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  1. I love the first Tigers set starting with the amalgamated "D" logo. Really can't get on board with the tiger-striped version. It's an interesting, if horrifying, what-if.
  2. I think I'd rather see this uniform with blue instead of brown. In no small part because Cleveland has had some sweet all blue roads in the past.
  3. Really like the direction of the Seattle Pilots. My only quibble is that given the current state of Seattle uniform design, I would find silver rather than gold a more probable tertiary color.
  4. Another option might be the Reds old blue roads.
  5. Reds: Going with the white cap is the right idea for a solid red road uniform. Another idea might be to use the deeper red for undersleeves and stirrups (cap too?). Something to keep things from getting to searing. White Sox: I like the original striping better. If anything it might be best to just ditch the collar and pants striping altogether.
  6. That diagonal S-o-x is pretty terrific. It's nice direction that hasn't been seen before. Looks a lot like this 60's helmet. Very cool. I think it'd also look nice on a spring training or BP jersey.
  7. Very cool. The white on the red road really takes the edge off. While I do really enjoy the all white home jersey, the red sleeves are still super cool and make a great connection to the latter day Aaron uniforms.
  8. Maybe red over red with a white front cap or white sleeves
  9. I'd actually go the other way and opt for gold. It has some usage in MLB from the Padres and A's. Anthracite is a definite no, since its the most abused shade in sports right now. You could opt for a light grey (did the Astros do this with the late-stage sunrise uniforms?) or just go with red over white like its the double knit era.
  10. This may sound boring, but I'd just go with a traditional grey. A neutral color is a good way to off set the heat from the red and yellow.
  11. I really like the home uniform. However, despite my love for chromatic road uniforms I think the solid red is just a little too harsh.
  12. This may be an insane idea but why not use mono turquoise as the road uniform? We have lots of precedent for mono blues on the road and if you get the shade right it could look a lot like some of the mid-70's Phillies.
  13. I think I was the first to come up with the diamond pattern all over design. I take it as a very high compliment to see it used here. You've made an interesting improvement by switching to red and opting for cream over white. Good Job!
  14. Love that Boston Americans jersey. It'd be tempting to use that on the blue/red set too.
  15. I love everything about this Red Sox update and want to have its baby.