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  1. nfl

    Surprised to say it but I like the double green. I think my one and only further question would be have you considered using the 80's style logo?
  2. Love the logo but there's just one snag. The Brown family are the current owners of the Cincinnati Bengals. I don't think they'd take kindly to Paul Brown's likeness being a logo for the franchise that fired him which just so happens to play in the same state and division.
  3. Maybe one idea would be to switch the stripes on the blue jersey? This way the center stripe is red on both home and away.
  4. Any chance we can get some uniforms to go with these beauties?
  5. Probably I'd drop the waist stripe and just adopt the gold shorts stripes style across the home/away.
  6. Love it! My only suggestion would be to either drop the contrasting waistband on the shorts or make it match the jersey stripe. Solid color there clashes a little, IMO.
  7. The home jersey isn't really working for me. Double white UCLA stripes is a dead ringer for the Colts. Maybe just leave it blank except for numbers? Like the old Thanksgiving Day jerseys?
  8. So this is my redesign for the Chargers. It's based on a guiding principle that the curved bolts and powder blue are so much a part of San Diego Charger history that they ought to stay in San Diego. Blame it on the local movers who refused to help them load their stuff. So instead, I've employed straight bolts which run on a diagonal and wrap around the back. Large numbers appear on the back on the helmet reminiscent of the helmet numbers on the original LA Chargers. Only one shade of blue, the azure from last years Color Rash. To add a touch of LA flair, the Chargers use cursive numerals like UCLA. The pants are white at home and blue on the road for non-divisional games and gold for all in-division games. So five games in white pants, five in blue, six in gold.
  9. Sharks wish list is quite satisfying.
  10. nfl

    Chargers and Rams both look terrific. I have this idea that the Chargers ought to have yellow pants that they wear for division games only. This way you'd get five games in blue over white, five in white over blue, three in blue over yellow, and three in white over yellow.
  11. I may be crazy but I prefer the Florida outline in the roundel. Maybe better in white?
  12. That's an interesting look for the Lightning. Love the new primary logo.
  13. I like both versions of the Flames. I am a fan of a touch of black. Wondering how it'd look with red helmets/breezers.
  14. Yep that's what the Jets look like.