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  1. I'm calling it now, Carolina will get a team, then move to Hartford.
  2. Pretty sure they've won before. So apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks...just wish it didn't happen against the concordes
  3. ...really concordes...
  4. KC turned out better than I thought they would. I really love how they came out
  5. Britain's and the US's are honestly the best.
  6. Not sure if agree with that trade between LI-Milwaukee...but anyways... I love the vibe from Miami! Really cool woodmark as well. As for KC, twisters are cool name the woodmark is awesome, but the colors aren't my cup of tea because they feel a little too obvious for a KC team but that's my opinion. Also the silver "Kansas City" could be darkened a little, it's a tad bit hard to see on the white background
  7. Very cool and very sleek for Watertown, Cornwall look awesome as well. Ah the Fed, always been one of my favorite independent leagues I remember first seeing a game when there was still a New York/Brooklyn Aviators in the league
  8. I know what it says, it just looks like something else
  9. Is Steve okay? He doesn't look okay...
  10. I'll tell you when it's ready anyways Burnsie said it best, "We'll be back" @hawkfan89 kudos on including Newsday in the story. (For those who don't know Newsday is the largest local paper on Long Island)
  11. Instead Toronto is making him in reality
  12. Concordes win you have to eat a New York style hot dog, Chops win I'll eat a Milwaukee Bratwurst. That sound fair?
  13. Yes, a decade's long dream, that definitely plays in the minds of all Concordes fans every season, Lets make it a reality Concordes, lets do it for Strong Island!
  14. Miami Orcas sound cool.
  15. So more or less of a forced rivalry like the Atlanta Thrashers and Carolina Hurricanes, Arizona Coyotes and what will become the Vegas Golden Knights, VGK and the LA Kings, and NYCFC and Orlando City SC (though this one is slightly becoming more of an actually rivalry) to name a few. I feel like that would happen more plausibly in the Mid-1990's to present (although to a lesser extent today).