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    Indianapolis Colts; Kansas City Chiefs; Green Bay Packers; Tampa Bay Buccaneers (nothing below the neck, just the logo and helmet); Ohio State; UCLA script; Tulane; Portland Trail Blazers; most of MLB's "interlocking letters" logos; Seattle Mariners.

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  1. MCM0313

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Grizzlies added!)

    Ooh, that's sharp. The word "GRIZZLIES" looks like it's carved out of big blocks of ice.
  2. MCM0313

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Grizzlies added!)

    I makes the rest of it look a little dull. Maybe the first iteration is the best possible one.
  3. MCM0313

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Grizzlies added!)

    For some reason I LOVE the neon green eyes. They'd be cooler if there weren't also neon green around the perimeter though.
  4. MCM0313

    NFL Redesign (Colts Updated & Dolphins Added 13/32)

    The dolphin has a face again!
  5. MCM0313

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Have they officially announced a date or even a general timeframe? I always assumed it would be sometime in April around the draft but that may just be due to precedent rather than anything they actually said.
  6. MCM0313

    NFL Redesign (Colts Updated & Dolphins Added 13/32)

    The changes aren't necessarily bad, but they also aren't necessary. Lighten the blue and I can live with the rest.
  7. MCM0313

    Neo's NBA Mashup series (Grizzlies added!)

    I don't really think it looks like a P.
  8. MCM0313

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Even with Tulsa, it depends on which sport and what time period. They've used yellow in basketball at times, I know.
  9. MCM0313

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    So it's not as popular as it was, Warriors notwithstanding.
  10. MCM0313

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I remember how I found out about the new/old logo. I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton during the summer of 1998 (I wanna say August). They had all the team setups with full-sized helmets in plastic cases (difficult to explain, but it was this 8-foot-tall thing with pictures and text explaining the given team's history, and the helmet right in the middle). They still had the 1990-97 helmet for the Jets, and I decided to pose with it (in this age before cell phone cameras, you could only take so many pictures). So somewhere around the house there is a picture of me, aged 14, in a '90s Flying Elvis Patriots Starter jacket (Parcels/Bledsoe Pats were the first team I followed), standing underneath a big green Jets helmet. Anyway, we went to the gift shop at the end, and my parents let me pick out two pocket pro helmets. I picked the Seahawks (always liked their original helmet) and was looking at the other teams when I noticed they had (what I thought was) the Namath-era Jets helmet. I picked it up and noticed that the ones behind it were the standard green that they had been wearing. I thought, "Oh, cool, they're selling a throwback!" Remember, this was a time when you couldn't find a throwback helmet in a store, even the HOF gift shop. So that was my second pick. ...aaaaand then when football season began, I noticed that the Jets were wearing the helmet I had just gotten, and I kind if wished I'd gotten the green one instead, since I liked the design better and it would now be hard to find. But those modernized throwback uniforms did look pretty sweet the first few seasons.
  11. MCM0313

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    The Blues still do. The Brewers only do as a throwback. Seems like it used to be more popular back in the day, as the pre-1993 Mariners had that scheme too, and the Denver Nuggets at times (including the last rainbow set), and the Buffalo Sabres before the Buffaslug era. I think the Sabres are navy blue and yellow now. Speaking of which...Navy. In some applications they use metallic gold but I've seen them use yellow as an accent color before. But that's not with royal blue. When did the Grizzlies use royal blue? IIRC, they have been navy blue, smoke blue, and yellow since dumping their Vancouver color scheme. I'm really hoping the Rams make royal and yellow their official, full-time color scheme again in 2020.
  12. MCM0313

    Rare team matchups

    Have the Saints worn gold numerals on white jerseys against the Nike-fied Broncos any other time? I feel like probably not. I was surprised to see those as late as 1998.
  13. MCM0313

    A New Era: New York Knicks Brand Refresh

    You've never heard anyone say "brick" when somebody missed a shot? Maybe they don't say that in New York. They definitely do here in Ohio.
  14. MCM0313

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    That "dark grey" looks more like steel blue to me.
  15. MCM0313

    Full list of teams with neon colors?

    I just read that it has to do with Steph Curry's shoes...I was thinking maybe their designer suffered from red-green colorblindness, given that their colors are red and black.