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  1. MCH925

    PAC-12 Alternate Concept Helmets

    UW: I'm usually against the purple helmet for the Huskies, but this looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind this as an alternate. WSU: Nice look, but like the comment above said, Pullman is pretty flat.
  2. MCH925

    NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread

    Literally the worst game the Seahawks have played since Wilson came in 2012. I've never seen a team dominate Seattle for sixty minutes like that game. Wilson played the worst game of his career, too. I have no idea where the Seahawks go from here.
  3. MCH925

    Rays Internship Graphics

    Congrats! This is well deserved!
  4. MCH925

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    That wasn't how it worked in 2014. Ohio State wore their red jerseys in the title game, while Oregon wore a white-out.
  5. MCH925

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    The dawgs are in gold/purple/gold tonight!
  6. MCH925

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    CU going with the all-white look for the Pac-12 Championship game. Since Colorado is in their whites, count on Washington going on their standard gold-purple-gold home combo.
  7. Not sure the red in the Dem logo works. I would change that to at least a different shade of blue. Also, make the equal sign a little more obvious. Maybe make it a bit longer. Other than that it looks great. The GOP logo is fantastic, no complaints there.
  8. MCH925

    Pac-12 Redesign (Utah Updated, Colorado added)

    Two days late again here, but let's wrap up the series with a Utah update and Colorado. Changed the stripe on the black sleeves to red. This is a combination of their old set and the new. The Northwest stripes return to the sleeves, and the TV numbers are moved to the shoulders. Thanks for all the C&C everyone! And thus ends my first fully completed series.
  9. MCH925

    Pac-12 Redesign (Utah Updated, Colorado added)

    Sorry this is a day late. The forum was down when I checked yesterday evening and...well...the Quick update for Oregon State: Helmet stripes thinned out. It looks a lot better now. Utah's up next. I am a really big fan of Utah's throwback. I set out to modernize it slightly with updated logos and numbers. The red helmet becomes the primary helmet however. The white helmet is eliminated completely. Honestly I wanted to just keep it at red and white, but I decided to throw in a blackout set because, really, blackout night at Rice-Eccles is fantastic .
  10. MCH925

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    My thoughts exactly. Not only is this the first time they will be wearing anything besides gold/purple/gold at home (they're 5-0 in those), but they're also only 2-2 all time with those W-flag helmets.
  11. MCH925

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Washington is ditching the tradition for a salute to service blackout set. The W on the helmet has the flag instead of the traditional colors, and on the right chest there is a badge that will bear the name of a veteran associated with UW.