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  1. Love the Redshirts' centennial logo. It certainly matches the identity of the team in simplicity and pairs nicely with pretty much every single logo in the Redshirts existence.
  2. Oh God no... also the name doesn't fit because it's a reference to the incredible aviation history. If they were to move (I hope not) to Jersey names could be the Monsters (more or less reference to the Jersey Devil), Newark Freight/ NJ Sailors (reference to the port of Newark) Names work for expansion team as well
  3. Well it's that time again with more expansion comes more rumors. Here's what we're hearing so far: Rumor 1: With the last minute inclusion of Tampa it's lead to many speculating that they are the front runner in the East in the eyes of Commissioner Byrd. It is however unknown if he will take executive action in granting the franchise to Tampa like his predecessor did with Concordes organization. Rumor 2: The Western front runners appear at this time to be Portland and Phoenix. For Phoenix it is most likely due to the recent trend of expansion and relocation to the Southern United States i.e. Dallas (version 2: Electric Boogaloo), New Orleans, Carolina, Miami, etc. As for Portland, there status as front runner comes from more of the fans and owners of select teams as well as a few players and not from indications by the league itself. We are hearing that the reason for Portland's popularity among many is that it's considered with Baltimore to be the only traditional hockey market and makes more logical sense that expanding to non-traditional markets (NTMs for short) such as Phoenix. Rumor 3: Apparently an attorney from Montana is questioning the "legality" of the Baltimore bid due to the city being within the 50 mile exclusive market zone. However, many point out the Concordes as an exception to this. This has led to the debate between those who believe if there's an exception for one then there should be an exception for all and those who say no more exceptions from here on out. So mermers from the failed Newark bid is that they may try to challenge this but it very unlikely for they still lack a suitable arena for a team. Rumor 4: There have been some scattered reports from shall I say less than reputable sources and one mostly trust worthy source that Mexico City attempted to place a bid. However the main reasons they fell short were a lack of funds for any possible expansion fee, and no arena whatsoever within the city. Of the rumors presented it is in the opinion of this writer that most of this "attempted" bid is just a hoax with possible mistranslations of Spanish sprinkled in. Our mostly reliable source has said there was a brief discussion amongst city officials and that's about it. REMEBER PEOPLE THESE ARE RUMORS AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS 100% FACT.
  4. Thank You Maclntyre!
  5. Off by a game. At least the 90's have been mostly kind to New York State, wish it was Long Island getting another Cup in the decade but at least the 2000's should be good for Strong Island... I hope... Also I feel like for the Civics to win it they always have to go through some sort of devastating or tragic deus ex machina such as Skippy Cleveland's death and the injury of Jason Wyley that pulls the team together and allows them to win it all...granted that's what usually happens in sports with varying degrees of success
  6. This is a statement I've said all too much just without twisters being the team
  7. Hoping for a lower New York team to be added
  8. Awesome looking forward to seeing how this plays out!
  9. Long Island is beautiful...well in my eyes orange is a yes in my books
  10. Name suggestions: Carolina Hawks/ Adjective or color-Hawks Houston/Texas Freedom/Independece Houston Americans
  11. Yeah I agree though the Gordon's fisherman has a special place in my heart.
  12. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Woo! Go Modiin! Way to show'em what Israeli baseball is all about!