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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    Well, that would be the left side, and the mirror-image would be on the right.
  2. Rare team matchups

    This right here is why I hate autocorrect.
  3. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    ...and playing the "wrong" position too!
  4. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I stand corrected. In retrospect it was a great choice to not have the stadium name on the patch.
  5. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Really? Because it was first called Enron Field on April 7, 2000, and wasn't renamed till 2002, and that picture of Gooden is from 2000.
  6. FALCON6'S Minor NFL Adjustments

    Your idea for the Jets is interesting. For the Bills, I've never been a fan of the standing buffalo and would rather see their red CR alt with white pants as their alternate.
  7. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Haha, I bet that sleeve patch says "Enron Field" on it.
  8. Rare team matchups

    My Jagr story: when I was a kid, I had a sports almanac from 1993. Jagr was mentioned in it as a young star who had just helped Lemieux lead the Penguins to back-to-back Stanley Cups. Also, he has been both the youngest and the oldest player in the NHL, which is also amazing. I know a thing or two about Czech longevity - my Bohemia-born great-grandmother lived to 97. Still, Jagr is nuts. In terms of career longevity he is looking like the second coming of Birdie Howe.
  9. Players with the wrong hair style

    Haha, he does look like Brad from Home Improvement there. Amazingly, Brady is four years older than that actor. ...also, my hair is about that length right now. 😁
  10. Players with the wrong hair style

    I don't know. It's possible that at some time in his life he did, before he discovered the joy of not trying.
  11. Players with the wrong hair style

    Did he also play defense when this photo was taken?
  12. Players with the wrong hair style

    That KG one counts triple: wrong uniform style, wrong hairstyle, wrong facial expression.
  13. Players with the wrong hair style

    That time Jason Kidd was in N*SYNC...
  14. I'm not saying they shouldn't wear teal. I'm saying they shouldn't move black to tertiary and go teal-and-gold.