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  1. He won a Super Bowl ring as Drew Brees' backup on the Saints. Not that that's a "right" uniform for him by any means - his only right uniform is the Jaguars'.
  2. Like the royal blue sweater there - I like that shade a lot better than the navy that they currently overemphasize. Was the royal blue supposed to be the primary? Your description makes it seem that way. Anyway, could you repost the original Stars and Wild designs? I never got to see them and they aren't showing up now. Did you delete them?
  3. Very nice! I've never really seen their football team aside from that link you posted, but their basketball team's excessive use of black annoys me. I can't see the guns in the stripes, though. I see a sublimated pattern but can't tell what it's supposed to be.
  4. The Rangers' set here is the first one that doesn't really look '90s to me - it looks more early-2000s, and most sports designs from then make me shudder. It isn't bad, but it isn't great like most of the others. The red Lady Liberty jersey (sweater, whatever) looks much more '90s to me, and also better!
  5. False. There would still be white, upper-middle-class twentysomethings taking proxy offense at the nickname "Indians" as a means of virtue signaling.
  6. I'd prefer them to go all the way around. Earl Morrall there has stripes that are cut off, just really low. I agree that the half-length stripes look better than those, but I think full stripes that wrap all the way around look better.
  7. I'd imagine there are two or three women in the world who are named Savannah Storm. That's a pretty good example.
  8. Holy cow, how did I type what I typed? "Nicknamrnickname"? lol I've met Corey "Pitt" Brown, who played safety at OSU while "Philly" was playing wideout. He seemed a bit put off when I clarified (for my own benefit) that he was "Pitt" rather than "Philly" - obviously the WR was/is a higher-profile player. Anyway, I suspect that's the origin of the nicknames - there were two Corey Browns on the team so they identified them by their respective hometowns. Kind of like the infamous Jets draft bust Johnny "Lam" Jones, who got his nickname at UT because he was from Lampasas, TX, while teammate Johnny "Ham" Jones was from Hamlin, TX.
  9. His given name is actually Eldrick - although, to be fair, if I were named Eldrick I'd probably go by a nicknamrnickname too.
  10. I really like your Emeralds idea, but I agree with most of the other posters on this thread that any name besides SuperSonics wouldn't work.
  11. I don't normally like vests in baseball, but those are nice.
  12. Really?! I remembered them wearing black in the '97 World Series. Must've conflated that with '03.
  13. Perhaps. They had a black alternate, though, and it was a doozy. A well-designed teal alternate (plus a teal cap) would've made an already good set a lot more complete in my eyes, complementing everything else quite nicely.
  14. Not the only flaw - lack of teal jersey was another. Even aside from that, the general neglect of teal after the first couple years bothered me.
  15. Triple Play 98 had a green alt for this set. Wish that had become a thing. Must've been in the works at some point.