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  1. I love everything about this Red Sox update and want to have its baby.
  2. I'd add a white outline to the script on the pinstriped jersey. I think it'd improve the contrast.
  3. Christmas came early this year! It's a full @SFGiants58 series!
  4. Those are gorgeous! I think you don't need a Sunday alt. The regular alts work just fine. The sleeve patch is straight up masterpiece! It looks like it came straight out of the '70s.
  5. Another idea could be switching the road numbers/script from brown with a white outline to white with a brown outline.
  6. Maybe something like this? In terms of the khaki, just swap out the yellow and orange for white
  7. It's tough. I would say dial down the intensity. Not really lightening but more like softening or diluting. On the other hand, go too far in that direction and its value as an accent color goes down for the home and alternate. It seems that this would broadly end up looking like some of the Padres camo uniforms over the years.
  8. I love that new Swinging Friar! It's a perfect update. It's clean, elegant, and modern but still in keeping with the classic logo. Sorry but I don't like the khaki. It's just a little too similar to the brown and its too intense for the road uniform. Maybe use grey, like a battleship? Orange or yellow like the classic padres?
  9. I'm voting for number 1. Although number 2 would probably be more likely.
  10. THAT is terrific! Really cool use of a gradient as a subtle callback rather than a full out shock to the system. Also I love the straight horrizontal letters. A couple of questions: Is the sunrise pattern different on the wordmarks, piping, and cap logo or are they all the same? Why does the logo have a square end at the upper left corner?
  11. I really like the choices you've made for the Angels. The gold halo really makes the difference. Also the navy jersey is terrific.
  12. I'm sold. Excellent job. Nicely subtle use of cream.
  13. I actually like the blue jersey with the Cleveland script better.
  14. Really like where the Nets went. What would you think of redoing the strip pattern to have three side stripes to better reflect the original?
  15. Full disclosure I'd been listening to some Muddy Waters and was feeling especially salty/Chicago-y last night.