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  1. Kong B+ Dumber yet more fun than Godzilla, also a B+ for me. I bet they draw & alas probably both die as martyrs.
  2. Bulls gonna Bull. Raps gonna Rap.
  3. One of their star players was mentioned during one of his ABs. I think there's an international free agency eligibility after x number of seasons (or to that effect) & guy was approached by the SF Giants (I think they said). He/his agent was told that SF would probably be moving him around the diamond as a spot starter. He said no & stayed in Japan to play his preferred position & starting spot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nippon_Professional_Baseball So yeah, just like Ichiro started late, their pros have to have played a block of years before being allowed overseas anywhere for money. Though I'm not 100% certain about that because I think MLB teams can offer boatloads of money if they want to transfer them earlier? I'm not clear on all of it. I'm okay with that, frankly I'd not enjoy the demise of the Nippon League at the expense of MLB. To take away their greatest homegrowns just for us would be bad for such a baseball rich nation such as Japan.
  4. Yeah, even though I'd give signs a B-, the water thing is fine. I just give it to them like we can drown in water but not mist or whatever.
  5. USA-JPN was hampered by the rain, not a lot of crisp entertaining play going on.
  6. If the Leafs face the Caps, it'd be a great learning experience for the young guys. If they face the Sens, I'd have to think they could at least give them a run for their money... all the pressure on Ottawa, not least having to not fall over once again to an underdog Leafs team in the playoffs.
  7. The Insider A+ ...my #16 all time. Tremendous. re. Signs, I literally jumped from my seat at that. 15% full theatre, couple in front of me saw & laughed with me as I did. I think it might've been the tv(?) image near the end. A good formula for seat jumping - be really tired & be watching a serene film like Signs with the occasional spark between elongated lulls.
  8. This is a post about getting a little worn out by The Ringer's approach. Sure I've it bookmarked & there are some weekly goodies... alas most of the site tries to be so definitively cute... 'Thailand is the real global soccer powerhouse because of this training regiment.' 'Why this tv show matters more than any this decade & you should know about it before it's cancelled.' 'Ranking the most valuable players based entirely without stats or on field performance.' 'How your team will win this year because we've unearthed the real science.' 'Steph Curry has taken over the world & we're not talking about the NBA world.' 'You need to read this book before your friend does to be better at life.' etc Uh huh... have to, got to, need to, must, required, you don't know yet but you should/have to... it's tedious.
  9. Love this one... Welles used it both as a segue & to wake the audience up for the final stretch. Love it.
  10. The Canadian title should be more of a thing. It is for me.
  11. There's no collapse when there was zero expectation. This is garbage time for me. As for the Isles, they'd probably be better off missing the playoffs so they're not drunk with false hope for the near future.
  12. Couldn't the Rays just paint/hang murals or something, like the Twins did for the RF upper deck yes? It's empty space & as others have mentioned, they're just filling it with ticky tacks... like one of those homes in the neighbourhood most of us know without a garden but 12000 planted pots & figurines making it look trailer park.
  13. Insta... I swear to god, the flavour is in my mouth every single time. Part of me wants to throw those jerseys in the blue box for recycling.