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  1. International Hockey Association - Buffalo Nickels history

    Awesome looking forward to seeing how this plays out!
  2. Long Island is beautiful...well in my eyes orange is a yes in my books
  3. Name suggestions: Carolina Hawks/ Adjective or color-Hawks Houston/Texas Freedom/Independece Houston Americans
  4. Yeah I agree though the Gordon's fisherman has a special place in my heart.
  5. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Woo! Go Modiin! Way to show'em what Israeli baseball is all about!
  6. Gridiron League of America: 2011 Season : after 7 games

    I personally prefer Lexingtons Jefferson-Hodge Cup "sleeve" (for lack of a better term) style with the stripes to what they will wear next season. Also not really sure who to root for...granted I'm also secretly hoping the GLA expands out of the Midwest to the East Coast...more specifically NYC Either way love the series so far!
  7. Long Islands is beautiful! Love how the whole island is shown and isn't cut off at Nassau County like one unnamed LI professional ice hockey team does
  8. The Cajun would've been good one but I'm in love with look of the Sound
  9. Ah well that makes sense then lol but true you are correct about the early Dbacks. However for the better part of 10 years they were fairly average and it significantly dropped their attendance
  10. Phoenix is appealing in the 1990s but the problem is many of the residents from the population boom are ex-pats from other states with with their own favorite team. Furthermore, this is me judging from 2017 knowing how the Phoenix/Glendale/Arizona fan base acts in our universe. I'm not opposed to it so long as Las Vegas, Fresno (highly unlikely), Salt Lake City (unlikely), or San Diego join the league at the same time or relatively soon after a Phoenix team to try and create some artificial rivalry to attract attention towards the team's despite being in non-traditional markets
  11. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    Marshals or Defenders
  12. If Ottawa moves send them anywhere but Phoenix...unless there's a simultaneous Las Vegas or Salt Lake City expansion. Personally I'd like to see them go to Atlanta also if they were moved to Buffalo they can remain the beavers because it's the state animal so it makes sense
  13. Well that blows that Long Island isn't a true contender anymore
  14. The Concordes are awesome looking especially for the 1990's I agree with cardinal they need an orange alt Also the seagull makes sense there are way too many on the island