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  1. Switching allegiances?

    I quit the Buffalo Bills when I was kid because their city & fans were annoying. Toronto US tv feed goes through Buffalo for us, local stuff. I saw a lot of Canadian (Maritimers?) fans at Patriots games on tv, Bill Parcells was fun, signed up with the Patriots, & then they drafted video game QB Drew Bledsoe. That choice was easy. The Bills lost another couple SBs, this time I didn't care.
  2. The 2017 NBA Playoffs: This Is A Recording

    As if I give a flying :censored: about such fans. Because some message boarders are up in it, I should just turn in my Patriots fandom card is that it? I barely any time throw shade from being a Patriots fan other than absolutely purely in fun & jest, usually at the team's expense. Should I start licking Yankees caps because I'm a Patriots fan? Real Madrid kits, should I start sleeping in those because I am a Patriots fan?? Maybe I'll start kissing American Olympic gold medals on my way to work every day because hey, as a Patriots fan, how on Earth can I be a Canadian Olympic supporter.
  3. The 2017 NBA Playoffs: This Is A Recording

    What can I say, fairweather Silicon Valley fans are not my cup of tea. Kawhi Leonard deserved a much better fate this series.
  4. 2017 NHL Offseason

    https://www.thestar.com/sports/leafs/2017/05/16/leafs-bolster-blue-line-with-two-swedish-free-agents.html Alright.
  5. The 2017 NBA Playoffs: This Is A Recording

    I hope the Cavs destroy the Warriors.
  6. What did you just notice for the first time?

    Pele's Brazil teams never once won a South American Championship.
  7. International Football 16-17

    LFC's win over West Ham might've been one of the finest I've seen of theirs. They're back.
  8. What are you watching?

    Sunday's Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, in Laos, was sublime. I'm gonna buy/download my fav 10 eps after this season ends in June. There's a visit to Antarctica eps coming up, I'm waiting for that cuz I wants it. Quebec, Congo, Detroit, Lyon, Shanghai, Cuba, Okinawa, Borneo, Laos, & Antarctica will be keepers for me.
  9. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I wonder sometimes what mythical world some parents are preparing their children for. That girl is going to wake up one morning at 35yrs old & realize the most important developmental years were handcuffed, by her own mother no less. All's I could think was maybe the mother had personal experience (being too near someone else's circumstance).
  10. Sports you hate

    Figure Skating MMA Equestrian Jumping Darts I think that may be it. I no longer follow the PGA, yet I'll watch the 4 majors. Same mostly with tennis though some 1000 events are solid.
  11. THE Video Game Thread

    link sux because NFL won't allow sharing the official one... as if
  12. Tough crowd lols... yikers island on a Friday. My vote has always been the 76 Steelers.
  13. MLB Hydro Dipped Helmet Concepts

    Spring Training, go nuts. I legit lol'd at the Padres because of course they're camo. Otherwise, they look more fit for Japanese pro ball.
  14. 2006 New England Patriots - sadly, they haven't won a Super Bowl now for 3 months. Honestly though, that game was way worse than the Tyree Bowl. For all their success, there have been enough historical failures to appease some of the haters.
  15. What's your favorie team's oldest logo?

    5/10 9/10 8/10 2/10 9/10 7/10 6/10