly I like the shadow-only cross as in 1-3. But, symbolicly I feel like the cross should be upright. So, I'm torn between 3 and 5.
  7. wolverine_95

    Sketch-A-Thon 2 Voting

    1. L 2. B 3. J
  8. wolverine_95

    MLS 2007 Uni Changes

    Agreed, that is not fusion it's outright posery.
  9. wolverine_95

    MLS 2007 Uni Changes

    Why sacrifice your identity as an American team to get global recognition? Europe has it's way of naming their teams and we have ours. I wouldn't want to throw that away to get recognized. They could try and mix the two like Houston Dynamo (an American style name that evokes a the Russian team Dynamo Moscow et. al.) but I would want to to keep some indicator of American sports, besides the city of course. I like what Galaxy is doing here, they are keeping their Amiercan style name and changing their look to be more European (or at least that how I read the SI arcticle), that's the kind of fusion I'm talking about.
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    Re-Designing Stagg

    Entry 3 - 3 Entry 7 - 2 Entry 2 - 1
  11. wolverine_95

    Re-Designing Stagg

    So all entries have to be in by 12:00 am Dec 2
  12. wolverine_95

    t-shirt design advice

    I feel like the circle would go well on a ringer t-shirt or a jersey style t-shirt. But it would look better on a plain t-shirt without the circle.
  13. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 14

  14. wolverine_95

    New Chemistry Hockey Logo

  15. wolverine_95

    VOTE: Logolympiad Event 12

    Gold: 2 Silver: 1 Bronze: 3
  16. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 11

    1: 3 2: 1 3: 2
  17. wolverine_95

    Fantasy Soccer Team Concept

    It looks a little too mutch like Chivas, maybe if there were vertical stripes outside teh mitten/apron/Darth-Vader Head. Then again, that strikes me as something that only looks good in my head.
  18. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 10

    Gold: 3
  19. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event #9

    Gold: 2 Silver: 3 Bronze: 1
  20. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 8

    Gold: 5 Silver: 7 Bronze: 3
  21. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 7

    Gold: 4 Silver: 5 Bronze: 7
  22. wolverine_95

    Logolympiad Vote: Event 6

    Gold: 11 Silver: 6 Bronze: 13
  23. wolverine_95

    VOTE: Logolympiad Event #5

    Gold: 5 Silver: 4 Bronze: 3
  24. wolverine_95

    VOTE: Logolympiad Event 4

    Gold: 6 Silver: 5 Bronze: 1
  25. wolverine_95


    When you say the event number should be the subject line, does that mean just the number or the whole phrase, "Event 4"?