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  1. @DNAsports Congrats on making your 1,993rd post in the Power Rangers thread
  2. Interestingly, the indie game Chroma Squad* has a Sixth Ranger appear and she's named Tammy. *Kind of unofficially an official Power Rangers game after a legal dispute with Saban.
  3. Just saw it. Absolutely loved it. I'll go more in depth when I'm less tired but some quick thoughts in the spoiler tag.
  4. Movie's barely out and the social media accounts have casually dropped another spoiler. How major or minor it is really depends on whether you already saw it coming a mile off.
  5. Waaiiitaminute. The Tacos are Endless to begin with. And how can Aladdin wish for more Endless Tacos when the... genie is... no longer... with... us... *cries*
  6. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself The occasional reminder that a childhood idol ended their own life prematurely out of their own depression, and the sadness and existential crisis about our own mortality that follows, is somehow a preferable alternative to endless diarrhea. 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bill Belichick is good friends with Trump. This obnoxious, unfeeling bastard is completely immune to the effects of the Sinking Depression and thus his Ironclad Warship remains afloat. GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion I'm a picky eater, so I'd rather endure the hockey brawl started by merely touching the Sacred Moose Leg. 2. THX sound before movies 6. Breakfast for Dinner The THX sound is loud and deafening, but Breakfast for Dinner sounds awesome. Sentinel Prime Memorial Region of Excellence 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot Unfortunately for the Team Israel mascot, it is interpreted by the Anti-Trump Eagle as a stereotypical racist caricature that Trump would probably like, and is torn to shreds in mere seconds. 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue I think that even an inanimate sex toy with a smiley face drawn on it would be terrified of this horrible creepy thing. What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 9. 1974 Winnebago Darwin's Disciples are the kings of the road and they're not gonna let this old banger get past them so easily. It doesn't take much effort for the Chimps to knock this caravan off the road and into a ditch. 14. Russian Dash Cam 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants Someone caught wearing Wonder Sauna Hot Pants in Russian Dash Cam footage would be mildly amusing at best. And yet it would be the least surprising thing in the video.
  7. I sorely underestimated the power of the THX Sound. Holy crap. Close but no banana for Harambe, I guess he didn't have much staying power since he's also a dead meme now.
  8. A convenient pile of cash? Of course I'd be richer. Also that's the wrong currency.
  9. The original MMPR cast - Austin St. John, Walter Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, and Jason David Frank will be at the premiere of the movie tomorrow night, and they'll be doing a Q&A! And I've suddenly been hit with the sinking depression of remembering that Thuy Trang died in a car accident.
  10. Speaking of late arrivals... The Glum George Lucas Twitter account
  11. The Coyotes are reducing their seating capacity next season.
  12. Of course it's stupid. That's the whole point
  13. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 9. Giant Anthropomorphic Eggplant that s Grenades The Eggplant's explosive excrements can only destroy so many Tacos, but they just keep on coming. He attempts to eat his way through several of them to refuel his grenade supply, but they don't agree with his digestive system and he explodes from the deadly combination of his own grenades and taco diarrhea. 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself 13. Harambe Now this is an interesting matchup. Robin Williams was a living legend who brought joy and humour to people around the world. Harambe was a random zoo animal, an unknown, unheard of, nobody-in-particular, who propelled to internet superstardom and brought a morbid sense of joy and humour to people around the world only after he died. No joke, I decided this one on a coin flip. 3. PBJ the Size of Maine 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship As obnoxious as Bill and his mighty Warship are, they can't really do much against this delicious, gargantuan, Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich. 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 7. Goro A sudden inconvenient obstruction to your ultimate goal VS the long-term misery, uncertainty, and unfathomable stupidity that'll stick around for four years minimum. No contest. GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 9. Accidental Curly Fry The Curly Fry might have a better chance at winning if it were a sacred object that had the ability to start a brawl because your opponent merely touches it. 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion 13. The TV Guide Channel Stare at the TV Guide Channel long enough and you'll get bored. But one look at Outback's ludicrous menu item will make you feel really hungry or really sick. I think this thing has potential down the line. 3. Nostalgia Boner 6. Breakfast for Dinner Between Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Pokemon, Marvel, DC, Pokemon, Star Wars, Pokemon, Pokemon, and Pokemon, there's plenty of nostalgia to go around and it's all the rage these days. Occasionally to the point of being downright insufferable. On the flipside, how often do people have breakfast for dinner? 2. THX sound before movies 10. Tangled Slinky Not even this loud and powerful sound is enough to untangle a Slinky. Sentinel Prime Memorial Region 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 9. Ancient Aliens' Robot Osiris The Ancient Alien Robot that can pull itself back together sounds unbeatable in theory, but this is the Eagle that made the now-President of the United States cower in fear. The Eagle will emerge victorious with its resilient, stubborn, don't-give-a-crap fighting spirit. 4. Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot This one's a bit difficult to judge because I've never seen this elusive unused Sabres logo. The Team Israel mascot is cute and inoffensive on the surface, but no matter how you look at it, it's a stereotypical, and maybe self-deprecating, caricature of an ethnoreligious group. Made in 2017. I think it wins based on that crazy fact alone. 3. Russell, MB Goalie Beer Thief 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue Stick that thing outside (or for hilarious effect, inside) a shop and it would scare away even the greatest and toughest of hockey goalies. 2. OG Aaron Burr 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy Another coin flip because I don't know anything about Aaron Burr. I'm not doing well so far. Bernie Kosar Knows What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 9. 1974 Winnebago 16. Kellyanne Conway's Next True Statement This caravan ain't buying her crap for one second. But it might run her over. 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 5. Detroit Darwin's Disciples must have balls to be casually driving through the Motor City... I guess. I dunno. I've heard things and running gags about Detroit but don't know much about the place. As a result I'm having a hard time making up something funny that hasn't already been said. Gotta go with the GToV mainstay. 6. Real Life Sharknado 14. Russian Dash Cam Somehow the accidents and bad driving on display from Russian Dash Cam footage manages to be even more absurd than the idea of a Real Life Sharknado. You just couldn't make that up. 10. Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants Another coin flip. Gadammit.
  14. I'd have liked a cameo from Austin St. John but I'm not losing any sleep over it. To be honest I wasn't expecting any, and it's nice that we're getting cameos after all.