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  1. Appreciate it!
  2. While in California, I stumbled upon a boat that had a font that would be perfect for an upcoming project of mine, however I just cannot figure out what font this is. Any ideas?
  3. Werder Bremen officially released. The purple clash/secondary kit carries over from last year to become the third kit. (Side note: The 'Town Musicians of Bremen' background is fantastic.)
  4. I disagree that the body has to be facing sideways to make this logo work (see: Great Seal of the U.S.). However, I would play with the head a little more to have a smoother transition from the body, and I would try to streamline the claws and ball.
  5. I would maybe round the Twix bars/ "I" to avoid the likeness to a Kit-Kat. Otherwise, this looks really nice.
  6. Sure thing!
  7. I like this a lot. Good work!
  8. That means a lot, thanks!
  9. New sponsor for this year will be announced later, the two-year deal with QuickBooks ended.
  10. Villa's new home kit and, its inspirtaion, their 1995-1997 kit.
  11. Newcastle's kit took another turn for the worse with red (?) numbers to complement the light blue sponsor. It's a shame since the kit itself was actually very good.
  12. Pumas new threads inspired by the Pumas CU American football team [FootyHeadlines]
  13. The first one (anchor inside the wheel) looks the best.
  14. I think the teams and their respective identities are really strong. I'd also recommend using some kind of a printed out template to help guide things along the way, but nonetheless its a good start!
  15. The French (Especially the recoloring of the PSG badge to the 'right' color) and Italian teams look fantastic! Just the touch of modernity towards otherwise classic designs - the way it should be.