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  1. International Football 16-17

    ? there's no other team like the Glasgow Rangers ? ?⚪️?
  2. V for Vendetta

  3. Staying at school for break

    the obvious answer here is the chronic. peace peace. or some sick canadian underground rap. rep classified.
  4. The saugeen stripper

    Hey man, those Saugeen broads are disgusting. There are much better looking, sluttier girls at Brock then there are at Western. Give it up for BU, but still have props for Sloppy Saugeen, no doubt.
  5. Regional Chapters of the CCSLC

    Well since me and epper are from the same town i guess that puts me into the Canada East Chapter. CEC represent. Jea Jea.
  6. Kanye West's new jam

    I'll give to you 5 "rap" artists that are not only black but also white that will change they way any of you look at rap along with their tops songs. Slug from Atmosphere: Always Coming Back Home to You Godlovesugly The Woman with the Tattooed Hands Blueprint from Soul Position: Take Your Time 1 Love Final Frontier Aesop Rock: 1,000 Deaths or Hold the Cup No Regrets Daylight Brother Ali: A Room With a View Three Day Journey Missing Teeth ft. Slug Eyedea and Abilities: Big Shots Kept One Twenty For anyone that loves to expand their music horizons check out these artists. I know whoever the guy is that has Vitamin D as his tag has gotta be a rhymesayers fan so there are at least a few REAL hip/hop fans out there.

    Gold: #15 Silver: #18 Bronze: #13
  8. Famous People from your birthplace

    Born in beautiful St. Catharines, Ontario (holla epper) Linda Evangelista: super model and overall gorgeous Brian Bellows: hockey player Gerry Cheevers: famous goalie with the boston bruins, had that stitch mask Alexisonfire: a popular heavy rock band with all members originating here Neal Peart: drummer of rush (went to my high school back in the day) Dave Thomas: Actor from SCTV Harriet Tubman: settled in St. Catharines after smuggling blacks through the underground railway Lived or passed through: Marcel Dionne: top 5 all time in NHL scoring Phil Esposito: got cut three times by local hockey team (TeePees)
  9. CCSLC Toronto Area Get-Together 2005

    I'm down for the get together on the 21st, St. Cats is only an hour and a half away pending traffic.
  10. Something for all you Homestarrunner fans

    "Now lets go break apart this glow stick and pour it in Home*Runner's Mountain Dew" Nice work so far Zer0 "I heard they have to pump your stomach if you drink that stuf" Solid painting
  11. Jeff Bagwell's wife sells ad space...

    Does anyone have a picture of this ms.ex-bagwell?
  12. Nominate the Hottie of the Month

    Ah, Time Machine...decent movie, i got no qualms with it.
  13. Get drunk with a sports star

    I'd have to go with the Broadstreet Bullies, the starting line-up for the Philadelphia Flyers during their playoff runs. Those guys are animals and definitely would know how to party. One on one i'd have to go with Shoeless Joe Jackson. He'd tell some sick stories about baseball i'm sure, although he's dead, so maybe i'll go with Ricky Williams.
  14. sleeping with 16-year old boys is very, very bad.

    That's exactly why I said yes. A girl w/ padunka dunk {nice butt} + volleyball shorts = VOTE FOR YES lol, padunka dunk, ha ha ha ha, oh, and i vote yes as well, as long as she was hot and it was on her desk, lol.
  15. Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle growing up?

    I'm the only one to vote for Raphael so far!!!!! That's terrible, Raph is the best Ninja Turtle of them all man. I'm disappointed in this board, lol, tsk tsk.