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  1. When I was in my early teens, my parents bought me NCAA Football 98 for the computer. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very well-designed for the most part: 100+ schools; full-season play with rankings, major bowl games, and major awards; school fight songs; decent playbooks; something approximating logos on the helmets. It was a very good game for the late 1990s---not as good as the Football Pro series overall, but distinctly collegiate and lots of fun. Anyway, despite the overall quality, there were two details that I have since learned were wrong. One, LSU by default wears yellow jerseys over white pants at home in that game. Two, Missouri's colors are green and gold in the game instead of black and gold. (Come to think of it, I think the latter was also the case in that college hoops game for the Super Nintendo even earlier.) I was wondering: have you guys and gals noticed any similar errors in other games? (Incidentally, Football Pro 98 has the Eagles wearing kelly-green-and-gray even though they were in their second season with their current and inferior color scheme.)
  2. Danny Destroys Clemson (feat. OpenOffice 3.4.1 Drawing)

    I like orange too - in a vacuum I'd probably pick it over purple - but the two colors complement each other so well when there is balance, and I feel like Clemson IRL often lacks that balance. I get that orange is the school's primary color, but I think they have a tendency to almost ignore their secondary, which isn't right.
  3. Danny Destroys Clemson (feat. OpenOffice 3.4.1 Drawing)

    If it's any advice, however vague, I've always thought Clemson (both football and other sports) was too orange-heavy and should utilize the purple more. My favorite combo for them in football is orange-purple-orange.
  4. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (21/32)

    I think you may have angered this hipster by assuming their gender..."Gridiron Gals?! How dare you! That's pandering! And what makes you so sure I'm a woman?! You need to check that privilege!"
  5. NHL Adidas Alternates (Lightning added)

    Well, it's quite logical. I know we're all used to them wearing yellow accents but this is about what you'd think if you heard the name with no prior frame of visual reference.
  6. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Thanks for showing the Brewers in green, although I agree navy works a little better. Looking forward to seeing the G-Men!
  7. Wondering when the portapotty will finally be available?
  8. NCAA Football Super Series

    Why are Boston State and Central Texas not numbered? Why are some seed numbers not mentioned? Are there play-in games?
  9. NCAA Football Super Series

  10. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Or emphasizes the light blue and yellow.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    I miss metallic pants in football, period. Stupid Nike.
  12. I'm not an Eagles fan, but I'd think they might want to leave solid pants stripes to the other Pennsylvania team.
  13. NCAA Football Super Series

    This is fun. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.
  14. Right. Still, that set doesn't seem terribly wrong for him from my vantage point.
  15. I think of him being on the team that won Super Bowl XXIX. Didn't realize he was in only three games that season.
  16. Unpopular Opinions

    Spealong of bright metallic colors, here's an unpopular opinion of my own: I'd love to see someone in the NBA own the copper and sky blue that the Jazz used for trim colors from 1997-2004. (Or that copper and the 2004-10 sky blue.) Not the Jazz, mind you. Grizzlies, maybe? I want to see a copper uniform, dangit!
  17. Unpopular Opinions

    Tell me about it. @Danny the Sheebwas born the year I graduated high school. Danny, I am envious of the fact that you didn't have to deal with the monstrous sports fashions that plagued my mid-teens through my early twenties. Drab colors (it's given me a lasting dislike of navy blue) with lots of BFBS, overly complicated designs that made no least favorites of those looks would be those of the Bills in football and (sorry) the Royals in baseball. I only regret that you didn't get to see bright metallic colors, to which Nike is apparently allergic.
  18. Sharp! Only thing I'd say would be to brighten up that gold, because the gold found in California wasn't the Vegas kind. Can we see some uniforms?
  19. NBA x NIKE (DENVER NUGGETS added 10/10)

    Outside the context of the sign, those letters look very '90s...and I mean that in a good way. Fun to look at and to wear.
  20. Vintage Getty, SI and other NFL photos

    I met Reggie in 1994 at a free instructional football camp. (Ironically I never played tackle, though I have played a lot of flag and touch.) He was a really friendly, good-natured guy. I was so sad when I heard of his premature death 10 years later.
  21. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    The tequila-sunrise contrail looks amazing, especially on the navy shirt.
  22. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    @the admiral: An orange jacket would look dumb? How about a bright metallic copper jacket (admittedly, not of the dugout variety)?
  23. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

    I never drew that well, but my cousin and I came up with some football and basketball teams for which he would draw the uniforms. He or his parents might have those somewhere now, but I doubt it.
  24. Replacing some of the black (except on the black alternates) with silver could do you good.