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  1. Well that blows that Long Island isn't a true contender anymore
  2. The Concordes are awesome looking especially for the 1990's I agree with cardinal they need an orange alt Also the seagull makes sense there are way too many on the island
  3. Woo! Springfield Tigers and Long Island. Also love the Cosmos look!
  4. Montreal will win
  5. I think I have an idea of what will happen this year but I'm hoping for an upset
  6. What a career for Davidson!
  7. True it was but then again it was the 1970s so...okay for then
  8. I love the Nets but I feel LIs is better just my opinion it makes me think back to the Old New York Nets (in color and style)
  9. Yes especially in the case of the Long Island Nets and Brooklyn Nets
  10. Arguably NYC stands for both though most likely it's New York Civics and is a happy/intentional coincidence. Also I do agree black isn't the best option for them I think silver fits better myself...though that is technically the exact same thing as what the Rangers did IRL in the 90s
  11. Dangitt Imperials
  12. Civics look like the 90s Rangers if they had completely adopted the Statue of Liberty logo (quite fond of this look for the Civics) The Nationale have a mix of the Nordiques and the Gorton's Fisherman Islanders logo. Calgary just has an Oilers vibe could look for though my least favorite is Quebec
  13. The anticipation is killing me for the Concordes!!!
  14. Boston will beat Edmonton in 6