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  1. Is a sandwich a hot dog? Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay? If you owned the Las Vegas NHL franchise instead of Foley, what would you have named the team?
  2. Double post.
  3. A handful of teams replaced their full-time looks in 2010-11. Buffalo promoted their third and came out with a whole new set including another third. The Flyers and Islanders went full throwback, and the Leafs restored the hemstripes. Before that in 2009-10, teams like the Oilers and Flyers were swapping their homes with their alts before phasing the old Edge set out entirely.
  4. And as a Ducks fan... well, at least the Devils didn't flush their entire brand down the drain because their GM is some berk with a hard-on for the Army, Bruins, and truculence, while being terribly afraid of having a distinguishable identity.
  5. But for Sharks fans that'll be .00091 of a second faster because the new shoulder patch is more aerodynamic and they added extra speedholes somewhere.
  6. The white gloves are a bit much.
  7. Well, that wasn't so bad after all! And the teams that have made changes have mostly been upgrades, so that's something. Avs: Anything would have been better than those generic Reebok jerseys. Even the Rockalanche thirds would have made for a nice rebrand. But this new one is pretty great. Throws back to a fan favourite, and simplifies the striping. This might already be their best yet. Hurricanes: I didn't mind the Team Canada jerseys but they weren't really something they could call their own. This is way better, and like the Avs may very well be their best look yet. I especially dig the sublimated flag design in the hemstripe. Flames & Sabres: They basically did the same thing as each other in getting rid of the useless piping on the front. They're not really what fans would have wanted, but for both teams that one small change has gone a long way. Oilers: Not the Pacific Division team that I wanted to go orange, but it looks alright I guess. @Chazberg's version is better. Wild: Now this I really like. Like the Panthers, it sucks that the chest stripe doesn't go all the way round but the simple number font probably necessitates that. Preds: I've commented on them twice already, but now that I've slept on it this is probably the weakest of the bunch. It's not awful by any means, but they simplified it just a bit too much. It's better by default in getting rid of the bib piping though. Devils: Well, I don't mind the redesign in itself. It's a lateral move if anything. But the reasons they came up with for the changes are kind of a stretch. Sharks: All they did was change the shoulder patch. But I like the new patch, so I guess that's a win. Not so much on the white jersey though. Blues: Unpopular opinion. I prefer the white numbers. Knights: One of a few teams in NHL history to nail it on their first go. The grey works better than I expected as the base colour, and overall they've really done well in setting themselves apart from the Ducks in spite of drawing from the same influence. Lightning: Turns out they ditched the laces. Fair enough.
  8. That's like 3am here. Sod that, I'm gonna hit the sack. I'm expecting at least a hundred more pages in this thread by tomorrow morning.
  9. The Preds jersey is growing on me. It looks alright. But the thin white stripe touching the yellow isn't going to work well in action. Also, I like the Blues with white numbers. Sue me.
  10. At least they got rid of the piping. The Preds took one step forward and two steps back.
  11. Can't sleep too well in this weather, so I guess I'll be staying up for this!
  12. Which is interesting because vintage crests were often much simpler by design because they were easier to reproduce. This does look and feel very much like an illustration from a war time era though. I really don't get its popularity and apparent preference over the star logo. It's way too detailed, and it would really stick out like a sore thumb as the team's primary. I think it would look more at home on a soccer shirt than a hockey jersey - not Arsenal specifically, but that art style lends itself better to a typically over-detailed soccer crest.
  13. Is it just me or do the draft hats look a bit tacky this year?
  14. The Top 20 on that list are hardly surprising choices so far. Any fan poll of Greatest Ever X is always going to be heavily biased a certain way and it's just utter crap. Naturally the 2007 Ducks are going to end up ranking pretty low because it's been trendy to hate them since that one time they swept a team that barely scraped their way into the postseason.