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  1. So that's how you improve upon perfect you, can't wait to see them all finished!
  2. I don't know how you can improve upon an already perfect New York design...
  3. I know but my theory is more fun though.
  4. They played 4 games in an alternative universe that is alternative to this alternative universe
  5. I probably would have remembered them if they were still in Buffalo...but in all seriousness thank you for the reminder of them I screwed up lol
  6. For the sake of the Claymores' great logo I agree. However I think Express works better possibly.
  7. I hope that actually changes if not oh well just hope the Pats can win something.
  8. Me right now: Happy this is back, saddened by the lack of Patriots Super Bowls and confused on the whereabouts of Tom Brady
  9. *chants start up* "Thank you Chadwick!" Also Dangit Pascal! Either way he'll probably go down as one of the greatest Concordes goalies. Speaking of Concordes goalies I curious to see how Pickard will do.
  10. Happy to help!
  11. Perhaps makes the Mountie smaller and the blue a bit thicker maybe that could work out nice in game and irl.
  12. As I mentioned on the other version of this post I recommend a blue outline of the roundel logo otherwise they are perfect
  13. Very cool they look great! My only suggestions are that you put a blue outline on the inner and outer part of the roundel logo. And the other is to upload to NBA 2k17 and see how it looks in game
  14. Well no back 2 back for LI...figures
  15. Haven't been on the thread in a while but I love the Pats look. Also Miami is perfect!