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  1. Came to say this lol. That's immediately what I thought of when I seen that Preds logo.
  2. They should go back to this logo with the current throwbacks they wear and you have the perfect uniform. The navy can be a logo only color or they can clean it up to drop the navy altogether.
  3. Love these uniforms.
  4. So my breakdown on some of the changes (or lack thereof): Hurricanes: glad they came to their senses. Wish the warning stripes weren't the same color as the jersey, but at least they're back. Devils: giant face palm. Huge step backwards. Go from Top 5 jersey in the league to something that looks like they had it laying around from the edge takeover. Capitals: just transferred over the old design. Terrible. Senators: lol. Sabres: upgrade, but I think they forgot to remove the front number with the piping and pit stains. Predators: thought removing the piping was all they needed to do but something seems missing up top. Avs: everyone should be jumping for joy at this. Mountain pattern is back. Edge is gone. No navy, no Rockies logo. Wild: All they had to do was make a green version of the road. Instead they just go do and do what Florida just did. Vegas: Actually like these. Solid uni. LA: why not added a waist stripe. Canucks: still have that stupid Vancouver script. Oilers: still don't get going to orange. Meh. Sharks: Still no waist stripe and that pointless orange remains. Like the new patch though. Flames: ditto Ottawa.
  5. The navy alt from that era was sexy. I like their current unis minus the black sleeve jersey (and I hate that they've now shoehorned it as a team color because they won a few games in a bfbs jersey. Superstition gone to far.) I like the current navy jersey too but I think it can be improved by swapping the gold and red on the font,
  6. Could have at least put a white stripe on the shoulders like the third had with the powder blue. This looks like a t-shirt. I assume the away is just a white version of this? Or is it going to have a blue stripe?
  7. I wouldn't call this forgotten. It's only like 3 years old and used on a ton of merchandise.
  8. If this was straight black or anthracite it would be beautiful. Not a big fan of the camo pattern. Wonder if it's that noticeable from away.
  9. Massive upgrade. Hopefully Adidas makes this change.
  10. I haven't read past this post yet, but I assume someone has made a Cleveland Cavaliers FC joke already, right?
  11. Weren't the Spurs the "surprise" team that was supposedly changing?
  12. I like Interleague but miss when it was only 2-3 weeks (around 4-6 series) per year and 2 of those series were made up of all in state/geographical rivals. Cardinals-Royals, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A's, Mets-Yankees, Blue Jays-Expos, etc. And they were over by 4th of July weekend the latest.
  13. Are those brims velour?
  14. Same. Other than those I think Oakland and Dallas are the next two on the list and I'm a sucker for white helmets too, so Chargers, Bills, Dolphins and Jets are up there as well. Dolphins lose points for the stupid logo though.
  15. Yea. The Rams shouldn't touch the logo other than maybe update the colors (again) in 2019. It's a great logo. I'm still convinced we'll get a nike-fied modern update of the throwbacks in either navy or royal and yellow as the primaries with blue and white as the alternates. Now whether that alternate is blue or white remains to be seen.