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  1. Oh, look! Just like Zelda BotW, and in spite of it being a lazy port of a game that averaged a score of about 88%, Mario Kart 8 DX is getting perfect scores all around! How uncanny!
  2. Probably just using Grant's template. And/or mistaking Grant for an Avs player I could be wrong but I believe he already had an account here. Also, note the presentation of Grant's work. There's more thought and effort in his designs. And then the use of a grey background and personal branding, whereas RollinsMan used only a blank white canvas.
  3. I love the red, black and yellow combination on the home uniform, but on the road whites it feels like black has been shoehorned in and is fighting for dominance with red as the secondary colour. If for whatever reason they end up keeping the current template with the Addydass switchover, red pants would at least improve the road uniform.
  4. I was kinda sorta interested in the NES Classic, but with the stock issues and scalpers taking advantage of it... nah. You make that sound like a bad thing. ... But the real problem is the lazy ports of games from the Wii U library to make up for poor sales of the Wii U itself and a lack of actual content outside of new Zelda at launch. Mario Kart 8 isn't even three years old, and you're telling me that, in order to play this on the Switch, I'd have to pay £60 for the exact same game with the exact same DLC content, pre-built into this "DX" edition? And then there's the ports of Lego City - which I honestly don't care about to begin with and feel they pushed way too hard to make up for a lack of content even on the Wii U - and Skyrim, which has already been available on more powerful consoles that people already own since October last year. Even as a longtime Nintendo fan, I'm having a hard time justifying buying one. For me it's too soon after the Wii U, it's too expensive, and there's too little content to warrant the hefty £280 price tag and then some. Maybe in another year, or two years, I might end up picking one up. But right now I just don't care about it. It just feels like another bad business decision in a long line of bad business decisions by Nintendo. In a way it pains me to say this, but the sooner they end up pulling a Sega, the better.
  5. "The facts that you're presenting to counter my arguments are all wrong! My opinion is the right one and I'm gonna make sure you know it!"
  6. Simple but effective. I really dig this. Your updated league wide logo looks better in black.
  7. ComicBook.com has shared rejected concept art of the Triceratops and Sabre-tooth Tiger Dinozords for the movie. But to save you all the trouble of navigating their clunky website, here's a direct link to the portfolio of the artist, Mauricio Ruiz instead. You'll also see some rejected Red Ranger suit designs. As for the Zords, these are very much in line with some concept art that got leaked a couple years ago and made their rounds on the internet. They feel more like militaristic mechs compared to the final designs, which are more streamlined and organic. There are also some nods to the classic Dinozord designs, like the tank treads and tail cannon of the Triceratops. Part of me is a little bummed that they didn't go this route, but at the same time I can see why they didn't. In general, all the movie designs have an otherworldly look to them, and these Zords don't really fit that aesthetic. In a way the Zords in the film feel more in line with what they were supposed to be in the show.
  8. This NHL fan from Britain - seperated from his favourite team by about 5,450 miles - says hi I don't have a team in the NFL (save for my brief time as a Texans fan) but if it were me, as long as they still had an identity that appealed to me I'd probably stick with them. Also for what it's worth, in spite of the constant media sensationalism of an NFL team coming to London, I don't think I could see myself supporting them. Especially if they try too hard to play up the "Cor blimey, look at us!! We're jolly good proper British, innit!!!" thing.
  9. Boudreau: "We gotta look at it as a game seven on Wednesday" This'll end well.
  10. They could probably get away with a Seahawks-esque navy and lime colour scheme. If done right, that could work well without looking too similar to the Canucks.
  11. It's also one of the funniest. I just finished watching the highlights and I'm dying
  12. I don't think the NHL needs another Northwestern blue and green team with a totem pole inspired logo, but I could get behind the Thunderbirds being "promoted" to the NHL.
  13. Blues playoff marketing prominently features the standard home jersey. I highly doubt we'll see the Winter Classic uniform.