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  1. I thought it was as good as it could be frankly. If I hadn't known they were on location at the so called Rocky steps, I would've guessed it was a giant temp concert stage. As others have mentioned online, not sure what the deal of actually wanting to attend live, esp if you're outside the main atrium. I was most concerned about the stairwell from the players' holding room to the stage - NFL could've had a huge issue if some guy being picked had taken a spill on his way to Rog. We're talking guys on cloud nine drunk on a natural high, & here they've got to deal with industrial stairwell poorly lit. As for the Patriots, even if it's Brady's final year, I think BB (& Kraft) would want to cushion the blow so the next QB is surrounded by as capable a roster as Tom had. I don't know what's more likely at this point - if they somehow miss the playoffs would Brady want to avenge that, or if he wins does he keep trying for more. Besides, BB surely wants to push it to the limits post-Brady to see what he can achieve without him. ps I might roll the dice & load up fantasy this year on Tampa Bay players... though I did that before with Freeman, Blount, & Williams to fail once.
  2. I don't think it helps for me that it was the Bears. One of the NFL's notorious franchises for failing to land a franchise ace at QB. If they start him this season, it'll be a failure. Sit him & let him watch the league from the bench. Practice for a full year, making up some of his few college reps.
  3. I can't call anything, yet it probably doesn't hurt the Raptors not having to grind another series before Cleveland.
  4. (Deion) did as I flipped to TSN for the ESPN coverage & guy was out of breath quiet with Suzie. btw, I was 97% NFL Network tonight... ESPN can diaf. Just when the AFC South gets fun, they're no longer on every other TNF.
  5. That was nutz, I've never ever seen Deion have that look on his face since Tim McCarver got his ALS challenge bucket.
  6. ps Stay classy Wisconsin.
  7. Players who look right in their unis:
  8. - Martin playing third - Coghlan superman score - Stroman first ever Jays pitcher pinch hit, scores winning run
  9. Moar...
  10. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/04/25/first-bison-calves-born-in-banff-national-park-in-140-years.html
  11. Yep, R1 for me plays less as SW eps 3.5 & more as prologue to Star Wars (IV). As such, it'll become part of my Star Wars (IV) re-watches going forward. Ppl are saying it's simply SW porn, to which I say so what. Not everything SW has to be some major dramatic character study for me to feel entertained & engaged.
  12. That was quick... the shortest I've endured somewhere not for me was probably 4 weeks. I did have an interview for a position I was curious about, until immediately after said interview it turned out to be a ruse for a conference room group sales pitch about the company which was greasy... needless I walked out of that scheme right quick.
  13. The Patriots have defeated & lost to just about everyone, except the Giants in a SB 2x, since 2001. Stop with the 'The NFL's a Patriots world & the rest are just screwed' nonsense. Also - wrong thread.