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  1. I'd like to see the non-script "Minnesota" in white with a green outline. I think that could be the best option.
  2. I really like your UAB design, a lot.
  3. Depends on the sport. I'd say 1993-95 for NFL, mid-to-late '80s for NBA, late '70s-early '80s for NHL, and just the '80s as a whole for MLB. Basically I'm for bright colors and diverse styles.
  4. You should make an entire set out of the "Fiesta Fauxback" plus a few flourishes of silver.
  5. Wow, you're right, the second Clips alt is blue, navy blue, it's as blue as it can be. Don't want to get too formulaic, but just as you have all purple on the black alt (which now looks fantastic) outlined in gold, you should do the same for the black on the purple uniform, for visibility's sake. "Kings" and "Hield" are a little hard to read right now.
  6. Some very good concepts in this thread. I like what you did for CBJ, and I like the Bruins' yellow-and-brown alt. Some teams need more changes than the mostly subtle ones you've proposed, but that's their problem (too much red-and-black, some questionable logos here and there). I'll be sure to take a gander at your NFL series as well.
  7. So they're not wearing greenish-grey sweaters like they were originally going to?
  8. You definitely need some purple on the black alt to keep it from looking too much like the Raptors' "Drake" alt. I would include black in the regular home and road uniforms as well if you're going to use it for the third. Black doesn't fit well with the Clips' red and light blue, but it fits very well (IMO) with purple and metallic gold.
  9. This is (nautical) miles ahead of what they currently wear. Even the BFBS looks decent. As for the waves, I would go with blue. Not only is it more realistic, it also avoids the potential issue of adding another color to the scheme - plus, from a distance, the grey might lack the definition necessary for fans to tell what the shape even is. Ya can't be TOO subtle.
  10. I had Tinder. Swiped right a bunch of times but got very few matches and those I did match with usually wouldn't talk. I'm not into hookups either so, whatever. Right now there are a couple ladies in my hometown that I'm trying to get the 411 on, but I'm going old-fashioned and asking mutual acquaintances to help me out. We'll see how it goes.
  11. New to this thread. Fun facts and opinions: 1. I lost my phone on Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce (Bristol, Connecticut) last July. It is the only day in my life in which I have ever set foot in the state of Connecticut. I'd gladly go back, though - the overall experience was lovely. 2. I've been going to Kings Island (Mason, Ohio, near Cincinnati) since I was about three. I'm now 33. I still love it. The new Mystic Timbers is overhyped, though. 3. My love for water rides and slides is very close to my love for coasters. I have no problem spending five or six hours at a waterpark. 4. I've been to Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) four times. Three of those times there were rain delays during my visit. It's a great park, but being built right next to Lake Erie definitely has its drawbacks. 5. A sneaky-good coaster I like (haven't ridden it in forever, though): Mamba at Worlds of Fun (near Kansas City, Missouri). Sort of a proto of Diamondback (Kings Island), in both ride style and snake theme.
  12. Right?!
  13. I knew it was a throwback; I'm just not crazy about the design. lol
  14. Regular home and road look good. Not sure about the alt or the Color Rush.