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  1. Green and blue Twins look really nice. I like the idea of a "Twin Cities" jersey, I'd consider going with that on the blue/red version for the alternate rather than "Twins."
  2. @Silver_Star, it's a great look. If you haven't already check out @MJD7 's design which is really excellent.
  3. It's definitely an experiment. A combo of the Seahawks and Cincinnati Bearcats. I'll try to revise it along the lines you suggest later in the series.
  4. Seeing this Twins concept is like the scene in Amadeus where Mozart improvises "Non Piu Andrai" on the fly. It's perfect.
  5. Does this work?
  6. The Marlin is meant to be to right but over-sized. It's a slender logo with a ton of beautiful detail so I felt I could make it huge with no trouble. Here are the revised caps:
  7. Miami Marlins finally breech the surface today! I think it goes unnoticed that the first iteration of the Florida Marlins actually had two different fish. One for their jersey and cap logo and one for their primary logo. They also had two different jersey scripts. One using the swooping font for the home and one using a more Roman font for the road. So what I've done here is re-imagine the original Marlins design but focusing on the Roman font and bold fish logo as center pieces. I've taken the jersey details from this glorious sun logo.
  8. I love the Part II design. The gold blends really well especially with the road set.
  9. Gorgeous job on Les Expos! Montreal had a criminally underrated uniform history. What I wouldn't give to see those in a modern stadium and not in the florescent dinge of Olympic Stadium.
  10. Clean and simple. Satisfying!
  11. One thing I'd be curious about is switching the roles of red and black on the road uniform. If you switch those colors on the striping for example give you the look of the '90s Bulls black uniforms.
  12. I think the brighter shade of red is doing a ton of great work in the White Sox concept. I common problem in the Go Go Sox throwbacks is that the red blends into the black, creating a brownish. So upping the radiance on the red makes for much better contrast. I wasn't sure about the white outline on the road uniform but on a second viewing I like it. The "Chicago" script works a lot better with the additional white outline that the Tigers' "Detroit." As a Sox fan, I am broadly opposed to the complete name "White Sox" appearing on any jersey as its only been worn that way for 5 seasons out of 117 (they've actually used "Chicago" for both jerseys more often). However, using it on a black alternate looks really nice so it works. Also the look of "White Sox" in white and red on a dark background was my first little league jersey so I definitely like it. My one tweak would be to drop the second black alt with "Chicago" and go with a red jersey for the road alt.
  13. Like so?
  14. Which shade of red? More modern bright red? '60s candy apply? '70s maroon?
  15. nhl

    The way the normal sleeve stripes meet the shoulder stripes remind be of the Keystone patch the Flyers have worn.