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  1. It always bothered me that his jersey and face paint were mixed matched eras.
  2. This. Keep the white pants around to change it up sometimes (and avoid the temptation to go mono orange) but this is how the Browns should look. Brown pants should be locked in a closet.
  3. What is with Nike's obsession with putting wordmarks where they don't belong? -On the stupid chest stripe for Seattle -Tramp stamp for Miami -bucs sleeve wordmark -"Browns down the leg" and obnoxiously huge Cleveland for the Browns - and now in the middle of the sleeve stripe for the Lions. Also they could put massive wordmarks in the middle of the sleeve stripe but not their logo (or put this on the chest) which gives us cut off sleeve stripes.
  4. -Swap the primary/alternate status of the the black and M.I.A teal jersey(won't happen, owner hates teal) -Full pants stripe -and of course all black helmet, preferably with the teal flakes and you actually have a decent look.
  5. Yea. The current jerseys are so much better than the red/green. I'm fine with that as an alt, they can even wear them more than just St. Patrick's day, but their current jerseys are perfect.
  6. Even before the one helmet rule the only time you were allowed to wear a different helmet is if it was a throwback. Alternates could only be throwbacks or color swap bascially. So the one helmet was essentially still partially a thing teams were just allowed to have throwbacks. Now they can't unless just swapping decals is an option.
  7. Well the Diamondbacks monstrosities have already been mentioned so I won't add a pic. TATC was mentioned already too. Sorry. I just really hate that logo/font. (The orange one is ok though) I also despise the Indians boring block C and speaking of the Indians, how about the blood clots? (Although that that cap logo should replace the crap I posted above) Then there's the Blandiego Padres. Not horrible in a vacuum, just incredibly bland. Need Orange or Yellow in there somewhere, not gray. Never was a fan of the Brewers set either. I think it's because of the wordmark. White Sox shorts and collar:
  8. ^ Agree. Don't mind White over Navy, but White over Light Blue looks so much better and they can't be trusted to not wear mono-navy or wear them with the light blue jersey.
  9. This one
  10. I loved them at first but they didn't age well and it was time for a change. When they first debuted, home night games in the dome made them look blue at times. I thought they looked better the one year under nike (if you ignore the neck roll collar). They weren't as awful as some say but definitely the worst uniforms in Vikings history. And at least they had to wherewith-all to realize it was time to move on from the reebok PYPs era. Something the Falcons, Cardinals, Bengals and Patriots have yet to learn.
  11. I agree with you on the Ducks. Used to have a soft spot for them and then when they changed went to not caring about them to kinda hating them (some of the players they had/have contributed to the hate too.)
  12. I'm a fan of the Vikings and Red Wings partly because I liked their uniforms as a kid, when I'm from neither city. But I can't say I hate any teams because of their uniforms. Although I sometimes hope a team never wins in a bad uniform for fear that they'll keep it around just because they won in it.
  13. Yea. I don't mind it either. I like the B-B-W look. Not as big of a fan of the all white look, and I'm someone who usually likes all white looks. And the orange just seems out of place for some reason and was best kept as an alternate. The mono-blue is just atrocious though. I think it would be best for the Broncos to go to the color rush set with white pants and keep this B-B-W as the alt/throwback as an ode to their 3 Super Bowls (yes I know 2 of them were won in the white jersey)
  14. Seems like an unpopular opinion but in no way is the Rockies logo better than the current logo. And the stupid flag C isn't better than the yeti foot either. And the light blue goes so much better with the maroon than navy does. The Avs just need to re-design the jersey and not touch the logo and colors. But this is the same team that still has the horrible edge click and fill template almost 10 years later. We know when they do switch they'll just promote the navy thirds (or make a maroon version) with a white counterpart. They're going back to the logo of a defunct doormat team that lasted less than 10 years and is now the Devils.