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  1. specialk

    International Football 16-17

    ? there's no other team like the Glasgow Rangers ? ?️?
  2. specialk


    Gold: #15 Silver: #18 Bronze: #13
  3. specialk

    NBA Store in NYC

    Ya, so how much did you pay for those shorts? 100-150 American? For us Canadians goin down to NYC to shop, it's ridiculous. I went there lookin for an authentic pair of NBA shorts and almost dropped that someone could charge that much money. Nevertheless, I still loved the store and browsing around. It wasn't that crowded when I was there, and they had some sick deals on ball shoes. I really wanted to play ball on that Court tho, but they had sale racks all over it, pff.
  4. specialk

    CFL free agents

    Well, my boys in Hamilton only have a few free-agents to lock up. I would say that Tounkara is a quality prospect, but isn't a must to sign. Troy Saunders consistently played bad on defense, so I disagree with that. He is an expendable player. Tounkara however could very well become a star in the CFL. As for the other teams: Toronto- really needs to sign Eiben, i love the way he plays Montreal- Copeland and Sanchez are extremely key. Ottawa- Wiltshire, Bendross, and Malbrough are all keys to this team. In order to keep building and keep the team in Ottawa, some free-agents from other teams must be re-signed. BC- Brazzell is a key to be re-signed, mainly because he's one of my top WR in the TNFF and i like him playin for BC. As for Kidd, i'm in the middle. A good LB but is not a must. Edmonton- Hervey, the O-line, and Mobley are no brainers for this club. Bradley is also an important that Edmonton needs to keep around in order to replace ageing players. Saskatchewan- All of the key players listed i agree with. Winnipeg- In the land of ice and snow formally known as Minnesota but now pertaining to Winnipeg, Sheridan is a big need. Calgary- All of the above defensive players are top performers in the CFL.
  5. specialk

    Saskatchewan Roughriders Concept

    That definitely deserves an OntariOWNED!
  6. specialk

    Chris Creamer All-Star Basketball Team

    Wow we need alot more power players: Head Coach yhollander PG specialk - #12 phillyfan36 - #5 Discrimihater - #00 aussie - #4 SG skater20na - #17 quadival - #55 (phillyfan already has 5) SF DarthMan - #99 PF amare32 - #32 C aengre - #13 Towel Boy wheateater
  7. specialk

    CFL Expansion

    I agree with putting a franchise in Halifax, but as for Quebec City, or Saskatoon, or Victoria; they'd never fly. I think that London, Ontario's fastest growing city would be a great place for a football team, or even Windsor - Detroit Junior. Halifax for sure should get a club, but i don't think the CFL should go beyond 10 teams for now. There isn't enough fan support around some of the current clubs to be able to support more expansion. Hamilton is just now starting to make a rebound because of the excellent ownership just installed, and the Argos are also making a comeback, and with the new field going in near the ex, they'll be able to sell out more games. As for Halifax, it seems like a great idea because there are no professional sports teams other than the major junior hockey teams out there. Just like in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, Halifax would flourish due to no other competition from other sports. Also, Halifax would make it a truly Canadian game, stretching from sea to sea.
  8. specialk

    Chris Creamer Soccer Team

    As long as it's Orange and Navy, cause the goalie jersey is a different colour!
  9. Name: Bill Livingstone Position: PG Number: 12 Shoes: Converse Lethal Weapons Specialities: Hittin the 3 ball, startin' the offense Height: 6-0 Weight: 175
  10. specialk

    Chris Creamer Soccer Team

    Name: Bill Livingstone Position: Tender Number: N/A Jersey: Lotto Orange and Navy Shoes: adidas Gloves: Orange Nike Kraaken
  11. specialk

    Chris Creamer Hockey Team

    Name: Bill Livingstone Position: Center Number: 77 Gloves: Winwell Skates: CCM Tacks 242 Stick: Hespeler 500 wood Helmet: CCM Height: 6-0 Weight: 175
  12. specialk

    2005 Grey Cup Logo

    (i dont think this has been posted yet, sorry if it has) CFL unveiled the logo for this years Grey Cup. Looks pretty cool to me....what do you guys think? *edit* 2005, not 2004
  13. specialk

    Chris Creamer Football Team

    So what kinda offense are we running? Alot of high schools in Canada that have three solid running backs go with the wishbone offence, which is three backs in the backfield with play action galore, and only one wide reciever, with a double or single tight end. My school went usually with one in the backfield, two wide recievers, 2 slot backs, and 5 linemen, of course that's canada, and we play with 12. I guess we'll be going Canadian rules because this is a Canadian born site .
  14. specialk

    Chris Creamer Football Team

    Hook me up with 7 then.
  15. specialk

    Chris Creamer Football Team

    So what does the line-up look like right now? I guess we have our quoto of quarteback's going into Training Camp to fight for the top position .