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  1. VikWings

    Unpopular Opinions

    That would be a great look with Navy pants. Mono-uniforms usually suck in general, but mono bright green is just too much.
  2. The Seahawks green jerseys wouldn't be a bad alternate look with Navy pants.
  3. I've never really ran into that with any of my teams. I'm a mut when it comes to my fandom (and uniforms are part of the reason I'm like that!) and the STL Cardinals and Red Wings both have traditional gorgeous uniforms that only changef subtly. if at all, for forever. I had a few of the 06-12 Vikings jerseys, but 15 year old me liked them at first, I have Antoine Winfield, Peterson and Jared Allen and all were got before I realized "meh these really aren't that good." (All of those players were on the team by year 3 of that set. I came to my realization by like year 5). For the NBA Sixers, I never got the late 2000s piping mess update of the AI set, but I don't really buy/wear bball jerseys like that either. Still haven't got a current jersey and they're my favorite in the NBA right now. When they come out with an ugly alt like the Red Wings stadium series, color rush, etc I just don't buy it. As for non-jersey merch in general if they happened to change their logos/colors to something ugly I'd probably just stick with would I have. I like to have at least one updated jersey, but I think if my team trotted out some real monstrosity like what the Bucs, Diamondback, etc are wearing, I'd might have to refrain.
  4. VikWings

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    K-State better not touch their uniforms. Even if that don't I expect at east a mono-purple look and a BFBS though.
  5. They look better. I love the Chargers in all white.
  6. VikWings

    Unpopular Opinions

    Remove the Seahawks stripe and stop going mono all the time (throw the navy pants out if you have too) and it's actually a pretty nice uniform.
  7. The Jags. They got the Nike treatment twice. The 2nd was after Tom Coughlin walked in the door and immediately said enough of that two-toned helmet. He was going to make sure they looked more traditional. It's on the teams too as they have input and have to approve the out there designs Nike brings too them.
  8. I remember being like 6 when the Bucs and Broncos new sets were unveiled and how they were called innovative and all that. If you would have told me in 2007 (10 years in) that the Broncos would outlast the Bucs I woulda disagreed with you but here we are. The Broncos have made that look their own kinda now and won 3 Super Bowls with it and unless they're going the color rush jerseys with white pants (and keep the Navy of the current set as the Super Bowl Throwback/Alt) I'd rather them stay as is because I don't trust Nike. The Bucs need to change ASAP.
  9. I liked the Vikings 06-12 unis when they first debuted (not better than what they replaced though) but I was 15 at the time. By 09-10 I couldn't wait for them to get new ones.
  10. VikWings

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Almost all mono looks are improved by contrasting socks. It's still not something I want to see every week but as a one or two off I'll allow it in those cases. The Panthers do it right all but that one time against Detroit a few weeks. But they're starting to beat that look into the ground now. It makes me cringe when teams who have contrasting socks in their wardrobe (like the Bengals) refuse to wear them when they go mono.
  11. Other than the crappy mono, these work better than their normal reds because they don't have the big pewter brown-sometimes-gray-depending on the lighting yokes on them. They still suck cause of the alarm clock numbers but are a slight upgrade.
  12. At least everyone besides Birmingham was smart enough to avoid the leotard look.
  13. Not much more out of place than their normal road sets.
  14. The Titans used to looked horrible when they'd go white helmet, light blue jersey, navy pants, or navy jersey, light blue pants. Same goes for the Ravens mustard pants look (but those pants just sucked on their own.) I think it only works if the jersey or pants are white as someone said above.
  15. VikWings

    Instant Classic (Uniform Disaster)

    All white also always has contrasting socks (even if they're white with stripes) and avoids the leggings look. Which could be a reason why it's almost always acceptable other than tradition and "because". The Panthers are a perfect example. When they go all black with blue socks I'm like "That's a cool look once or twice per year" and then when they wore it with black socks last week I thought "Guess we have to burn the black pants now since they can't be trusted."