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  1. Haha, they peed themselves! Silly Wolverines! Seriously, though, I like what you're doing. Keep it up.
  2. It does seem as well that the five seasons he spent in San Diego were the longest time he was with one team. I guess there is a good case for what you're saying.
  3. Why? He played in a Super Bowl with Tennessee.
  4. What would his "right" uniform be?He also played for the Saints, Titans, Bengals, Chargers...did he also play for Tampa at some point?
  5. I agree that the Giants need orange pants to go with their orange jerseys, and that this combo should be their primary road look. Great ideas!
  6. Phillies' alt really works well in cream too IMO. Also, if you've never had cream soda, you need to try it. A&W has a really good one. Delicious!
  7. ...unless they're not the good kind of angels.
  8. Good thing they're gone, eh?
  9. Real bummer, that.
  10. ...and then wore BFBS uniforms. Teams that have navy as a school color shouldn't do that...except Butler, I guess.
  11. Also the black alt with silver script. Definitely want to have that one too.
  12. I wouldn't call this "best", but I think it's an underrated uniform from an otherwise terrible set: Nice grey cap, nice bright shade of blue on the logo. Take this and build around it, emphasizing the blue and grey instead of the black (and don't darken the blue like they did), and you have a solid set. As it was, though, they were the "Blue Jays" but never had a single blue hat or shirt in this set, which is dumb.
  13. "golf-looking alt":
  14. They never wore a teal uniform aside from spring training, right? I agree that the color balance is nice. Between this and 2012 they kept hammering away the teal, and by the end they were way too black-heavy. I'd like the '97 unis with a teal alternate cap and shirt, and the '93 teal-sleeved golf-looking alt for Sunday home games.
  15. With the exception of the one from the classic Expos' set, I don't like baseball caps with front panels that are a different color from the rest of the cap. I like white caps, but not white-paneled caps.