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  1. NHL 2017-18

    Calling it now: It'll be red, with diagonal sleeve stripes and a star shaped striping design on the hem. Then they'll claim it's paying homage to the teams they beat for the Stanley Cup.

    Some interesting ideas, but the execution is flawed. As others have said the colour combination is a bit much. If orange is being used with eggplant and jade, it should be more of a minimal accent colour. I'd also remove the orange outlines on the names and numbers, as it is now the name on the white jersey is muddied and difficult to read. I've voiced my preference for the Mighty Ducks logo on these boards more times than I can count, but putting that aside: I've also seen too many blending-of-eras Ducks concepts where the D is recoloured to the Mighty Ducks colour scheme. It almost never translates well, and I hate to say it, but this is no exception. For one thing, duck feet aren't typically green so it looks a bit weird to begin with. They aren't usually gold either, but it works with the current Ducks identity because the gold they use is a bright colour and it stands out on a dark background. Here, you've used a dark colour on top of another dark colour and it gets lost on the eggplant uniform, which is most evident on the helmet. The Mighty Ducks logo would work better here because it has a bright and dominant foreground element that stands out well against a dark background. But since you're using the D, maybe make it white or orange instead of green.
  3. NHL 2018-19

    I appreciate the idea behind the 25th Anniversary logo compared to the 20th, but the execution is amateurish. All 31 teams getting thirds? So does this mean the Ducks are getting one on top of a new regular set? That's crazy.
  4. NHL in Houston

    Is Houston allowed a team now?
  5. NHL 2017-18

    The more I look at this thing the worse it gets. The outlines are so blatantly lazy, especially evident where the blade meets the quillon. I had to Google that word. I always loved Slabyk's concept, but the Winter Classic crest minus the NY is a nice subtle update of the original. If I were a Sabres fan I'd take either of those over what they have now.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    Since we're talking Liberty jerseys, here's where I stand with those: On their own, it's not really a bad set. But as a more progressive design being sandwiched between the very traditional Rangers look, it doesn't quite fit. But I suppose being wildly different was kind of the whole point of alternates when they were first introduced. I'm all for them bringing it back if they must, but not without a few tweaks. For one thing they'd need to ditch the grey striping, which I feel is the one element "dating" this set the most, especially on the white version. In turn the typography needs to be simplified. The shoulder patch is rubbish and there's no saving that, and it needs to be either replaced with the regular version or removed altogether. The crest is fine, but it doesn't need the 3D outline. Probably not the red one either.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    The Rangers jersey has grown on me, but there's still one too many design elements. If they're going to have that shield on the chest at all, it should only be used for captains. Up to you really, but the changes are so minimal that I wouldn't bother.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    The Rangers jersey is alright, but... yeah, the fake version was better. The actual product just has a bit too much going on
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Well played. I'm actually diappointed that wasn't the real thing, and was about to share my Unpopular Opinion that I like it better than the regular uniform. Oh well It better be.
  10. NHL 2017-18

    A couple of pages of Pooh Bear jersey posts and people being fed up with the Blackhawks. That was pretty much it. With the Pens and Flyers, we just had this same matchup earlier this year, and they've both been in their fair share of outdoor games too. But if you want the discussion then here's a starting point: The Flyers should bring back the cooperalls and I'm fed up with the Penguins
  11. NHL 2017-18

    Maybe because we're a long way off from seeing any uniforms for that.
  12. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    With Brian Burke for the ceremonial puck drop.
  13. NHL 2017-18

    Looks good. The collar's weird, though the silly half-and-half effect won't be noticeable in action anyway. Also, I wonder what "CLIMALITE" is.
  14. NHL in Houston

    That wasn't an issue in the WHA Mind you, it would be funny in a way if the Coyotes end up becoming the new Aeros.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Ducks are wearing Kariya Mighty Ducks and Selanne Third jerseys for the pregame warmup tonight. I could be mistaken but, interestingly, the Selanne Thirds appear to be reproduced using a CCM style cut, despite this uniform being from the Edge era, and being almost the same as what they wear today.