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  1. Stars: Don't know if vintage white works for the home uniform, but I love the North Stars inspired look. The third is a nice homage to their earlier days in Dallas. Sadly I can't get past the Texas State logo being a crest, but this is more a fault with the existing design as opposed to your use of it in the concept. The logo is overrated anyway in my opinion, but I especially dislike the version used in the current Stars branding because the star is so awkwardly placed and it drives me nuts. I appreciate you taking the time to draw it in such detail, but I still hate it Wild: Fantastic look all around, but I don't have much else to add. I like the star helmet logos. I like the striping, the colour balance, and... well, basically everything. And that third jersey crest may very well be your best rendering of it yet. The M-Arrow is a nice homage to the North Stars. I once did something similar to that with a W, but now that I think about it an M probably works better because it doesn't emphasise the terrible name they've been stuck with Coyotes: Massive improvement over the current set. The third is an interesting way of having two dominant colours without the silly Turd Burger cape effect, and I wonder how that'd look in action. The only change I'd make would be to swap the red and black sleeve portions on the white jersey, but I can also see how that might not work as well with your subliminated design.
  2. Ugh. Well, congratulations Nashville. Enjoy your first Cup Final. Go Sens I guess.
  3. On a different note, the original Megazord (or rather, Daizyujin) has been added to the roster of a Super Robot Wars mobile game in Japan. Notably, this also marks its first official appearance alongside the King of Monsters himself. That's right. Through this game, it's possible to have the Megazord and Godzilla fighting alongside each other! How crazy is that?
  4. One of the Papercutz comics (issue 2 of 3, before they lost the license and the BOOM! comics came along) gave us some insight to how she stole the Power Coin, and then it's later revealed that it was propping up a mirror in her palace
  5. Even when they no longer own it, Disney's out to kill Power Rangers. Joking aside, I believe as far as Lionsgate is concerned the movie was a success (word is they spent about $30 million of their own money on it, with the rest of the $100m budget coming from Saban and other investors). They want this to be a franchise. Maybe they'll have second thoughts about that, or maybe they go ahead with a sequel anyway. But let's not forget other important factors like the DVD sales when they're out, and the toyline which is apparently doing really well. Still, I have to admit that I was shocked to see it not doing so great in China. They've basically been a goldmine for movies in the last few years and you'd think they'd be all over this. Really down to bad luck that it happened to be out the same day as a powerhouse like GotG. I have to wonder how well this movie would have done in a less crowded time period. It came out hot on the heels of Logan, King Kong, and was sandwiched between Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby. Did it not do so well because of all these other movies coming out, or did it struggle to compete because of the "kiddy" stigma that Power Rangers has made little effort to shake off leading up to this movie? Movies don't typically do any better or worse in Japan than everywhere else. If anything it'll do marginally better than it has here in the UK. I'm not expecting it to be a breakout smash hit there, though I guess that depends on how much Toei pushes it. I'd like a movie with Green Ranger as much as anyone else, and I have no doubt that he (or she!) will be in a sequel, if there is one. But honestly, I'm glad we got at least one movie focusing on the original five.
  6. I really dug the individual Zords. The Megazord grew on me and I like that there's some vague resemblance to the original in the head and chest area, but it's a shame they cheated with the combination and you can't see how it comes together. Still, no reason they can't be redesigned for the sequel*. Gotta sell those new toys somehow Speaking of Zord designs, Mauricio Ruiz has a gallery of the concept art he produced for the movie, including some earlier or rejected versions of the Zords. The only ones he hasn't posted yet are the T-Rex and Megazord. A part of me prefers these, but both visually and in terms of what they're supposed to be, the final designs fit better. *If there is a sequel. EDIT: Just realised I basically made the same post earlier in the Power Rangers thread. Ay yi yi.
  7. You missed out the first point of my post you quoted. I suspected that the leaguewide Adidas switchover could end up being a simple rebrand of Reebok Edge to Adidas... Edgier. Or Edgelord. Or Sharp. Adidas Sharp. Or whatever they end up calling it. Based on that, the only reason I can think of for the Ducks not switching as soon as this is so they can get another year out of the current set which is presumably going to be completely identical in its Adidas form. What was reported was that they'll be going to a new uniform year after next. It's been hinted that it'll be orange. Does this mean the third will become the new primary sweater in a couple years time? Probably not, much to my dismay.
  8. One of my all time favourites is DeFrank's "EXPLOSIONS AND FOOTBALL"
  9. Amazing work all around, as always. Preds: Their current look was only a few tweaks away from perfection and you nailed it. They pretty much own yellow in the NHL now so a yellow third not only sets them apart in a way, but would also solidify their "ownership" of the colour. The third is nice, but in spite of the addition of silver it is just a little too similar to the home jersey, though I get what you were going for with it. Sens: I've advocated for them going with the =O= look full time, or replacing the current 3D Sen head with the much better, unused 2D version. I love the laurel leaf patterns and that's a very unique detail, needless to say it's still impressive that you were able to hand draw that and have them at almost identical sizes. I don't know if it needs the 3D Sen shoulder patch as that's essentially a repetition of the theme of the main crest, maybe put the =O= there instead. Still, if I were in Sens management and was presented with this, I'd be pretty much sold. Pens: Hard to improve on the current Pens set (aside from the white jersey hem at least), but this is nice. The steel pattern is an interesting addition, but the triangular yokes on the home and roads complicate the design a bit too much. Love the third, though! Ducks: The D logo overlapping the stripes is going to set off some OCD (And speaking of OC, I have to admit that I really don't like that patch. It worked in the context of the Stadium Series but not as a full time alternate mark). As @hockey week has pointed out in the NHL logo threads, the stripes of the 2006 Ducks jerseys were modeled after the swooshing shape of the D logo. Notably, the bottom of the crest is left-heavy and whenever the combination of Mighty Ducks diagonal stripes and Anaheim Ducks webfoot D is used in concepts like this, it leaves an awkward empty space to the bottom right. If they're going to have diagonal stripes with this logo, they need to be going up the other way. Interestingly, the workmark used on the throwback third is exactly as it appears in some of the NHL 2K videogames where the original set appears as an option. IIRC the EA NHL games just used the full name instead.
  10. I don't see any resemblance to Sonic 06, and I don't think Sega's in a hurry to return to that formula either. ...Mind you there's a sudden, jarring camera angle change in this gameplay footage so there's that similarity to 06 I guess. Mania looks flat out amazing. The developers did a fantastic job with their port/remake of Sonic CD, and I have no doubt that Mania will be even better. This is the real Sonic 4.
  11. At this point I'm willing to bet money on the Adidas switcheroo being nothing more than a rebrand of Reebok Edge. It hasn't really been that long since the Ducks switched to the current set but I don't know why else they'd wait a full season after Adidas takes over to change up their uniforms.
  12. So much for those Bubsy the Bobcat rumours As an ex-member of the DeviantART Sonic recolour fancharacter crowd... this trailer made me cringe. I guess it'll make for some interesting custom characters and more gameplay variations that Sonic games don't really need, but, meh. I'm sure Forces will be a good game in spite of this feature.
  13. I'd love the Ducks to go to that full time but I don't think they will. They won't even wear their orange uniform in the playoffs in spite of the #PaintItOrange postseason slogan. Though, owner Henry Samueli reportedly loves the orange jersey so I wonder how much that's down to the Ducks' own apparent unwillingness to promote it or some restriction the NHL is imposing.