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    Cursed Uniforms

    There's a pic around here somewhere in these boards. At least I'm pretty sure I've seen one. Paul Lukas (the real one, not the user on here) did an article about them in 2010 that had a mockup Photoshopped onto Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.
  2. MCM0313

    2018 NFL Week 7 Uniform Matchups

    Why did the Panthers have to wear black socks with their black pants? I would think a stylish guy like Cam Newton would be against that.
  3. MCM0313

    Cursed Uniforms

    Mike Schmidt is thinking, "Why am I wearing pajamas on the baseball diamond?!"
  4. You'd think given the name...nah, I'll pass on that low-hanging fruit.
  5. MCM0313

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    Shoot, in that case why not aqua and coral?
  6. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    I mostly like their look, but would be totally cool with them adding grey as a tertiary color and sticking their bear head alt logo somewhere on their uniforms. Just don't touch the throwbacks with the plain navy helmets and the orange numerals. Those are fantastic.
  7. MCM0313

    Cursed Uniforms

    The Bills' blue 1990s uniforms were the only ones ever to lose three straight Super Bowls. Of course, the white version of that set saw Wide Right and the Music City Miracle, so...
  8. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think they have them in both football and men's hoops. But they don't wear them enough, and their regular uniforms don't have enough purple trim IMO.
  9. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't think Clemson uses enough purple. Don't @ me.
  10. MCM0313

    NFL Unveils Logo for 100th Anniversary Season

    As funny as some of the comments are...I actually like the logo. (shrugs)
  11. MCM0313

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Ordinarily I prefer glossy helmets, but these pics are a perfect example of how satin>matte.
  12. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    Fair enough, but how often does a grey uniform check both those boxes?
  13. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like their helmet too. But matte pewter is not pewter, so screw their uniforms.
  14. MCM0313

    Heavy's Expansion Concept thread

    The helmet logo looks like an L.
  15. I use Chrome on my Android, and most of the ads are the big ones. It's getting really irritating.
  16. MCM0313

    Clouder's NIKE x NBA Concepts

    I do think you should have some navy trim somewhere in the home and road (not calling them whatever dumb names Nike uses) if your alt is going to be navy. The gradients and brighter red should be enough to set them apart from the Cavs...the prominence of said red sets them apart from the Pelicans.
  17. I can't do it visually but I'll give you the RGB values per (formerly ColorWerx): Titans blue (actual name): 65-143-222 Teal (Jaguars) - evidently unchanged from last set: 0-98-114 Aqua (Dolphins): 0-140-149 Powder blue (Chargers): 0-114-206 Panther blue (Carolina, of course): 0-133-202 And, for good measure, the Eagles' shade of TEAL that they call midnight green: 0-72-81
  18. MCM0313

    Eagles Helmet Logo -- Side or Front?

    I've always - going back to the Cunningham-era uniforms - considered their logo to be one that starts in the front and continues onto the side. Same with Rams' horns, albeit a different shape. Ordinary side logos are those like the Raiders' shield or the Colts' horseshoe: some may come up higher than others in but none go too far to the front or back. Then you have wraparound logos like those used by Minnesota or Seattle: they are largely on the side of the helmet but also prominently extend to the back (even meeting there in the case of the Seahawks' current helmet). And then you have the Bengals' tiger stripes, which are completely different in form and placement from any other helmet logo in NFL history.
  19. MCM0313

    Eagles Helmet Logo -- Side or Front?

    I believe it's two decals tucked under the bumpers. I think the pre-1996 logos had the same placement minus being tucked under the bumpers. But, yeah...I used to get those little gumball-machine helmets where you apply the decals yourself...Bengals, Rams, and Eagles never looked quite right because the decals were made to go on the side of the helmet and theirs had different placements.
  20. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    I disagree about the pant stripes - they don't always have to match the helmet stripes, and I was fond of the wide black stripes on the gold pants. I liked them best with the state of Louisiana shape on them rather than the fleur-de-lis, though. Don't have a strong opinion on the logo outlining.
  21. MCM0313

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Come to think of it, the mannequin looks a bit...uncomfortable too.
  22. MCM0313

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I'd say replace royal and navy both with turquoise, and use orange and yellow both as accent colors. Kinda like the Marlins minus the black and with the turquoise as the main color. And more yellow, lest they look too much like the Knicks (as they already do). ...ooooooooor just draft a new logo and come up with an Oklahoma-centric color scheme.
  23. MCM0313

    Unpopular Opinions

    This one will probably be a shocker: I don't think the Carolina Panthers need any major changes. I love their color scheme, including the super-bright silver that some think they should drop (look at their helmet up close next chance you get). I think the weird elements of their uniform - the shoulder loops, the '90s helmet stripes - work for them. It's almost as if Cam and company have given a new swagger to the look, and it fits them. The only real change I think they should make is to drop the white pants. This is kind of painful for me to say, because I think they look great in white-over-white, but there's no need for white pants when silver is one of their colors - plus, as we saw in the preseason, the alternate black pants can complement the white jerseys nicely when paired with the bright blue socks. I'd say white over silver for home day games, black over silver for home night games, white over black on the road, and then treat the alt looks (all-black and blue over silver) as special-occasion things that the players can decide when to wear. (Also, I really loved the super-nineties end zone script they had till the logo retouch, but I get that it was quite dated by that time.)
  24. MCM0313

    NFL REDESIGN (Steelers 10/21)

    This has become one of my favorite threads in this forum. Lot of very solid concepts.