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  1. For me, taking away the slant and thinning the outline is not much of a redesign or an improvement. Get creative. You have an opportunity to take it in a new direction. Maybe a new font. Maybe thinning the letters to make a truly interlocking monogram. Search out pro & college monograms that you really like and emulate that style. Push your limits. Don't get boxed in by the current logo.
  2. I think it may look better without the thick purple whiskers. See what it looks like without whiskers. If you want to keep the whiskers, I suggest making them a little more anatomically correct. Their origin location is currently the corner of the mouth, when they should originate on side of the muzzle. Otherwise, I really like the look. Look at the Penn State whiskers location:
  3. The curves and tight angles you have made with the antlers do not work well with the stroke function. The best thing you can do is take Fraser Davidson's Skill Share class online to learn better techniques for Illustrator. https://www.skillshare.com/classes/How-To-Design-Sports-Logos-Create-Your-Own-Team-Mascot/1492205793?via=user-profile Then practice a lot.
  4. You just offended every resident of Las Vegas by playing into the stereotype of the "Las Vegas Strip". It's kind of like basing an Orlando concept completely on Disney stuff. It is an easy trap to fall into, but notice how the Golden Knights were able to avoid the trap. The western outlaw theme is great (just don't reuse failed team logos). You could also use a mob theme, or atomic testing theme, or air force theme. There is a lot more to Las Vegas than the fake touristy stuff.
  5. houston dynamo

    All of the sublimated details are off center. The vertical mid-line of your jersey is aligned with the yellow point on the collar. It is hard to tell, but the Colorado flag C seems slightly distorted or stretched. I also suggest playing around with the C's location, as the belly of the player is a strange place (obviously the chest is the best spot, but that is the sponsor location). Maybe reduce the size by 67% and place it above the sponsor logo????
  6. Take a look at the blue line of the back, where the gold outline of the draped N connects to the gold stroke. The top blue edges don't appear to follow the same curve, as I would expect them to. This also makes the gold stroke appear to have different thickness in that area. It's a great look. The anchor is even growing on me.
  7. You need to improve a few things before you will get more C&C. Your hand drawn designs need to be cleaner. Right now they look sloppy and juvenile. It takes high skill level to pull off crayon. Maybe try colored pencils for more precision. The sizing of your lettering and numbering is inconsistent and doesn't match the sizing of real soccer jerseys. Maybe use a template that is larger, where one jersey fills a complete piece of paper. Hand drawn doesn't need to be perfect, but they need to show appropriate amounts of time and effort were taken. Presentation matters no matter if it is hand drawn or computer drawn. Keep working at it. Improve your presentation and you will start getting that C&C you want.
  8. B
  9. I would think the owners would have enough money and creativity to design their own tree logo rather than use an exact copy of Stanford's tree, and the wordmark font is a little underwhelming considering it is 2030.
  10. Your cannon is missing an axel and frame. The barrel appears to be floating between the wheels.
  11. Simplify the ball. You do not need the outlines around the "white hexagons" part of the ball. (example: Colorado Rapids logo, New York Red Bulls logo). Choice C is a good design, but the red and blue are causing vibration. Add a thin white stroke on THUNDER and remove the red stroke on the ball.
  12. It would help if you researched both club and international soccer (football) uniform trends over the last 5 or so years. Look at crests, design and color usage, crest/number size and placement, and sponsor logo size and placement. Once you design something that has met a high standard, shows that you have put in the time and effort, and looks like something a team would actually use, you will get a lot of helpful C and C from the community to make your design even better.
  13. Before you get serious about presenting designs or redesigns to schools you will have to give up PowerPoint and start designing with vector graphics software.
  14. The bolt gets lost in the overlap. Try adding a stroke around the L and then put it on the top layer.
  15. concept

    Two things stand out to me as being off: Inconsistent angles of the letters (L is normal - A is italicized), and the width of the vertical part of the L is not consistent with the height of the horizontal part of the L before it becomes the bolt (and thus also inconsistent with the thickness of the A).