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  1. According to the Ravens Gameday, they’re due to be in black again? Don’t know if that means black/black or black/purple.
  2. This week BOTH the Bengals official release and today the beat writers’ preview have the Bengals in orange/black...
  3. According to their release, Bengals in black/black this week (theoretically).
  4. The Bengals beat writers wrote towards the end of the week that they would go orange/white. The switch could possibly have been due to the weather report. It was supposed to be 87 so they might’ve decided against the black pants stated in the release. In the past, their release is about 90% reliable and occasionally doesn’t take into account last minute changes in pant color.
  5. Per page 6 of their weekly release, Bengals in black pants this week (with the orange jerseys as earlier indicated). Personally prefer the orange/white though...
  6. Per their official weekly release, Bengals are in black pants.
  7. The throwbacks would be in Week 4. Atlanta is home against the Bengals.
  8. I would guess that possibly Atlanta would be the other throwback since this is their third home game in a row.
  9. The Bengals are wearing Color Rush Week 1 at Indy. They just announced their uniform schedule on the official Bengals Twitter. Orange versus Dolphins Week 5 and Saints Week 10.
  10. They look similar to the Bengals color rush. I prefer the Bengals version which has enough going for it to be visually interesting.
  11. According to their release, Bengals in black/black this week.
  12. According to their weekly release, the Bengals will once again go orange with the black pants, as they did against the Eagles last year.
  13. According to their weekly release, the Bengals are wearing black/black this week against the Bills.
  14. Per their weekly release, Bengals are in white/black pants this Sunday:
  15. Bengals apparently had an unusual switch in plans according to their website: "The Bengals have changed their color scheme for Sunday and are going with black jerseys and white pants. No reason why they changed from all black. They are 26-25 in that ensemble and 12-9-1 in all black..." Here is the link, with the update at the bottom.